Why we should be grateful for Free to Play games

With every day that passes, more and more developers of big name, AAA titles are starting to advance on the realm of free-to-play, offering their players experiences without any monetary transactions having to take place.

MMO-Play gives us few reasons on why we should be all thankful to the Free to Play system.

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wallis1650d ago

I think f2p for MMO's and MOBA's or generally any sort of mp-centric game are doing very well, and to that extent they prove the model's validity and there's very little anyone can say about that. However f2p titles are often appearing at the expense of more conventional titles from more conventional developers. Fear online? No thanks. Survarium which is basically stalker without A-life and filled with other humans? (its not like stalker relied on atmospheric isolation or anything) No thanks.

And in answer to the notion that one is getting more experiences free then I simply suggest waiting for deals, or till money becomes a bit more available. There are always options like Netflix and rental services that also ease the burden. While I agree some franchises do superbly well from going f2p I would still like to stipulate that the sort of committee mind set that decided games like fear should turn into online only f2p experiences is just plain stupid.