IGN Italia - The Wonderful 101 Review

Marco Mottura - Come on, come on, let's play and raise your hand: those of you who remember the mysterious story of the "killer app"? A vague and ill-defined, often forcibly put to the service of this or that flag fierce legions of fanboys, which now is a bit 'lost in time. Difficult indeed to find a portentous exclusive able to induce the purchase of a console in a scenario like that of today, more and more dominated by photocopy titles and mega-productions exorbitant costs, spread on different platforms to reduce risk and maximize profits looking to a catchment area strictly as wide as possible.

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YoungPlex1797d ago

Much better than Keza'a LAME review! True gamers will appreciate the feel of Bayonetta mixed with Veautiful Joe.

chadboban1797d ago

I think it's more a matter of perspective. I still have this game preordered despite not owning a Wii U, games as unique as this deserve support for at least trying to be different. I'm sure I'll enjoy it once I get my Wii U.

Infernostew1797d ago

Because "true gamers" all have the same tastes. Come on man.

Heisenburger1797d ago

True dat.

Henshin A Go-Go Baby!

Phil321797d ago

They're just numbers to me. I enjoyed the demo and how deep it was, so regardless of the score I'll be getting TW101 near launch. I hope I'm done with Rayman Legends by then.

dark-hollow1797d ago

Are we really gonna get worked up over 7.6 scores? Even if the game ends up 80 on meta in the end, so what?

a lot of great games falls in 70-80 on meta but regardless some of them are my favorites games of this gen. Infamous 2, metal gear rising, heck, even freaking MIRROR EDGE got 79 on meta and it's one of my best new ip of this generation.

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_QQ_1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Look like IGN's keza is the only one having gamebreaking problems with the controls so far.

Phil321797d ago

IGN's Comic Con play through of the game was embarrassing. Do journalists not know how to play games or something?

Infernostew1797d ago

The Gamespot review mentioned something about the controls being awkward at times. I guess it just takes some people a bit longer to adapt to it than others.

_QQ_1797d ago

People say a demo can't counter the reviews but the demo gives 5 out of the 7 main weapons,pink and yellow being secret unlockables for anyone who doesn't know,and honestly the complaints about the drawing giving you a different weapon sometimes are bs,as long as you draw the correct shape with the correct curves and corners it will work everytime.

allot of the reviewers probably accustomed themselves to the feel of the stroke rather than practicing drawing the shape correctly and thats why they messed up.


The controls can be difficult at first but like any game, with practice the controls become a non factor