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Submitted by NorthernClover 905d ago | opinion piece

Are The Last of Us 2 Naysayers Overreacting?

The success of The Last of Us makes it almost inevitable that a sequel will eventually be made, but some people are adamant that the game ended perfectly and shouldn’t be messed with. Are these people overreacting? (PS3, The Last Of Us)

ShugaCane  +   905d ago

"I think the world is ripe for more stories, but as far as the journey Joel and Ellie goes on it ends with this game."

As you said, ND is a talented and trust-worthy studio. TLOU's story ended perfectly and the sequel (or prequel) will most probably focus on a different storyline. Personnly, I would love the game to be set somewhere else in the world and have completely new characters who will eventually meet up with Joel and Ellie, one way or another.

(But anyway, it's still too soon to talk about it. We'll certainly see UC 4 way before we get the chance to see TLOU 2.)
showtimefolks  +   905d ago
i hate the fact people are saying TLOU2 isn't needed, its ND we are talking about. They will not do another game in the universe unless it makes sense

and to me personally this big game universe can get few more games made and tell different stories

all i am saying is let's wait before we say we want it or not, trust in ND
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uncharted56  +   905d ago
You can say it that way or you can see it this way that ND created a such magnificent world with TLOU, that people have fallen in love with that they are skeptical about a sequel because they are afraid that the sequel may not live up to the hype and the standard of the first game that it will devalue the first game and the world of TLOU. :)
showtimefolks  +   905d ago

yeh i guess you are right, yet still ND have out done them self time and time again so let's hold our judgement
starchild  +   904d ago
Spot on. I want to see another game in this universe, but I would like it to revolve around new characters and locals.

Anyway, it's just one of those things I don't worry about too much. Naughty Dog is one of the few developers I trust implicitly. The Last of Us is the best game I played all generation and the Uncharted games aren't far behind.

Can't wait to see what they are going to do on PS4.
Mounce  +   904d ago
I think a story involving Ellie's Mother, Anna, and what she went through would be a good start. She must've gone through a lot before passing, enough to make Marlene nearly insane with wishing to 'protect Ellie' for her and whatever promise Marlene made to Anna.
Speed-Racer  +   905d ago
Reminds me of Breaking Bad in a sense. You have to know when to let go at the high point rather than dragging it out to a low point.
CaptainPunch  +   905d ago
GribbleGrunger  +   905d ago
I hardly think that a second game could be described as 'dragging it out' though. Even three games couldn't be described as that if they are all unique stories. I'd buy it in a heart beat.
bohangirl84  +   905d ago
I do agree that the best approach Naughty Dog can take for TLoU is to follow the story of two different characters, or perhaps make some sort of prequel.
bjmartynhak  +   905d ago
I think prequels are the last stage of milking:

- Batman Origins
- Gears of War Judgement
- God of War Ascension
- Assassin's Creed 4
- and so son

So we will probably see something in the future before a prequel
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ziggurcat  +   905d ago
assassin's creed 4 isn't a prequel.
bjmartynhak  +   905d ago
Isn't before AC3?
ziggurcat  +   904d ago
even if the time period is before AC3, doesn't mean it's a prequel because it's following a different storyline/character.
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SnotyTheRocket  +   902d ago
Batman has had TWO games. Wouldn't call It "Milking".
Shoul  +   905d ago
I'm always fond of games set in the same universe, but have little to no relation to other games in the series. No matter what, though, I have full faith in ND to deliver.
KillrateOmega  +   905d ago
I like how they ended TLoU. If they were to make another game set in the same universe, then I feel that it would be best if they made either a prequel or a sequel involving different characters.

Don't take the great story given to us in TLoU and drag it through the mud. Have the balls to let it end on a high note.

*Also, what's up with everyone's disagrees so far? It's like they're 2-3 dudes just disagreeing everbody :P*
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ironfist92  +   904d ago
Fanboys will be Fanboys

I say bring on TLOU2

People were upset over Bioshock getting a sequel, yet 2 and Infinite were pretty awesome
Kte  +   905d ago
I like TLOU ending. It's one of those endings that's like "WTF" but then your like "hmm well....I wouldn't change it..." Don't get me wrong, I would like a sequel, but also prefer they do not make one just ended the way it did, and changing it is one of those 50%good 50%bad type things. Let it go people. Also to KillrateOmega: Welcome to n4g lol
PopRocks359  +   905d ago
The Last of Us ended in such a way where a sequel in that particular universe with those particular characters is unnecessary. If Naughty Dog felt there was more they could do with them, only then would I be for it.

