ArabicGamers: Worms 3 review

The eponymous, warmongering, non-arthropod invertebrates are back again for redeployment in Team 17’s long running series. Worms made its debut way back in 1995 that roughly equates to me playing various titles in the series for nearly half of my life. Worms to me is an old and familiar friend, the sort of friend that you don’t speak to for ages, but know when you catch up things will be just like it was where you left off, and that should be the problem with Worms, the sense of over familiarity. Since its inception all those years ago Team 17 have done little to change the formula apart from dipping their toe in new waters with the frankly rubbish 3D versions, but there are some new features here that add a little something extra to the instantly recognisable, yet still immensely enjoyable proceedings.

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thetamer1619d ago

I love this game and I'm so happy they have a iOS version. I wasn't a fan of the console versions.

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