Gamesradar- Disney Infinity Review

GR:Disney Infinity is a collectible toy line, a world creation platform, and an action platformer. It’s a game where Pirates of the Caribbean’s Jack Sparrow can race Cars’ Lightning McQueen through Cinderella’s castle. It’s a game where Monsters U’s Sully can dodge behind The Lion King’s Pride Rock while having a paintball fight with The Incredibles’ Syndrome. It’s a game where The Lone Ranger’s Tonto can shoot Aladdin’s Palace Guards before leaping off a skyscraper and using a wingsuit to glide to safety. It’s a whimsical merger of genres and settings and worlds--the perfect celebration of the past, present, and future of Disney. Problem is, it isn’t very fun.

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spaceg0st1652d ago

I went to toys r us website, and WITH the buy 1 get 1 50% off, I was essentially spending $115.00 on 7 in game characters. It's like buying street fighter and spending money to unlock every character in the game... Insane