Fix for 'Disney Infinity' PlayStation 3 freezing issue

Tanya Valdez writes: The PlayStation 3 version of Disney Infinity has rendered itself as unplayable in our household.

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Mario181770d ago

Well that sucks for the people who bought it :(

Beatboxtaun1770d ago

It does....I'm hoping they come out with a patch for this quickly...

Bigpappy1770d ago

After 7 to 8 years this should not still be happening.

kewlkat0071770d ago

They still learning how to tap the power of Cell, which have be demoted for gaming..

jcnba281770d ago

How many times has this happened already? PS4 better not be like this.

Beatboxtaun1770d ago

It should not, as Sony said they made the PS4 easier for devs to create their games on.

Realplaya1768d ago

It doesn't matter what system it's for but what happened to the days when companies hired play testers? That's also when they had better quality games back in those days.