Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski teasing his next Project with a Twitter Image

Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski teasing his next project with a twitter image

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xYLeinen1674d ago

Is he independent now, or is he back with Epic Games?

matgrowcott1674d ago

Unlikely he's back with Epic, but aside from that I don't think we know what he's up to.

Might well be building in the Unreal Engine though, wherever he is. That wouldn't be a huge surprise.

jay21674d ago

Um.........Your answers IN the story..........Indi.

UltimateMaster1674d ago

Cliff's new PS4 project, also on Xbox.

UltimateMaster1674d ago

Ahh, why disagree? Why would it be bad in any way?

Godmars2901674d ago


Easy answer: fanboyism. That more than likely his own understated position as MS cheerleader will mean that the game's PC/XB1 if not just PC.

Though an added kicker would be if it turns out to be an iOS title, he goes on Kickstarter for funding, or he gets the never to charge $70+ for it given his vocal stance that devs have the right to charge whatever they want.

BattleAxe1673d ago

Looks like Cole's powers have grown quite a bit since I last played.....

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3-4-51674d ago

Less brown = automatically better.

Godmars2901674d ago

And you see suggestion of less brown in that concept pic?

UnholyLight1674d ago

Either way, The man is a genius and will probably make enough money to add a couple more Lambo's to his stable...Haha

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DragonPs41674d ago

Why can't this guy work on a game that does not involve a huge muscle bound guy. He should work with a skinny, speedy dude at some point.

Fireseed1674d ago

Oh so you've seen his new game? :P

dcj05241674d ago

A fat dude that can hold 2 LMGS

NobleTeam3601674d ago

First thing that came to my mind was Borderlands 2.

Kran1674d ago

He creates people he dreams to be. Unfortunately he has a habit of creating characters with big egos.

Salooh1674d ago (Edited 1674d ago )

Your wish come true :

Just kidding , don't kill me XD

andibandit1674d ago

i guess someone just revealed himself to be skinny. instead tellig cliff what to do, why dont you hit the gym

DragonPs41674d ago

I find skinny guys attractive.

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Whitey2k1674d ago

I wonder if hes gonna support the ps4 aswell or is he gonna be a complete fanboy and make it for the x1 only

theWB271674d ago

Maybe he reads game forums and sees how crazy fanboys like you are and chooses to be his own man and make it for the system he chooses. If it's the X1 then so be it. There are people out there who aren't sheep.

He's worked with Microsoft for quite some time...maybe he has a good relationship with them.

But all of that means nothing since we don't know what system this is for.

KonsoruMasuta1674d ago

You call him a fanboy and then make a fanboy post of your own.

theWB271674d ago

@KonsoruMasuta and Th4Freak

Whitey2k's history shows what he thinks about each console. I'm not even going to ask where the irony is in my comment...I didn't bash the PS4, I didn't talk up the X1. I didn't show any allegiance to any console.

I stated a fact that he's worked with Microsoft for quite some time because of Gears 1-3 and that could have an influence.

Enjoy reading things that aren't there.

Mounce1674d ago


I thought that's how most fanboys were like? In-denial of their own obnoxious bias or they know but don't admit it while declaring everyone a 'Fanboy' derogatorily all the while being a fanboy.

I see it happen 500x a day on the internet.

BlackTar1871674d ago

I'm not sure what you call this

"Maybe he reads game forums and sees how crazy fanboys like you are and chooses to be his own man and make it for the system he chooses."

It's as if you fanboys really think one is worse then the other. It's almost like running your head into a steel blade fan stupid.

Rimeskeem1674d ago

I hear that it sucks working at MS

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nick3091674d ago

Lol. Exclusives exist due to a company releasing alot of money and securing a deal with the developer.

minimur121674d ago

or by owning the dev. studio, of course :)

Dee_Cazo1674d ago

A complete fanboy. I feel like N4G knows the term "fanboy" way too well.

SlapHappyJesus1674d ago

And you'd be happy if it were PS4 exclusive.
I can tell.

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shivvy241674d ago

now that setting would look cool in resistance

CRAIG6671674d ago

Only Resistance is shit.

NarooN1674d ago

Resistance 1 was fucking awesome.

CRAIG6671674d ago

Awesome? it was dull,generic and boring! but if that's what you meant by awesome then sure,awesome it is.

Imalwaysright1674d ago

Resistance 1 is far from being generic. It was released before CoD 4 started infecting all the FPS in the industry.

DragonKnight1674d ago

I bet you think Gears is innovative and the pinnacle of its genre.

andibandit1674d ago

i have no idea why, but i found resistance really booring.

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