They Love It Now, But Will Devs Love The PS4 In Five Years?

It's great that so many developers seem to adore the PlayStation 4. But doesn't that initial accessibility indicate a definite lack of growth potential?

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iNathan1796d ago

They will support whatever gives them Money.

aaron58291796d ago

of course they will... because it would have sold really well by then.

thetruthx11796d ago

I find it weird that so many developers praised how easy it is to create games on the Ps4 but yet it seems like they're holding back

ABeastNamedTariq1796d ago

It is easy to develop for... What do you mean they're holding back? Of course they aren't going to be able to realize the full potential of the machine right out of the gate. Honestly, I'd want them to hold back. I don't want all the potential beauty to be realized at launch. Just because they're "holding back" doesn't mean it's hard to develop for like you seem to be implying (if you aren't implying that, my bad).

ShinMaster1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Kind of like a game.
Easy to pick up and play, but takes time to master.

MWong1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

If the full potential of the hardware was able to be realized right away it wouldn't be worth it. In a few years I think developers will be able to do more on the PS4 and the OS will probably be reduced as well, freeing up space.

ABeastNamedTariq1796d ago

I'd assume so. The hardware is great, games can be pushed further and can be better optimized to be pushed even further. Plus, it'll be in a lot of people's homes (millions) by then.

TheBrownBandito1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

I think everybody has missed the point. The author is asking what will be the duration of the console cycle if it is "easy" to get the full potential from the new architecture.

On topic, didn't Mark Kerney say that there was some extra RAM and low level stuff that would be difficult to squeeze out of the system at the start, but once mastered could add that little bit extra to developers options?

Salooh1796d ago

Mark cerny said it's like a super-charged pc . So games will be better in the future , but i still predict that next generation cycle will be the same but PS5/X2 will come sooner because they chose profit over future when they made the consoles not like this generation ..

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