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Reviewer Andrew Harrison writes, "Payday 2 is a first person shooter slash crime simulator, and having previously played the S.W.A.T. games, I thought it was high time to become the criminal mastermind I had always stopped. Although the game itself has such a great concept and can be unbelievably addictive, there are too many things that bring it down a few pegs."

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1OddWorld1648d ago

Damn this game is getting some really mixed reviews. Just because some one plays games doesn't mean they like all games, and it seems this game is being reviewed by the wrong gamers. I like reading reviews but they are becoming completely irrelevant. Between game journalists getting paid to right a positive article and reviewers reviewing games that are not their style of gaming. It is impossible to get an honest idea of a game before you purchase it. I cant wait for PS4 to get here so I can demo all my games before purchasing.

To hell with game journalists.

teezy1648d ago

People need to take this game for what it is.
It's not a major release.
It is a game that is enjoyable and fun to play with a group of mates, not a blockbuster game.