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Submitted by Lavalamp 833d ago | news

What's the difference between current-gen and next-gen Call of Duty: Ghosts?

Infinity Ward has said the difference in terms of visuals between the current-gen and next-gen versions of Call of Duty: Ghosts will be clear for all to see.

Executive producer Mark Rubin told Eurogamer the next-gen exclusive features that will have the most impact are dynamic lighting and displacement mapping. (Call of Duty: Ghosts, PC, PS3, PS4, Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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MasFlowKiller  +   833d ago | Well said
I Dont know about the rest of you guys but i was underwhelm by how little i was impressed by COD Ghost. Compared to a Battlefield 4 or a killzone shadow fall or even a Titans Fall, COD ghost does not look or feel next gen.

Looks more like a game stuck in last Gen, Probably a perfect fit for the wii u.
donman1  +   833d ago
Agreed... COD Ghost is clearly last gen trying to be on next gen consoles. BF4 is where I will invest my money.
ape007  +   833d ago
i understand your opinion but im a gamer who likes GAMEPLAY and CoD has better gameplay than both BF and KZ imo, yes the gfx were a bit underwhelming but the game looked very very fun, the maps look way better than the bland MW3

and please give em a chance, this is the first CoD game on nextgen, remember CoD 2 on xbox 360, it looked like a polished original xbox game but the gameplay KICKED @SS and that's what important and what will be remembered for forever
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Good_news_every1   833d ago | Spam
InTheLab  +   833d ago

Had a kid spin around and no scope me. Got a hit marker on me despite his rifle being at least 2 feet off the mark.

That happens on a regular basis.

Meanwhile, if you don't aim in Battlfield or Killzone, you might as well be shooting for the moon.

Any game that allows quick scoping has s*** gameplay.
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qu1ckset  +   833d ago
Your thinking of COD3 on 360 but ya it just looked like a polished xbox game.

And gameplay wise I personally like BF3 way better the cod. But I have to say console version graphics wise did bf3 no justice!
ape007  +   833d ago

@people above

i said imo, i respect yours but it's my opinion

CoD is like Burnout and bf is like GT or Forza

two different styles

@qu1ckset, i said CoD 2 not CoD 3, the 2005 xbox 360 launch game
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The_Villager  +   833d ago
They both looked the same.
titletownrelo  +   833d ago

I prefer BF over COD, but not everyone likes the same gameplay as you do, man.
guitarded77  +   833d ago
@ The_Villager

IGN said that CoD:Ghosts was visually underwhelming, and didn't look next gen. Especially when compared to Battlefield 4. Don't get pissed at me, just passing on what IGN said.
cell989  +   833d ago
@Ape007 give them a chance? its their first try at nextgen? well what about the guys at DICE with BF4 or the guys at Guerrilla with KSF? theyre jumping into next gen for the first time as well, but you dont see their games looking outdated, you see new gfx standards and even more players per lobby, COD is still stuck in 2007 after all this time. WHy because they refuse to invest in an all new engine, knowing fan boys will buy the game anyway
sAVAge_bEaST  +   833d ago

GAMEPLAY?!?!! Battlefield has dedicated servers, which means bullets hit where you shoot, and has bullet drop.

No Lottery connections,. No whacked out hit markers, No alternating weapon strength.
Bf4 will have 60fps, giving you that "silky smooth" feeling, and 32vs32 which means there will always be a gun fight,..

True next gen , here we come, Bf4+Ps4 = Gr8ness.
starchild  +   833d ago
I completely agree that Battlefield 4 will be the more enjoyable game (for me at least), but I don't think COD Ghosts looks nearly as bad as some of you are saying.

Battlefield 4 looks the best, followed by Killzone Shadow Fall, and then COD Ghosts.
bjmartynhak  +   833d ago
"BF has massive fights with tanks and ships and planes and helicopters"

You nailed, that's why I prefer COD.

Yes, you read it right :)
pixelsword  +   833d ago
"What's the difference between current-gen and next-gen Call of Duty: Ghosts?"


A little off topic:

Why aren't people complaining that this guy has a question mark in his title? When Hip-Hop Gamer did it, people said it was unprofessional and showed a lack of journalism skills and reported him; so now why is this acceptable now?, because it's Eurogamer?
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MysticStrummer  +   833d ago
"im a gamer who likes GAMEPLAY and CoD has better gameplay than both BF and KZ"

I guess simple = better for you and many other people. I prefer deeper and more tactical gameplay in my shooters. To each their own. The only time I have a problem with it is when other games try to CoD-ify in the name of sales instead of doing their own thing.

