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Neoseeker: I honestly haven’t enjoyed a game quite so thoroughly as Saints Row IV, nor laughed as hard at one. On that note, Saints Row IV has my vote of emphatic approval for doing what it does so well: making us laugh until we cry.

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Hydrolex1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

The Truth 24 7

you are annoying. You haven't even played both. plus you don't even lift

TheGrimOfDeath1524d ago

Sir that is your opinion.

Please state your opinion.

But that doesn't matter either since everyone disagrees with your opinion.

Anthotis1524d ago

People said this game would suck, yet it's getting top marks across the board.

T21524d ago

Very true , could be quite a nice surprise

vishmarx1523d ago

i have it.Most fun ive had since crackdown 1

Bigpappy1523d ago

It does remind me of Crackdown. For those who prefer that type of over the top fun gameplay this should be right up their ally.

TheGrimOfDeath1523d ago (Edited 1523d ago )

COD is actually really fun if you play it. Point?

It seems like in every SRIV post you just want to hate on the game.

maximus19851524d ago

well it looks like gta 5 will be getting a 10 for sure from neoseeker

Bigpappy1524d ago

I was a fan of SR1&2. There is no way I am buying this game. Does matter if a thousand sites give it 10/10. That's not how I buy my games.

Mugen901523d ago

Exactly. I will say good luck to SR4 because I would imagine a lot of the older fans will not be buying the game. Actually all the older fans I know will not be buying this game at all and will be buying GTAV instead. All of them are saying GTA V is kind of like a spiritual SR2 sequel.