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PS4 Exclusive Games VS Xbox One Exclusive Games

The battle of exclusives Head to Head

The war of PS4 vs XBOX ONE has been heating up since their reveal. The exclusive games on each of the consoles can play and extremely vital role in deciding the fate of the next-gen console. (PS4, Xbox One)

The_Villager  +   647d ago
As of right now Xbox One has a better exclusive lineup than the PS4.
The_Infected  +   647d ago
I wouldn't say better I'd say more exclusives at the moment. Until Gamescom that is.
hazardman  +   647d ago
Both MS and Sony are announcing more exclusives.
Salooh  +   647d ago
Exactly , PS4 games are gorgeous . People are underrating them because MS announced more exclusives but they forget that sony will provide more exclusives in the first year then X1 . So i would be careful if i were them .


And they say X1 exclusives are better -.- . Let's just put it as a taste matter since people only care about which one better instead of facts and more serious comparing without making personal preferring..
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Gamingcapacity  +   647d ago
I think 14Feb is talking about that Sony Worldwide Studios have 30 games in development for the PS4, 20 released in first year and 12 are new IPs. It was announced at E3 by Shu.

These 30 game in development aren't from indies, 2nd party studios or exclusives/timed exclusives from 3rd party developers. They are just from Sony's Worldwide studios.

Lets not forget that Sony have a huge amount of studios developing for them and a lot of there best studios haven't announced their projects yet.

That said MS are set to have a better launch than Sony while Sony promise to have a better year.

What's great is that both consoles will be getting new and great games so it's a great time to be a gamer no matter what console you schoose to back.
badz149  +   647d ago
wow how shameless can you be with all these Xbone has better exclusives than PS4 comparisons? where were all these people all these times? you know, since 2010 when M$ shifted focus to Kinect and the only exclusives they had was the shuffle of Forza, Fable and Gears and not to forget a month timed exclusives DLC for CoDs year after year?

why not talk in general about Sony's dedication to exclusives compared to M$? where's the exclusives for the 360 now? what huge exclusive released for the 360 this year? oh yeah...there are NONE!

let's see what Sony have for the PS3 this year shall we? GoW Ascension, Ni No Kuni, Sly 4, TLoU, GT6, Puppeteer, Beyond 2 Souls, R&C Into the Nexus...and not to forget the Vita ones too! although they only have time to prepare 2 real exclusives for the PS4's launch, (KZSF and Knack) and somehow for some people the PS4 is losing the exclusive battle to Xbone? the freaking Xbone? I can accept if it's the battle of exclusives between the PS4 and Wii U as Nintendo make lots of exclusives too but Xbone? MS's track record is not on the Xbone's side, unfortunately!

out of all the games M$ have showed, KI, Forza 5, Project Spark, DR3(3rd party), Titanfall(on 360 too & 3rd Party) and Ryse will be available at launch but you see, it's an easy task for them given that they let the 360 dry unlike Sony with the PS3. and all those Sony studios are going full force with the PS4 next year and I don't remember console's success is measured by launch games!

it's just natural that Sony will come with arsenal of new exclusives for the PS4 just like they do with the PS3! I'll just leave this:


here for those Xboners needing a reality check! Sony has good track records supporting their consoles unlike MS. lets just hope MS don't go back to saying "exclusives doesn't matter" like they did this gen and go back to "tv tv tv sports sports tv sports Call of Duty Call of Duty Water cooler"
spaceg0st  +   647d ago

Seriously! Microsoft just stopped trying towards the end of the generation, solely relying on gears, halo and forza. All while Sony kept popping out interesting exclusives like heavy rain, the last of us, infamous, uncharted, little big planets, beyond two souls... Etc.

M$ used to be competitive with important exclusives, like fable, mass effect (1), dead rising, etc.

Sony has shown me that they'll continue to push the games... And give out a ton of free games in the process... So that's why myself and 5 friends are switching from 360 to ps4

I c
dodo101  +   647d ago
I'm very curious what ms is gonna do because it has been confirmed that there will be NO conference!
Just a showcase.