@pixelsword - I'm just glad the title doesn't contain the word "Why".
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juggulator  +   832d ago
This dude is clearly out of his mind.
Unreal Engine3 does dynamic lighting via light environments. It's what allowed Gears Of War 2 to ship. So many AAA games have used dynamic lighting that his statement is literally laughable. The only thing is that most of the time it's not 100% real time dynamic lighting and it's precomputed but I highly doubt that COD:Chosts will be bringing any groudbreaking lighting features that we haven't already seen.
Kurt Russell  +   832d ago

It also has smaller no vehicle deathmatch game types like Cod.
MWong  +   833d ago
I think a lot of people were underwhelmed at the COD reveal. Honestly it looked like BO2 with new modes and somewhat dynamic maps.
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cell989  +   833d ago
lol dynamic x) I love the rolling logs and the lame gas station collapse
MWong  +   833d ago
Lol, you know when I saw what they meant by dynamic maps I was like WTF. NFS has had these kind of "dynamic maps" since PS2/XB1.
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AntBoogy90  +   833d ago
Not to mention dynamic maps have BEEN done before Ghost.
nypifisel  +   833d ago
Fish AI you guys... IT'S THE NEXT BIG THING!
cyclindk  +   833d ago
Yeah I didn't even know if what I was seeing was the next gen version or what... blurry textures made me think otherwise so IDK really...

Not to mention the atrocious fire effects... flat... don't know if there was a single "particle" floating around out there.
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Cam977  +   833d ago
I saw the XB1 gameplay thanks to Jackfrags of Youtube and the superior graphical ability just made the textures look watered down, grey and overall, pretty p*ss poor.
The_Villager  +   833d ago
To be honest they all looked the same to me. Getting really sick of FPS's. The gameplay is so repetitive.
RedHawkX  +   833d ago
whats the difference between any call of duty game really? they all the same but luckily next gen version is only 60 so you get ripped of like you normaly would for buying it instead of it being 70 dollars and even more a rip off lol
filipakos  +   833d ago
Looking at cod ghosts and titan fall you can see why cod had its downfall.They fired the brains
sync90  +   833d ago
Totally agree. Thats what happens when your engine is STILL based on tech over 10yrs old.
bacrec1  +   833d ago
He just had to slip in a Wii U jab.
BOWZER35  +   833d ago
Would be perfect on Wii U haha I'm getting it
caperjim  +   833d ago
The biggest difference that console gamers will see with the first batch of next generation games is the 1080p resolution bump. Over time other graphical elements will get better like they do every generation.
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iMixMasTer872   833d ago | Spam
Tsar4ever  +   833d ago
I really hope they changed the Sound design cuz for the last 3 COD games, the sounds effects for the ALL the weapons Really, really Tanks when compared to other fps like bf-bc1/2, bf3 & Moh 1&2. Fix those weapons sound fx Infinity ward! Damn!!
UnholyLight  +   833d ago
I've always loved CoD. I lost that love after Modern Warfare 3. I still hope that Ghosts can prove me wrong. I really want to like the game but I agree, it isn't quite Next Gen enough. I was hoping for another breakthrough the way CoD 2 was as a launch game on Xbox 360.

In the end I'll probably buy it to try it the way I did with Black Ops 2, but I can see the majority of my gaming time spent on Battlefield 4, Titanfall, and Killzone Shadow Fall
CrossingEden  +   833d ago
Good to know you already played the game and know how it feels and plays. -__-
Blasphemy  +   833d ago
The fish move out of your way when you swim past them, so next generation guys.
Psn800  +   832d ago
This edition of Cod is not very next generation looking to be really honest looking at other fps titles that are coming this Autumn .

Or are they becoming complacent due to the game succes but what can be a succes one year can be an absolutely non seller the next , when you produce succes you must keep pushing look at BF4 every year it gets better & looks better .
SheenuTheLegend  +   832d ago
but wat about fish
Psn800  +   832d ago
I personally think that Cod as a very unfair advantage over gamers who want to play for the fun of the game but there are people playing not for the fun of the game but for how many kills they can get using quick scoping which spoils the fun for everyone .

Can't the publisher see that gamers are now moving in there droves to the BF series because of these terrible flaws in the game & last generation graphics & I every gamer knows that complacency has taken bigger games than Cod down , they really need to go back to the drawing board & virtually start again because the FPS as moved on another level this generation .
Double_Oh_Snap  +   833d ago
Fish AI.

