IGN- The Wonderful 101 Review

IGN:Flawed but eminently likeable, The Wonderful 101 is a charming, boisterous and deceptively complex action game.

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-Mika-1765d ago

Judging from the review. He should of gave it an 8. It seems like he was being too harsh.

ironfist921764d ago

Annoys the hell out of me when people use 'of'

KonsoruMasuta1765d ago

Wait, just so I know, are we disagreeing because we actually disagree or because it's Mika?

I need to know before I disagree.

Heisenburger1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Mika = disagree.

He/she could have said "Heisenburger is awesome."

Nope. Disagree.

;) lol

*typographical error

BlackWolf1765d ago

Let's say it's a conditioned response to her constant trolling.

PSNintyGamer1765d ago

It seems that the general consensus is a score of 8

BullyMangler1765d ago

lol this is the same braud that gave pikmin 3 minus points because she wanted more of pikmin 3 = the game was too short

_QQ_1765d ago

IGN Italy gave it a 9.5

ShinMaster1764d ago

Gotta get your money's worth.

I don't stress about game length, but some games are just too short.

BullyMangler1764d ago

moneys worth? . you think pikmin 3 is worth just 60 bucks eh. . have u played the game?
An experience like Pikmin 3 is worth more than just 60 bucks it changes gaming with its camera view it does < fact . soon sony will copy etc < fact

Well, Journey for the ps3 is only 1 hour long but looks and plays like a $1,000 dollar gem . .

just because a game is too short does not mean something is wrong with it nor does it deserve minus points, she mucked up(;, plus The Wonderful 101 has SUPER HIGH-REPLAY VALUE forever and ever easy to control, challenging to master, not hard . challenging . .
goomba chick whining, shese just too busy to have judged a game like The Wonderful 101 properly, so much more to it than she got to.

this witch of a human gave pikmin 3 minus points for the whole world to see because her brain demanded more of pikmin 3 but she couldnt get more, she said so her self .

not a conspiracy, after shese been exposed. (;

RockmanII71764d ago says Pikmin 3 is 13-20 hours depending on how much you do in it, that's not short enough to take points off the score for.

ShinMaster1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

""soon sony will copy etc""
Why the hostility?

And you don't actually think using the Gamepad as a camera is innovative do you? It's not new. Any motion sensing device with a screen have used this in one way or another before. Even the PS Vita.

BullyMangler1764d ago

well not just a camera . more like another window into another world . play pikmin 3 . you get a camera in the actual in-game world ,, then from the wiiu gamepad you can use that same ingame camera but in your own living room as you take pics not of your couches but pics of the actual gaming world in a full 360 degree angle . .

something to be copied for sure

ShinMaster1764d ago

I don't know your age... but it sounds like this is all new to you.

You're making it sound as if the game turned your living room into a game world. It doesn't The Gamepad has an accelerometer and a gyroscope. When you move the Gamepad, the camera moves. Just like moving the joystick.

There's nothing to copy here. It's been around for a while. One could actually say that Nintendo copied this.

BullyMangler1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

in Pikmin 3 I can snap a pic of a TOWERING tree without the use of a joystick. . . ide actually have to tip my face and arms up toward the sky to snap a pic of the branches of the trees in Pikmin 3 .its an UNDENIABLE REALISTIC EFFECT . a Television set alone bungled with a joystick does not do a very good job of pulling off this effect .a joystick is not PHYSICAL WINDOW into another world like the gamepad is (:

p.s. pikmin 3 has always been played from a birds eye view all these years .

the gamepad is uniquely diff from the VR. headset as well . . as it too does not pull off the effect of a virtual camera into another world, because a camera is not a headset, nor a joystick, it is a square like handheld item . just like a gaming pad . . . understand the undeniable now?

ShinMaster1763d ago

I don't think you get it. This has been done before.

I understand that looking at the Gamepad's screen as you move may seem like a "window into another world". But the technology and use of it, is not really new or innovative today.

Like I said before. You are using the motion sensor in the Gamepad to control the camera in game. The same way you would use the joystick to control the camera in game. The only difference is that the screen on the Gamepad gives you the illusion of looking into a different world.
Sony has already done this before, as well as others with handheld devices with screens on them and a motion sensor. Every phone today can do this including the PS Vita. So they can't really "copy" something that they've already done before too.
And why didn't you mention Microsoft?

Anyway, if you still don't get it, then I hope someone else can make sense of it, cause I'm done.

BullyMangler1763d ago (Edited 1763d ago )

you: The only difference is that the screen on the Gamepad gives you the illusion of looking into a different world.

me: exactly, you said it yourself, the only difference is that the gamepad gives you the illusion, that is exactly what im talking about, you just proved my point < (:

also an illusion and a trick < is not the same lol

yep, nintendo announces the wiiU gyro sensor tech to be used for wiiU 1st BEFORE SONY or MICRO < fact then sony rite away jumps on board and includes the censor with the vita, AFTER nintendo announced it . not before . AFTER . .
ha haa sony like " dont leave me behiiiind" ha ha haaa

and yes this gyro tech for pikmin 3 is very convenient, more so than a joystick which does not even come close to casting a virtual illusion . ha haaa

truth hurts you that Nintendo dominates i guess

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_QQ_1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

– Unreliable controls
-Initially infuriating
in other words
"I can't draw shapes"
"I hate learning curves."
I called this one right on the dot,Sorry keza but if your only complaints were the learning curve and difficulty you should have just handed the review over to someone who Isn't a scrub at games.Good thing the demo is out so people can call your bs.

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The_Villager1764d ago

Western journalists don't like games that are challenging, all they want is a cinema experience like Uncharted. Sad I know. Still buying W101 day one because the demo was awesome.

ritsuka6661764d ago

IGN is just a group of people who takes bribes to give out a 'good' review. * See review of COD all year*

jcnba281765d ago

I can't understand how she found the controls difficult I mean how hard is it to draw a line or circle? I had no problem with the controls when I played the demo, they even worked well with the right analogue stick. Still picking this one up.

falcon971764d ago

Since Matt left IGN reviews have been very sketchy.....

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