IGN- NBA 2K14 Preview

IGN:The current-gen NBA 2K14 adds one new wrinkle to its game this season as we wait for the inevitably exciting next-gen version.

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Coltrane_C1736d ago

I am honestly waiting to see what NBA Live is going to do...That BS Crew Mode on NBA 2k14 has me wanting to jump ship

NYC_Gamer1736d ago

Live 14 might have advantages in certain areas since the game is built for next gen hardware

Coltrane_C1736d ago

Exactly...I feel like NBA2k14 has gone the Madden route because of the lack of competition..Best thing for everyone is that NBA Live

gedden71736d ago

When was the last GOOD NBA live game?? Live 98 or 95??

gedden71736d ago

The funny thing is any and EVERYBODY is waiting on that.. Why??? BECAUSE THAT GAME ISN'T EVEN READY TO BE SHOWN YET... Think about it.. There's already REAL IN GAME footage/gameplay of nba 2k14 and it looks GREAT.. NOTHING of NBA elite/live... NOTHING!

And what they did show (CGI) looks kinda horrible. Gumby Player models...

No need to wait,,,, because you already know..

Coltrane_C1736d ago

nah I am going to Pre-order will wait until then

slimeybrainboy1736d ago

Totally the same. I was 100% on board untill I saw that disrespectful, asinine asi10 asi11 asi12 BS crew mode shit.

That's not the crew mode they left behind we want basically MyTeam but 5on5 with My Players.

Definitely hoping that Deandre Jordan gains weight looking way too skinny in the first trailer. I will have no problems switching franchises if i think one is better than the other.

gedden71736d ago

@ Coltrane_C

So you're saying NBA 2k has not made great improvements and changes to the gameplay???

have played those games on depth online or off??

Only M12 and M25 have made strides in a positive direction... But what do I know... lol Ya'll crazy..

Coltrane_C1736d ago

NBA 2k12 to 13 was no jump imo feels like the same game...Tell me in NBA 2k where the gameplay has made a big jump since being on Ps3/Xbox/PC...Defensive AI is still bad...My Player feels the exact same from 2k12 to 2k13...2k13 isnt a bad game i feel like they got lazy...I think the competition is good for both franchises.

gedden71736d ago

Fair enough but the controls and feel of the game made HUGE improvements. The game isn't perfect and I agree with the D AI could be horrible at times but what I've realized the better the team the better the AI. I hate that part of the game def when it comes to competitive gaming. But they're some areas that lack but then again there's a lot of areas the are top notch or best in the biz.

Madden franchise on the other hand still really haven't made a game better than All Pro Football.. Madden 05-07 was trash and 09 - 11 was just HORRIBLE... NBA 2k hasn't got that bad..