Warhawk Capture the Flag Gameplay

Warhawk has a new patch - which means it's time for you to grab a tank and start blowing things up.

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C_SoL3783d ago

I like the snow effects....

earwax3782d ago

NOBODY else is on that "Free" network

jwatt3783d ago

Is this map out already?

Lord Anubis3783d ago

no, you will have to wait until the PSN store reopens to purchase it.

earwax3782d ago

Last time I played Warhawk seemed like I was the only dude on there

Lord Anubis3782d ago

warhawk is always packed.

crazy250003783d ago

i regret selling this game, might have to get it again

MOTO-X3782d ago

I wish the DLC would be free..