If I am being completely honest there reveal of ghosts mp
didn't look worlds apart from MW3 or BO2.
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mrmarx  +   833d ago
One sucks with better graphics
Cam977  +   833d ago
They're both turds, one's just polished.
sephiroth420  +   833d ago
probably best to just get it on pc and see what its like on there.
Gster  +   833d ago
I believe the opening stage demo last week was showcased on PC with xbox1 controllers.
Agree-Not Buying
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SouthClaw  +   833d ago
You do realize that those "PC with Xbox 1 controllers" are what is called a development kit. Just like at E3 the games were ran on Xbox 1 Alpha kits which are in PC cases. They don't have lovely consoles to run them on because 1. its not important to run it on the hardware in a console 2. the consoles were not done by the time of the announcement 3. people will always leak information and pictures so Microsoft would not give out a beta or finished dev kit until after the announcement. Learn the facts kid.
Gster  +   833d ago
@SouthClawless Actually yeah, you do sound like a person who has first hand information on all of this. Thanks for your very insightful comment. You should post more....KID !!

BTW Here's a few more "realistic" facts you might like to take a look at:
iMixMasTer872   833d ago | Spam
meatysausage  +   833d ago
Pretty sure I read somewhere here that COD ghosts was going to achieve 'CGI quality graphics'.

They should be embarrassed, not only are the graphics for the PC, PS4, XBO average, the gameplay is so generic and has barely changed.
People shouldn't even support this brand any more until they bring more innovation
Salooh  +   833d ago
You mean above next generation .
dcj0524  +   833d ago
CGI from 1995.
MidnytRain  +   833d ago
Hey, bro, Toy Story still looks better than most games today, lol.
_QQ_  +   833d ago
Toy Story looks better than all games today.
papajag  +   832d ago
CGI quality according to their standard. And that's not very high.
JackVagina  +   833d ago
1080p is probably the only difference
JBSleek  +   833d ago
Marginally better graphics with hopefully better connectivity.

That being said I will still buy it because it looks really fun and addictive. Also there is nothing better than playing with the guys.
Good_news_every1   833d ago | Spam
SouthClaw  +   833d ago
Yeah fantastic graphics... look at that dog. It looks so real it must have fallen out of a PS1 game. The textures on the dog are terrible. They basically had a dog stand still and they took 100 photos put them together and plastered it over their game dog skeleton. Pathetic excuse for graphics from one of the biggest money making games.

Now lets talk about the superior AI they worked night and day on for fish.
DrJones  +   833d ago
You're clueless on graphics.
Kryptix  +   833d ago
"Marginally better graphics with hopefully better connectivity."

Just keep praying, maybe someday Call of Duty will achieve graphics and connectivity similar to Battlefield. Maybe sacrificing a goat to a higher being might speed up the process. lol
g-nome  +   833d ago
Same game , different year.
n4rc  +   833d ago
You'll be more disappointed on next gen? Lol

Cod died years ago and people just haven't figured it out yet.. They fired all the iw guys yet can't stop using their engine..

Its just been simple reskins and rereleases since mw2.. They can barely manage to design a decent map let alone a whole new game..

And jb. That's why I always bought it.. But not again.. Forcing my friends into bf4 or they can play without me lol
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ape007  +   833d ago
i agree, the last great CoD game was MW2, nothing matched the original IW, everybody was copying them but let's give ghosts a chance, the IW team is rebuilt, the level design looked waaaay better than the bland MW3, plus new modes and customization and weapons

ghosts is a step in the right direction
n4rc  +   833d ago
I'm not holding my breath.. Lol

I really do have no faith in their talent. I hate the direction they are taking with game mechanics (game speed, qs etc) and design (maps are symmetrical and full of clutter and head glitching spots etc)

Now if they manage to make a decent game for once.. I may pick it up.. But the days of buying it launch day just because all my friends play it are over.. Most of them feel the same anyways, tons of competition now
MRMagoo123  +   833d ago
I enjoyed W@W more than most of them, no scopes didnt happen often and that kinda crap is annoying.
Zichu  +   833d ago
Built on a new engine?? O.o

It's using an based on MW3's engines, which is based on MW2's engine, which is based on MW1's engine, which is based on CoD2's engine which is a modified version of the id Tech 3 engine which was developed for Quake III Arena in 1999...

