The PS4 Loses A Sale... Thanks To The PS3

GP writer Jared discusses some of the difficulties the PS4 may face around launch and early on afterwards.

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golding891462d ago ShowReplies(8)
rrquinta1462d ago

I am getting a PS4 at launch with Watch_Dogs, but I'll definitely be keeping my PS3.

avengers19781462d ago

PS3 is a great console, many new ip's still coming out for it. Playstation will continue to support it for 3-5 more years, and it will look great next to my day one PS4 with Watchdogs and KZSF

SolidStoner1462d ago

ps3 will stay just for the free online :) and so many games are still coming out for it..

b163o11462d ago

Agreed, if my minds serves me correctly they just stop making "Madden" for the PS2 a year ago, so it'll be supported well...

miyamoto1462d ago

Funny, I wouldn't have known about the PS4 if I have not a PS3... so PS4 gets one more sale because of PS3. there you go.

ArchangelMike1462d ago

Same here, I'm keeping my PS3 but still getting a PS4 for Christmas. Win Win!

supes_241462d ago

Same here. I'm not getting rid of my PS3 for the Bluray feature alone. It's constantly updated, 3D, movie services and of course the continued support for games.

kparks1462d ago

My day 1 ps4 will be in my living room and my ps3 will move to the bedroom!

aceitman1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

how about if xbox fans wait till sony announces more launch titles at gamescom , cause sony does have more games to show , they didn't take everything out there bag for show at e3 like someone else did. then u can speak . plus we have loads of indie games coming at launch one ps4.

cedaridge1462d ago

PS3 vs. PS4 = 1 Hell of a fight. I'm keepin my ps3 and i'm waitin on my ps4.
#Sony make.believe

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Pancit_Canton1462d ago (Edited 1462d ago )

PS3 loses a sale thanks to PS2. In the end, the PS3 did great. The Playstation cycles continues...

gamingfriend1462d ago

Xbone whats that golding ? Anywho im getting the only console I know of the ps4, because even the wii doesnt come close and it the ps4's only real competition.