So no new game anouncements??
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ForgottenProphecy  +   647d ago
X1 totally has the better launch line up, no argument there. But every Sony developer is working on a PS4 game (including Naughty Dog) and only a couple of those games were announced. Plus, PS4 is getting 30 or so exclusives first year, compared to X1's 15-20. I don't know exact numbers, I just know PS4 has more.
PS: In the article, Killer Instinct is labeled PS4 and Deep Down is labeled X1. That's supposed to be reversed.
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nukeitall  +   647d ago
Xbox One has 15-20 MS Game Studio exclusives. This means, games like Titanfalls and Ryse isn't part of those 15 games.
ForgottenProphecy  +   647d ago
@nukeitall I don't consider Titanfall exclusive when I can play it on my PC, and 360 for that matter. Plus, it's probably coming to PS4 later, so I just don't count that. Ryse does look amazing though. That's my favorite X1 exclusive as of right now
malokevi  +   647d ago
These comments reek of desperation.

"Titanfall will probably be coming to PS4, and besides, PS4 will have more games once they are announced."

Seems like a lot of mights and probablys.

Both consoles will be awesome, and both consoles will have great games. No need to justify your purchasing decisions with a bunch of BS.
nukeitall  +   647d ago

Fact of the matter is that if you "consider" Titanfalls (or games in general) an exclusive or not is immaterial.

It is all about, if the games are good. Would it matter to you if there were 200 crappy exclusives?

It is ultimately about content quality.

That said, for me the favorite games are:

Quantum Break, Titanfalls, Ryse and Watchdogs.

In that order.
medman  +   647d ago
I think that is not really the case @The_Villager. I'm far more interested in Killzone Shadow Fall and Infamous Second Son than anything I've seen from Microsoft thus far. I would love to play Forza 5, but that is the only title I would purchase that is exclusive if I were to pick up a One, as I'm not a fan of games like Dead Rising or Killer Instinct, and TitanFall doesn't interest me at all because I need a strong single player if I'm putting down money for a game. I'm buying a ps4 because I love their first party devs and the system specs and pricing. I'm holding off on the Xbone because of pricing, mandatory kinect, and that lack of a killer game that would make me spend 499 on the Xbone. Maybe that game will be the next Halo, maybe not. The games that have me most excited for next gen thus far are the two previously mentioned, along with many multiplats, such as The Division, Destiny, Watch_Dogs, Metal Gear V, and The Witcher 3. I'm also more intrigued by The Order:1886, and the projects currently in development for the PS4 from studios like Naughty Dog, Sony Santa Monica, Media Molecule, Quantic Dream, and Guerilla. That is Sony's strength right now, those first party studios are exemplary. And the prospects for what they will be producing for the PS4 would fill anyone with delight, assuming said persons had played brilliant games such as The Last of Us, Uncharted 2, God of War 3, Little Big Planet, etc. etc.
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The_Villager  +   647d ago
You're entitled to your own opinion medmen :)
dcj0524  +   647d ago
You oughta play Warhawk or Battlefield 2. Will change you're mind about multiplayer only games big time. Same here though. Only FORZA 5 and Titanfall the rest I don't really care about.
thetruthx1  +   647d ago

Shown: Xbox > Ps4

Talk: Xbox < Ps4
Dmagic  +   647d ago
well to be honest of what was shown as in gameplay ps4 wins hands down people talk about xbox exclusives and we have not seen 70% up and running or what the actual gameplay looks like.
MWong  +   647d ago
I still don't think Dead Rising 3 & TitanFall will be XBone exclusives. I think they will go multiplatform. Shocked this article didn't mention TF as an XBone exclusive.

I wonder what new exclusives we'll see from both M$ & Sony come Gamescom.
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HugoDrax  +   647d ago
Dead Rising 3?

Doubt it, look at how many Dead Rising titles have been exclusive to Xbox. Also it's published by Microsoft Studios so not anytime soon.

TitanFall multiplatform?

Anything is possible, because MONEY TALKS. Although, look at this quote from TitanFall developers?

“We’re a very small team, so we had to pick a platform if we were going to be on consoles,” McCandlish continues, “and Xbox made the most sense. I feel that, in terms of multiplayer and communal gaming, Microsoft is like the Apple of videogames. You can just start your game without finding your disc, you can go to your friend’s place and your saves are all there, and with the cloud servers you don’t ever have to worry about transferring between hosts or bad latency.”