Engines like Frostbite, CryEngine, and Unreal Engine all seem to really improve upon the last iteration. You can really tell the difference between each game using those engines. I can't tell see a lot of difference between each CoD game.
MrTrololo  +   833d ago
Why you guys keep complaining about COD graphic ? The gameplay is more important than graphics. What with you guys thinking graphic should be first *facepalm*
TheEnigma313  +   833d ago
The gameplay hasn't changed much either.
TheGrimOfDeath  +   833d ago
I don't like to say this much, but doesn't "If it ain't broken, don't fix it." Statment work in this game?

I mean, it does sell a lot of copies so why should I change somthing that works?

Not hating or loving COD, just saying.
nades_all_night  +   833d ago
MrTrololo: For me its not JUST about the graphics either, but when you have games like BF and KZ bringing far superior graphics and gameplay with each iteration of the franchise, its hard not to, "want your cake and eat it too." I've expected more from CoD since MW1 and I haven't really got it like I can with BF or KZ. The biggest thing for ME, is MP, and CoD hasn't brought much to the table lately. Is it fun? Sort of, but its just not enthralling and something I need to play on a daily basis like BF or KZ.

I'm not trying to get to far off topic, but I just feel that if IW would at least TRY and step out of their "comfort zone" they could actually say they made a "new" game.
thezeldadoth  +   833d ago
People are hypocrites. They will bash COD for the same things that they're ok with in other franchises. They bash it for gameplay, engine, network. You'd think these games were rated 30 on metacritic looking at n4g.
MrTrololo  +   832d ago
So true,they need to accept the fact that COD is getting a bit better and bring something new at least ( of course it won't be better than battlefield but at least it something ).Also i don't look at metacritic,there is always a fanboy disliking other things,i prefer looking at gamerankings website
MrTrololo  +   832d ago
Wow look at all the COD haters disagree with my comment.Again *facepalm*
N2NOther  +   833d ago
Eh. COD has never had the best graphics outside of when COD 4 came out. I'm in for the gameplay. I don't compare how Battlefield and COD play because they're so vastly different. Yes, they're both military shooters but COD is all about twitch, fast paced run and gun gameplay and Battlefield is much more tactical. You either enjoy their respective styles or you don't. Me, I prefer COD. Battlefield 4 does look pretty awesome though.
Tru_Ray  +   833d ago
Agreed. Personally, I am sick of military shooters in general, but if I had to choose between the two, I would probably go with COD.

It is going to be KZ:SF for me on the day the PS4 releases. I am also interested in Ghosts because I am a fan of Stephen Gaghan's work.

N2NOther  +   833d ago
Yeah. Killzone does look pretty ace. The last two were solid and I really enjoyed the MP but they didn't keep my attention. Hopefully Shadow Fall changes that.
SchwoererBear  +   833d ago
I've played all of the kz games and kz3's multiplayer was fun but it got stale for me fast. COD and Bf keep my attention in multiplayer, it takes a while for me to get bored with them. I hope the new kz can hold peoples attention longer
DEEBO  +   833d ago
i changed my preorder ASAP! after seeing that new video.titanfall looks so good,i guess when those publishers left to form respawn,all the talent went with them.
WeAreLegion  +   833d ago
It did. I assure you. Lol. Can't wait for Titanfall!
DEEBO  +   833d ago
no,they just move on and made something better without having to deal with the BS
WeAreLegion  +   833d ago
I wonder if the guys and gals at Respawn ever watch Call of Duty videos and cry...