TLOU was ND's baby, and I trust them with it whatever they decide.
Funantic1  +   905d ago
I hope they don't mess the brand up. One bad game in a series will bring the whole name down.
bromtown  +   905d ago
Yeah, I would go as far to say that a direct sequel is never going to happen, however the universe is interesting enough for another story to be told within it.
corvusmd  +   905d ago
Who is dumb enough to say there won't be a Last of Us 2, $ony is gonna milk this dry just like infamous, Uncharted and Killzone
ziggurcat  +   905d ago
there's been 2... 2 infamous games so far (3 when SS is released, and it will be over 2 generations).

there will be only 4 killzone games over 3 generations.

and just 3 uncharted games.

none of that is "milking". milking means releasing a game like CoD or guitar hero (and now assassin's creed, apparently) annually. if you want to talk about milking it, count how many games in those three franchises are around in just this generation alone.

8 CoD games this generation alone
5 guitar hero games this generation alone
6 assassin's creed games this generation alone

and i've only included the X360/PS3/Wii versions (i didn't include vita, PSP, DS, iOS, or android games)
corvusmd  +   905d ago
I never said the other games weren't milking too. You're right though...Sony will most likely make Last of Us 2 and then release it for free, cause they are just that nice.
coolasj  +   905d ago
All the commenters are agreeing with each other but there are lurkers handing out dislikes. Strange.
ziggurcat  +   905d ago
if there's a sequel, i think (like many others do) that it has to be different characters.

how it ended just seems like it was the end of that particular storyline.
OhReginald  +   905d ago
they will do a sequel, and it will star joel and Ellie. Nuaghty dog isn't dumb. People love joel and ellie. Their journey to the fireflies might be over, but they are still together which can easily turn into a sequel.
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Pillsbury1  +   905d ago
I say first we need to see what kind of DLC they bring before we talk about a sequel. TLOU universe is ripe with amazing stories like the walking dead series.
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Games4ever  +   905d ago
TLOU 2 just with Ellie who is now 21 year old, and searching for the truth.
corvusmd  +   905d ago
That story would work...good idea, then Joel could be the bad guy...since he tried to F the whole world so he could sneak away and live alone with a 14 year old girl.
WitWolfy  +   905d ago

He didnt F anybody, he just didnt think that the human race was worth saving. If I were him I would've done the exact same thing.
ziggurcat  +   905d ago

@ witwolfy:

actually, the decision had more to do with not wanting them to sacrifice her life because there was the *possibility* that a vaccine would even work. had they sacrificed her life, and the vaccine hadn't been successful, then it would have all been for nothing - ellie even says when joel tries to convince her to turn around that she didn't want everything they've been through to be for nothing.
dee23  +   901d ago
" That story would work...good idea, then Joel could be the bad guy...since he tried to F the whole world so he could sneak away and live alone with a 14 year old girl.

When Joel told Ellie they were going home I think he meant to the settlement where his brother and wife were running. You know the place with turnbine powered electricity and horses and people. I don't think he was planning to live in a cabin some where with just Ellie, where bandits could attack them.
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Bathyj  +   905d ago
Last of Us was a great story and it ended nicely.

That doesnt mean they cant have another story. Im sure something has to happen to them for the rest of their lives.
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thelaughingwiseman  +   904d ago
hmm, there could be a spiritual successor. Like Shadow of the Colossus was to Ico, Starhawk to Warhawk, Bioshock to System Shock. Maybe there could be something similar to Last of Us but not really the same. The main theme of that story was people surviving. And it had an horror element to it. I would not mind them dabbling in another survival horror game.
Kratos_1986  +   904d ago
imo TLOU >> uncharted , im not saying uncharted is bad its one of the best games I played this gen but the last of us is beyond good its a masterpiece to me I would love to see TLOU2 before uncharted 4 on PS4
teezy  +   904d ago
They could do a sequel in the future with a grown up Ellie or they could do a prequel where they show how the spores first got invented and within a test eco environment.
dee23  +   901d ago
If a sequel was to be made I would prefer new characters. Maybe characters that were referenced in the letters Joel was reading when looting houses and shops for supplies since their fates weren't confirmed. I remeber a part where Ellie asked Joel if he thought the people in one of the letters made it out and he said yes and she doubted his sincerity.
darkbluecrayon  +   898d ago
It's beautiful how ND ended it. No prequels or sequels for me, it would cheapen the experience of TLoU (I didn't like the comic books/graphic novels). Yes, the TLoU mythology is so rich for further stories, I agree. Sure, ND can milk this game but if they do, I feel it would seriously damage the 'games are art' status that it's received.

That being said, there are plenty of continues that have been done tastefully. If ND do make a sequel/prequel/anything TLoU/ I guess they of all people can pull it off but as much as I want to know more, more, more about that world, it's absolutely genius to keep me guessing and speculating how that painful yet beautiful world continues to survive.
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