Source of quote:
MWong  +   646d ago
Well Mass Effect was published by M$, many games are published by 1 console. Unless it's a first party release honestly any game really isn't exclusive.
Magicite  +   647d ago
u mean MS has revealed more exclusives than Sony did. But quality wise MS lags behind.
filipakos  +   647d ago
They moved all of their xbox 360 exclusives on xbox one,thats why xbox one has "more" exclusives atm.Sony from the other side left TLOU,beyond two souls,GT6,tales of xilia and some other games on ps3.That means that they still count on ps3 even after revealing ps4(also a new ratchet and clank for ps3).
n4rc  +   647d ago
From what I saw on my phone.. The only legit comparison is drive club and forza..
trafalger  +   647d ago
forza looks better than driveclub

killzone looks better than ryse

dead rising and killer instinct looks better than knack

infamous looks better than all of them

that's how i see it. either way if your a gamer and not a fanboy both have good games coming.
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CerebralAssassin  +   647d ago
Sucks infamous wont launch with system. Only game I was looking forward to on ps4
n4rc  +   647d ago
Just saying they aren't fair comparisons..

Comparing dr3 to killzone is apples and oranges for example..

DC and forza are both racers so its a fair comparison..
edonus  +   647d ago
And your LSD has not worn off yet.

Ryse visually slaughters every single game sony has shown. We have been through this already. Sony fanboys are just gluttons for punishment.

OK everyone hit him with the official graphics showing KZsf uses 40k polygons and Ryse uses 150k polygons.

And yes Forza 5 does wipe it butt with Driveclub. Honestly I expected more from Sony the way they fan boys be lovin on them so hard.
Boody-Bandit  +   647d ago
I agree with your assessment.

Second Son is simply mind blowing. I wish it was a launch title but there are plenty of non exclusive next gen games and current gen titles to hold me over until Imfamous:SS arrives.
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Picnic  +   647d ago
I've never been bothered about Infamous and , for my tastes as a Jet Set Radio Future fan, the 'navigate a city with ease' genre will hopefully be well served by Sunset Overdrive.
nukeitall  +   647d ago

I'm with you. I don't see how anyone can claim Ryse isn't the most graphically visually best game of any next generation games.

Ryse is a monster when it comes to graphics! In fact, monsters of all monsters.
Ron_Danger  +   647d ago
You're comparing the polygon count of one character (Ryse) to all of the NPC characters (KZ:SF). Until we find out how many polygons are used for each NPC/ enemy in Ryse, your comparison is non existent. By your argument's standards, Gran Turismo 5 on PS3 has better graphics because each premium car has at least 250,000 polygons.

Don't forget how flat the backgrounds in Ryse looked... Take away all of the enemies and all you're left with is a very dead Roman landscape. Take away all the NPC's in Killzone Shadowfall and you are still left with a huge living city with ships flying around.
ape007  +   647d ago
look look look look

how about plays better?

the so called hardcore gamers forgot about the first thing that made us love games, great design and gameplay

gfx are important yes but we are in an era which almost everygame look like CGI, even last of us and gta v has great gfx, nothing looks ugly these day

nextgen will expose bad developers, because anyone can make a good looking game, gameplay and great design is where it's at
thetruthx1  +   647d ago
Ryse looks way more realistic than Killzone and it had a ship on fire with particles flying along with archers in the background. Killzone mostly only had the environment and enemies.

Even Sony fans admit that Ryse is one of the best looking games just not the ones on this site

I wasn't that impressed with Second Son either. The destruction is kinda cool but the graphics are so so

Oh and go to your Killzone trailer you'll see your background ships aren't actually moving they're stagnant. Halo Reach had ships actually firing at each other in the background
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xKugo  +   647d ago

LOL!! Killzone uses 40k polygons on a single NPC, not the main character(s). That's just a random NPC from anywhere in the game that's 40k polygons. You want to talk about polygon count, look at the # of polygons in the characters besides Marius in Ryse. It's atrocious...
MysticStrummer  +   647d ago
"Ryse visually slaughters every single game sony has shown."

Claims like this are really bizarre to me. There are better looking multi plats and exclusives on both consoles.

"OK everyone hit him with the official graphics showing KZsf uses 40k polygons and Ryse uses 150k polygons."

...and the odd boast about the main character in a 3rd person game having more polygons than an NPC in a FPS. Is that really surprising or worthy of being used as a bragging point?

