Call of Duty: Ghosts Reveal was on PC With Xbox One Controllers

It's been revealed that the Call of Duty: Ghosts unveiling was actually done on PC, with Xbox One controllers plugged in.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1611d ago

Is Xbox One not even close to running these games yet or what? I don't see how it's going to launch soon as it is if they can't run games on it now.

matgrowcott1611d ago

Better guess, this late in its development cycle, is that they can't pull 100 dev kits to run at this sort of reveal.

That there wasn't a single Xbox One there is worrying, but only if you don't ask what the point would be, with 100 computers that can run the game as well.

shoddy1611d ago

The usual smoke and mirror.

Nothing new

xHeavYx1611d ago

Who knows, they have changed the One so much that, maybe, they'll laugh it as a pc/tv box

tw0qwk1611d ago

they were pc's with xbox one specs

rdgneoz31611d ago

So were the ones at E3 that ran on windows 7 and ran Nvidia graphics cards...

mark134uk1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )


ye right like they were at E3?

Nvidia-powered PCs

not even close spec to the xbox1

xbox fails yet again!!!

theWB271611d ago

Aren't you it's been forgotten that games were being played on bonafide Xbox Ones at E3..confirmed by many a reputable game sites.

Especially with one of the more visually impressive games in Forza 5 inside of that confirmation.

If people would get their heads out of their >anatomy< for one second, it's pretty clear to see that there are some devs who aren't showing them on console yet.

But for the sake of N4G, we'll pretend that isn't the case. We'll pretend it's some type of conspiracy from Microsoft. Even with Major Nelson unboxing one of the first 20 retail ready X1's just last week.

Carry on with your bashing N4G.

shoddy1611d ago

Be careful.

MS is evil

dcj05241611d ago

Lol forza 5 looks impressive but uses the same magic tricks. Baked lighting( the sun was bouncing off the car in a tunnel), a freaking skybox, and the textures only look good at high-speeds. Forza very good gameplay. Graphics not so much. Don't get me wrong. I'm not defending GT6 (-_- No Damage collision) or driveclub ( looks crappy graphics wise but all we've seen is off-screen footage so /:)

theWB271611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )


Every game uses tricks. Textures only look good at high speed? Here are some in game pics that aren't at high speed and tell me the textures honestly only look good at that point.

Cockpit view



Beautiful pre-baked lighting


Tunnel shot where the sun is clearly shining through, hence there would be sunlight hitting the car.

Forzavista (uses the same in game model)

Another Forzavista

One more in-game cockpit view shot

Forza looks as impressive as it drives...if you don't think those screenshots are impressive and still think the textures look good at high speeds then you need an eye exam.

OpieWinston1611d ago

States facts about the X1....Gets tons of Disagrees

N4G everyone....One of the worst gaming sites of all time, simply because of the retards that are on here disagreeing anything that makes MS look good.

devwan1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

@theWB27 I'm sorry but there isn't a single "retail ready" xbox one just yet, you are misinformed.

theWB271611d ago


AAww you're cute too. Here's a link...

Here's another

and another

here's a link to the unboxing

My last one

There are a few articles for you to read stating the unboxing of one of the first 20 retail ready Xbox Ones. You sir...are misinformed.

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MizTv1611d ago

It looked more like a ps3/360 game
Pc? Really?

B-radical1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

I doubt pc version will even look as good as consoles versions anyway

Edit: Only say this because Cod never have effort put into pc ports its true

MizTv1611d ago

Pc will always look the best

starchild1611d ago

Your comment is ignorant for two reasons:

First, all COD games look and run better on PC. I'm not a big COD fan but I did get Modern Warfare free with one of my graphics card purchases and it runs at a locked 60fps on my PC (unlike the console versions that dip down into the low 40s) and with the much better anti-aliasing, texture filtering and higher resolution it looks significantly better than the console versions.

Second of all, there was just news the other day that the PC version of Ghosts will have higher quality assets than even the next gen consoles.

KimoNoir1611d ago

Lol what a joke. It will still look better no matter what.

Phoenix761611d ago

@b-radical. How on earth can you make the claim that PC ports have no effort put into them when most games are developed on PC's before being ported over to consoles?

