Why We Don’t Need A PlayStation Vita Redesign

Rumours say that there could be a Vita redesign coming our way fairly soon. Most wouldn’t be surprised, it has happened with the PSP multiple times and certainly at some point the vita will see a new slimmer version. The truth is a Vita redesign is simply not what we need.

Taking a look at the poor Vita sales is already hard enough as is but the biggest issue is more the lack of support. The Vita is a powerful system with lots to offer and the better games we get on the system the more sales it should get and certainly Vita owners are happy with what it currently offers but they’d love more games to play on the thing. So would a redesign sell more Vita and make it a more viable option for developers to develop for it?

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Godlovesgamers1765d ago

"Why YOU dont need a PSVita Redesign" because you speak for no one but yourself.

miyamoto1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

I bought a PS3 but its the redesigned, slimmer, smaller, lighter and less expensive Slim in 2009.
I bought a PSP but its the redesigned, slimmer, sleeker, lighter, brighter, and less expensive Super Slim 3000 in 2010.

So there you go. Why won't the PS Vita need a redesign?

BullyMangler1765d ago

the Vita needs a re-design badly, ive been saying it all along . . the vita's joysticks are too prickly and too low = comfort disaster

I even went as far as to say that they even built the comfort triggers for the vita, because it lacked comfort . the games the vita is getting soon, you know those great ones like the God of War the Mark of Kri 3 etc will suck to play on the vita, due to comfort issues . .

redisign the thing ASAP kus dayyummm!

boybato1765d ago


. the vita's joysticks are too prickly and too low = comfort disaster

> must be pain playing with your 3ds,

BullyMangler1764d ago

a 3DS has a SLIDER PAD < poor vita design failure . sure looks purtty though .. too bad ):

chestnut11221765d ago

Poor Non Owners :( They Can't Relate :)

boybato1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Re: vitas sticks being to prickly and low

I'm not really sure what you meant by the sticks being low, is it positioned to low or is it that you find the sticks too short?

If its the latter, I know of a hack that can extend the sticks a bit. You could try to use a regular headset earbud as covers for your stick....I'm currently using my phone so giving you a YouTube link is impossible. Try to use keywords though such as vita,analogue cover, earbud.

BullyMangler1764d ago

nice trick with the joysticks, but holding the vita the way one has to inorder to play most games makes me feel like im about to flip a half cut orange inside out :/

i dont want to talk about the vita anymore, its pissing me off ! ha haaa


kalkano1765d ago

Disagree. Lack of HDMI out is PART of what's holding this system back.

miyamoto1765d ago

maybe the redesign will put that AV Out like what they did with PSP 2000

dredgewalker1764d ago

HDMI would be a good option as you can use the vita as a browser or movie player for your regular hdtv. But it's not really a good feature for a portable if you want to play on a larger screen, there's already a ps3 for that purpose. Also it's the memory card pricing is what really bothers most Vita owners. $100 for 32gb is really too expensive considering I can get a micro sd card with the same capacity for $30 here. I can accept $100 pricing if it was 64gb or more but not for 32gb.

kalkano1764d ago

"there's already a ps3 for that purpose"

Most console games (nowadays) do not interest me.

tubers1765d ago

Might seem too early.

The PSP 2000 released 2 yrs. and 9 mos. after the original.

Though we are in the fast evolving mobile age and the VITA's using somewhat mainstream internals (ARM/PowerVR).

miyamoto1765d ago

Thanks to the popularity of Galaxy Note Samsung might increase the the PS Vita OLED screen to 6.3 " and the ARM SOChips smaller and less expensive to mass produce

fingers crossed

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