FFXIV: ARR Open Beta Error 3102 Summons Outrage from Thousands of Players

CraveOnline writes: "While enjoying Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn's beta last night, my playtime was halted by a disconnection from the server. "It's a stress test, this is normal" I thought. Wrong. Upon logging back in I was greeted by Error 3102, a code which is now the nightmare of Final Fantasy fans worldwide."

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knifefight1799d ago

Hm, hopefully that gets fixed up before proper launch. I'm not really worried yet. I will be if it sticks around.

Abriael1798d ago

It has already been solved. This wasn't even relevant anymore when it was posted.

UltimateMaster1798d ago

Yeah, I still got problems when I first sign on.

VileAndVicious1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Yeah leveled my arcanist all the way to 16 but Ive been receiving this error since late saturday evening. No love lost though as long as this is addressed before the final release Im not too upset about it.

greyhaven331798d ago

It was a beta test...used to test any potential errors before the actual release...

belac091798d ago

it was working last night at 3:00 am but its saying down for maintenance right now.