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GenericNameHere1611d ago

There have been lots of rumors, saying that the Xbone was really not meant to release this year. However, Sony revealed the PS4 WAY earlier than Microsoft expected, and so they are now rushing everything.

Take that with a grain of salt, but seeing as how Microsoft did the same with the Xbox 360, I'm inclined to believe MS is also rushing the Xbone.

mark134uk1611d ago

ive said the same since day 1 i think ms thought they would have another year

gaelic_laoch1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

Will people be getting an empty Xbone case with a note saying IOU in it at launch?

And does this mean Xbone controllers are PC compatible?

matgrowcott1611d ago

The official drivers are coming 2014. Someone might get it up and running ahead of that.

CrossingEden1611d ago

They ran games on the console at comic con and will also be running them on the console at gamescom -_-

JunioRS1011611d ago

No, I think the version of the game they showed was the PC version, not the intended XB1 version.

Remember that article saying the PC version would look better than the console versions?

They probably just wanted to show their best looking demo, which will be what's coming to PCs, not Xbox One.

They used Xbox controllers likely because most people who play CoD play it on consoles, ESPECIALLY xbox, so by using 360 controllers the gameplay looks similar to that of consoles controls wise.

With this strategy, they demoed the LOOK of the PC version with the FEEL of the Xbox One version.

JsonHenry1611d ago

I can attest to the fact that in the current gen the CoD games look exactly the same on PC (for the most part) as it does on the consoles with the only real exception being the PC version can run natively at higher resolutions.

So this may be "PC" footage but I doubt the console version will look any different given the series current track record. What you watched is what you will get on PS4/X1 whether you like it or not.

FamilyGuy1611d ago

Welcome to the wonderful world of Early Adopter, Unpaid, Beta Testing!

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TuCk3rO1611d ago

Seems to be more of the same from Microsoft. They didn't actually say it was been played on a console, but didn't say it was on PC with Xbox Controllers either.

GreenRanger1611d ago

"there was no actual Xbox One hardware present, although the PCs being used ran at equivalent specs."

Wouldn't it still be different from what the Xbox One could do?

I mean, isn't "equivalent specs" on a PC not the same?

matgrowcott1611d ago

Depends. At its simplest level though, presume that equivalent specs means that Microsoft have built rigs that run as well as the Xbox One does.

They'll have taken into account OS and such.

gaelic_laoch1611d ago

It is a bit disconcerting that they did not have a Xbone running the game so close to launch!

I would like to know the console can even get through a press conference before I invest in one!

pacostacos1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

this means nothing really there were consoles at comic con and theres gunna be a 100 at gamescom

JP13691611d ago

"This does not mean anything; there were consoles at Comic Con and there will be 100 at Gamescom."


pacostacos1611d ago

way to be a grammar nazi

KonsoruMasuta1611d ago (Edited 1611d ago )

I was able to grasp what he was saying before you made the changes.

Edit: Your expertise in the area of grammar and punctuation is not all it's cracked up to be either. I can see multiple post where numerous mistakes were made.

That stuff doesn't matter on this site. You had a understanding of what he was saying, right?

Maybe you get off on it.

JP13691611d ago

I make mistakes just like everyone else, especially when I'm using my phone. The difference is that I don't go out of my way to sound illiterate. Avoiding the use of any punctuation and misspelling words when the alternative you've chosen doesn't even abbreviate the original is retarded. It doesn't take a grammar Nazi to notice that.

Tctczach1611d ago

@JP A grammar nazi would have known to put quotation marks before when and after original.

JP13691611d ago

Unless there's a rule of grammar I'm unaware of, I've quoted pacostacos correctly.

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TimeSkipLuffy1611d ago

maybe the XBOX One at gamescom is just a PC Case with PC hardware... you never know XD

PFFT1611d ago

Yeah kinda like the PC hardware at the PS4 reveal. Every demo shown was running on a PC with Ps4 LIKE specs. And i wouldnt doubt it if $ony did the same at E3.

TimeSkipLuffy1610d ago

yeah. Could also happen. I don't really care as long both provide us with a quality product.
I'm not a fanboy. I just wanted to comment on the article in a sarcastic way XD

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