Humans are weird.
Karpetburnz  +   647d ago

Ryse has some nice graphics, but to bad the game plays like crap. It plays itself with QTE's and apparently they automatically complete without pushing any buttons. WTF is that?
Ron_Danger  +   647d ago

QTE's that finish themselves?! What's next? Racing games that let you rewind and redo turns that you screwed up??
Hicken  +   647d ago
I have to say, it a little funny and a little sad to see people like edonus cherrypicking facts to try and make their argument look better.

Comparing the main character's polygon count from one game to the NPC's count in another?

christrules0041  +   647d ago
I agree with those statements but to say that Forza looks better then Drive Club is stretching it at the moment. I mean we have only seen the Drive Club demo that was 35% complete.
Xsilvermist  +   647d ago
Right now DriveClub isnt finish but they already stated that out of forza 5 and gta6 Driveclub was the best to play were they wanted to keep playing unlike the rest, its all about gameplay which ryse does horribly if u looked at how the main character moved it was clunky until he hopped in QuickTime mode but the most graphically impressive game to me is Second Son because of the scale the game had and still looked graphically amazing compared to dr3 which looked horrible to me.
superbhoy  +   647d ago
its about opinion
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thecowsaysmoo   647d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
Eyeco  +   647d ago
oh gosh here we go again
davidj88  +   647d ago
Don't feed the troll people, just bubble down and move along.

OT, exclusives really are about personal preference but i would like to see more of Ryse, at the moment neither consoles exclusives blow me away but i'm glad there are a plethora of top multiplats being released with next gen consoles.

Edit: Omg i completely forgot about infamous, I'm a fan of the series (and sandbox games in general) so i'd definitely like to see more of that as well.
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Zichu  +   647d ago
Both consoles are offering a great range of games. I'm interested in both sides exclusives, yet I am just a little more interested in the X1's exclusives.

I'm still getting both consoles, so I get the best of both worlds.
shivvy24  +   647d ago
Im getting ps4 but im really interested in sunset overdrive, hope ms shows some gameplay
dcj0524  +   647d ago
Same. Looks cool. Could fail horribly or be a fantastic game.
Master-H  +   647d ago
I think Infamous is the best of them all at this moment
joeorc  +   647d ago
the Question about which exclusives vs which exclusives are better have always been a lynchpin on the systems. I look at it like which ever one you choose your going to have fun. its like this epic battle of the titans in boxing back in the 70's K. Norton vs. G. Coleman, both were aggressive, and both determined to win the champion ship belt. One was going to be the winner and one was going to be the one who would not win.

you could envision this battle of titans both ways, Sony as K. Norton and Microsoft as G. Coleman, or Microsoft as K.Norton and Sony as G. Coleman to see what im talking about. check out this awesome battle.

C0LLAT  +   647d ago
Personally, I don't really care that much about exslusives. (I'm planning on getting both) I'm getting the ps4 first though, because that's my console preference. I don't understand why people want to compare games that are completely different from the other. People should be excited for everything this up coming holiday!

The trolling is getting old. It's one thing to have your own opinion, but come on people... Grow the F up.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   647d ago
All i care about is that i get to play all of them.
C0LLAT  +   647d ago
Hell yeah buddy!
I won't exactly play all of them but I'm deffintely excited for them.. It's a great time to be a gamer!
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cellur111  +   647d ago
So far I'm liking ps4's exclusives better but Xbox one has some nice ones.
Picnic  +   647d ago
I like the range of XboxOne games but why do people go overboard about Ryse? It's alright but I don't expect a reinvention of anything. I'll give Killer Instinct my praise for getting the look of an arcade fighter spot on.