I certainly would if someone destroyed my masterpiece like that.
TheSsus  +   832d ago
Either that or piss themselves from laughter.
Goro  +   833d ago
Next gen has better Fish AI
Funantic1  +   833d ago
Both COD:Ghosts and BF4 look the same as previous versions. They shouldn't change their formula too much anyway because that's what made them sell and fun. Choose the one that makes you happy.
cell989  +   833d ago
no BF4 is a completely different beast than BF3 at least on consoles, you can see all kinds of improvements there, mean while in COD its the exact same thing, that whole run and hop should have been standard years ago, they treat that as innovation lol
Funantic1  +   833d ago
Looks the same to me. I've noticed more change to COD than modes, new movements, slightly more destructive environments, dogs, faster gameplay. I'm just being honest. But it's still sort of the same.
cell989  +   833d ago
those new moves were already available on other games, theyre just catching up. Yeah there were some new game modes and those are always welcomed, but everything else is the same. Meanwhile in BF4 theyve boosted the player count to 64, destruction 4.0 looks really good, theyve added water combat with boats, graphics are still ahead of anything COD, and theyve improved from 30FPS to 60FPS. My point is that the COD devs are just too lazy or theyre not investing as much as a they should on a franchise like COD, theyre strictly relying on their massive fan base, while everyone else is always trying to set the bar even higher.
#16.1.2 (Edited 833d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
quenomamen  +   833d ago
Difference is a PS4, XB1 or PS3, 360 logo on the packaging.
Evil_Ryu  +   833d ago
i always skip the treyarch games but as usual i will be picking up infinitrys latest entry in hopes of it returning to its former glory.
EPiCDiNGO  +   833d ago
Treyarch games are worth picking up for Zombies along in my opinion.
WeAreLegion  +   833d ago
It won't. The good developers at Infinity Ward left to form Respawn.
Statix  +   833d ago
The difference is that the fish actually run away from you when you swim toward them.
Evilsnuggle  +   833d ago
What is producer Mark Rubiis smoking call of duty looks like my dog ate it and threw it up. It looks like crap copy and paste is not next GEN.
Kidmyst  +   833d ago
I'll pickup BF4, Killzone, titanfall and COD and each plays in it's own way. have my gripes and likes for each. COD is a different play than BF4 and waiting to see how Titan Fall MP is first hand.
cell989  +   833d ago
and everything the mentioned Call Of Duty Elite does for that premium pay is kind of what BattleLog does for free lol. Sure you get the season pass, but thats like going Battlefield premium, so my question is; why should we pay to view our stats and our friends progress when the competition does it for free?

and those gfx still look out dated man
lllll-lllll  +   833d ago
Preordered, battlefield 4, ghosts & killzone - i think all 3 will be great and all three of 'm wil have their pro's and cons, but i sure am curious which one i'll end up playing most.
Funnymonkey013  +   833d ago
People seem to forget what matters in games most is the gameplay and that's where in my opinion COD series had succeeds though I hated MW3 as it was nothing more then a 20 dollar DLC but MW2 black ops and 2 r the best FPS in any other FPS games I played plus I also luv how the controls feel in cod series where BF series feel way to loose to me and not tight enough as in cod. And the cod ghost conference was amazing they truly worked hard to make it the best cod game ever heck i bet all u whiners r going to get it .
Also one more thing this is my preference but I like faster paced FPS then slower FPS games.
#24 (Edited 833d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Wrex  +   833d ago
Gameplay IS important, but when true next gen graphics AND gameplay converge, it can set a new bar of fun for our hobby.

I think COD & Battlefield are 2 very different beasts. COD is an interactive action film and the multiplayer is all about running & gunning - similar to the way multiplayer has always been since the days of DOOM. Battlefield is a more tactical, team based multiplayer game and it all depends on which you prefer.

I've grown cold on COD lately, still love the games but they seem to not grab me the way they used to. Battlefield always seems a bit fresher to me.

I'm a fan of both series and will be grabbing both. I also love the single player experience and am hoping Battlefield finally nails that aspect this time.
Tiqila  +   833d ago
more weapons new dogs
cunnilumpkin  +   833d ago
the difference is what all games will be

last gen consoles=sub-hd, jaggies, screen tearing, crappy framerates

next gen consoles=higher resolution, better anti alasing and 30 frames and v-sync

finally pc= uber high resolutions, insane perfect anti aliasing, 60-120 frames, way better lighting, shadows, textures

this will be the case will all games next gen
annus  +   832d ago
I'm pretty certain the new consoles will be able to run CoD:Ghosts at 60fps...
cunnilumpkin  +   832d ago
I meant all games in general, yes, cod sacrifices visual fidelity on consoles, next gen and last gen to run 60

but in general games will be 720p-1080p native on next gen consoles and the majority of games will be 30 frames
annus  +   832d ago
This article was designed to bash CoD, not bash consoles, you should have made it a bit more clear in your first sentence.
Indo  +   833d ago
If you don't feel like COD:Ghost isn't true next-gen or isn't an improvement at all, then let your money do the talking. I'm been hooked on BF4 with their showings for Next-Gen and will definitely buy BF4 for my PS4 when the time comes.
mayberry  +   833d ago
I am a die-hard Killzone fan, and stopped playing COD after MW1. I just played both Blops and came away with the feeling that I didnt miss a G..D... thing. IMHO. Killzone is miles better and so superior in every way, I just dont understand the appeal of these games...unless someone just doesnt like "space marine" type of games.
TrollCraftTales  +   833d ago
The dog physics on next gen rival that of the fish AI, I think it is safe to say that next gen will be better solely for that reason...
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