What To Expect From Sony At Gamescom

Sony have had a complete opposite journey to Microsoft since announcing the PS4 in February. Can they continue their smooth sailing when announcing their launch plans for the PS4? Tune in on Wednesday morning to find out!

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ABeastNamedTariq1672d ago

"Overall there isn’t much that Sony can do wrong at the moment. All of their messages and branding have been extremely clear and always received positive criticism so I think they’ll continue with momentum and really make gamers happy with their launch plans."

That's basically what you can expect, lol. Continuing the momentum.

I personally would like to finally know the release date, as well as for Sony to reveal LBP 3. I believe there is also going to be one or two bombshell announcements. More Infamous gameplay wouldn't hurt either. :) Best looking next-gen game besides The Division in my opinion.

shivvy241672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

if a jak 4 is teased then i will scream like a girl then jump off a cliff !

Edit : where i live, it would probably take a week to run to the nearest cliff

Sevir1672d ago

If you live in California or anywhere on the West Coast of the States, Sony's Press Conference starts at 9am tomorrow...

It'll be a great show... And I'm looking forward to the news as it comes from the presser.

Remy_S1672d ago

If the Vita doesn't get some much deserved attention, I'm going to flip sh!t.