Deep Down on the PS4 looks like it has beautiful detail. OK, it's a Capcom game so I have concerns like it'll feel too arcadey but look at the detail. The mud on the floor, the fire, the dragon itself.
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THC CELL  +   647d ago
Lol don't mess with Sony when it comes to games, they will shoot u down in flames. Halo is the only game I enjoyed on Xbox the rest have been a bit meh and titan fall il get on pc if it's any good I'm all for planetside 2 and war thunder and also any ps exclusive any day over a Xbox console nothing personal it's just Sony exclusively is beyond any platform out and due mainly cause Sony have Proved it. I'll get a x one for halo deffo and a price drop bundle. Not paying for a less powerful console am sorry
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ape007  +   647d ago
both systems have great exclusive games, don't be a fanboy
Magicite  +   647d ago
only xbox exclusive I want to try is Lost Odyssey
MEGAxPAIN  +   647d ago
LOOL This Opinion says Killer Instinct is PS4 and Deep Down is Xbox One.
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Silly gameAr  +   647d ago
I think I'll go where the game support is pretty much guaranteed not to dry up after a few years or so.
Williamson  +   647d ago
Games like gt6, last of us, beyond, R&C, and puppeteer could of been moved to ps4 like some X1 games were moved from 360. People forget Sony is supporting both ps3 and ps4 not just 1 console.
DialgaMarine  +   647d ago
I can't honestly complain about that. I think it's good that Sony still embraces that PS3 will still have an audience after PS4 releases, and to keep supporting the platform. It shows that, unlike M$, they won't drop support for an already establish console because they expect people to immediately run and for over $500 for a new one.
Karpetburnz  +   647d ago
This is true, apparently Microsoft canceled a lot of games for the 360 in the last couple years, and made them for the X1 instead. That's why the 360 has had no games lately cause they've all been moved to the Xbone.
DialgaMarine  +   647d ago
People forget one crucial detail when saying that XBone will have more exclusives than PS4: The fact that M$ has already played all of it's biggest cards, in terms of exclusive first party titles. We have already seen the new Halo, Forza, Remedy's new title, and Ryse. The only things we havn't seen yet are a new Fable and Gears, 2 series that have pretty run their course, and Gears having a huge chance of coming to the PS4, seeing the good relationship between Epic and Sony atm.

On the PS4 side, we still havn't heard about Guerilla's new IP, SSM's new IP, Media Molecule's new IP, what Japan Studio has in store (they're always making something), or (most importantly), what Naughty Dog is currently developing.

At the moment, the 2 systems are about equal in launch window exclusives, with XBone getting a couple more Day 1. Gamescom is extremely likely to change that, with Sony confirming that they have some huge plans for the PS4 there. People need to stop making these stupid until both consoles launch and we know for a fact what actually will be available to consumers on Day 1.
christocolus  +   647d ago
ms has been signing a lot of exclusive deals recently just read ubisoft is making a kinect 2 beat em up.

http://news.google.com/news... http://www.vg247.com/2013/0...
pyramidshead  +   647d ago
In terms of gameplay, visual fidelity & things running real time, PS4 cleans up I feel.
Hoping for some gameplay from The Order tomorrow :).
isarai  +   647d ago
It's purely opinion but i greatly prefer PS4's lineup, especially when the free 2 play and indie games are included
christocolus  +   647d ago
sony has a good line up but so far im more impressed with ms variety of games. all that is lacking is an rpg and platformer.i was shocked to find out that the original gears of war cost ms just 10mill dollars so if ms is actually budgeting over a billion dollars to create the first batch of games then i have to wonder how many more games does ms have unannounced? and for all we know this figure may not include marketing of the games.
Picnic  +   647d ago
Sunset Overdrive already appears to be a bit of a platformer. He jumps off a platform on to a zipline.
I think that it's going to be a pretty vertical game, at least in part, like Jet Set Radio Future.
#24.1 (Edited 647d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
christocolus  +   647d ago
That's another great game. I totally forgot about that one. It looks like its going to be so much fun but it seems more like jet set radio with guns. I like the graphic style though and I'm sure insomniac will create some wonderful weapons to go with the game style.anyways I wouldn't call it a platformer imo kameo, blinx, banjoe are the kind of games i will call true platformers...and i can't wait for ms to announce something from rare.
Peckyyy  +   647d ago
i personally prefer the xbox one exclusives.
ATi_Elite  +   647d ago
Hey at least MS is trying HARDER this Gen to get some good Exclusives!

Last Gen MS was a JOKE with Exclusives, I think they have learned their lesson.

Too Early to pick a winner especially with Santa Monica making God of War PS4 which is their bread n butter while we ALL know Halo XB1 will do CRAZY INSANE numbers.

like I said I'm just Happy to see MS have more concern with Exclusives this Gen and I'm sure MS gamers are happy about that.
GoodnessGreatness  +   647d ago
Those Xbox One games are supposed to be for the 360 lol. Anyway I'm sure Sony's amazing 1st party studios will bring stellar games once again just like they did with PS3 + indie developers + Gaikai game streaming
telekineticmantis  +   647d ago
The Xbone line up looks slightly better
really looking forward to Planetside 2, and Warframe, best launch games right now.

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