EB Games reveals Grand Theft Auto V midnight launch stores in Australia

Stevivor -- "Excited about Grand Theft Auto V? EB Games has sent through a list of stores that will be open at 12.01 am on 17 September so you can get your copy as quickly as possible."

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ABeastNamedTariq1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

Wait so... SR4 was initially refused classification, but this was cleared with no problem? Probably because they know it'll make AU some money with taxes, lol.

B-radical1651d ago

Honestly dont know why we ban games in Aus how often do we have video game violence inspired controversies here?

It's real hard to get a gun in aus.....just saying

But yeah its all about the taxes effin gov

Bathyj1651d ago

Nice. Havent been to a midnight launch for a while. I may go to this just to prove I'm not too old. ;)

Got the Special Ed preodered with the Blueprint map. I want to hang it up and place drawing pins in it where I find cool stuff.

MRMagoo1231651d ago

they did a midnight launch for gta 4 as well, which i went to, but this time im not gonna bother because im going to wait for the ps4 version plus i will be going to the midnight launch for the ps4, the eb games i go to are hiring a cinema to put the ps4 on so ppl can play on the big screen lol its going to be epic along with alcohol.

urwifeminder1651d ago

I will wait for pc version or bargain bin I think.

Khajiit861651d ago

Congrats to the Aussies for being able to get this game.

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