Your Computer Sucks, Get a New Graphics Card

Your PC? It sucks, it doesn't have enough cores. Sure, you could get a new multi-core processor like a Phenom or Core 2 Quad, adding like 2 or 3 cores to your rig. Or! You could get a new graphics card instead and get over one hundred extra cores. And more cores = more better, right?

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BigKev453902d ago

Vista is good, but PC gaming is dead.

joydestroy3902d ago

more people in the world own a pc versus a console platform. for instance, my gf has a pc but not one console, not even a DS.

as long as that holds true, pc gaming will never be dead.

TheIneffableBob3902d ago

God damn, is trolling all you do with your life?

v1c1ous3902d ago

i bet she plays a mean minesweeper

Archaeox3902d ago

This is why computers fail. Hard.

Silvia0073902d ago

Damn, I must of been in some hibernated state and must have missed out on when computers kicked the bucket? Please elaborate.

ElfShotTheFood3902d ago

Computers = Ferraris
Consoles = Yugos

I know which one I'd rather drive.

Marriot VP3902d ago

yes we all know everyone can afford a ferrari as opposed to a yugos

ianp6223902d ago (Edited 3902d ago )

Edit: My comment was really just a counter to the spam post, so it didn't contribute.

Anyway, I think this is the beginning of the GPU vs CPU wars, with IBM and Intel fighting for graphics on the CPU.

TrevorPhillips3902d ago

how about we don't get a new graphic card and buy a console much better because aren't u guys sick of tired always getting a new graphic card all the time for new games why don't u just buy a console which already has a good graphic card that u don't have to trade all the time it can save u lots of money

evilbubble3902d ago

Something like CELL processor would be cool. It has the power of normal processor, 3D and etc. Want more power? Add another CELL. And so on.

ar3902d ago

"always getting a new graphic card all the time for new games"
You don't need to upgrade your computer every time a new game comes along. There's no one forcing you to play the game at the highest settings.

xplosneer3902d ago

No, not really. This 8800GT has been out for about 2 years and I don't see any time in the near future it needs to be replaced. It can run Crysis on high :P

kevin11223902d ago

the 8800gt came out last year, it hasnt been 2 years.

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The story is too old to be commented.