Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida Explains How PS4 and PS Vita Will Interact in Remote Play

Many have been wondering about how the PS Vita and the PS4 will interact in remote play mode, and what kind of load will the Vita itself have to sustain. Today SCE Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida gave some details on what the interaction between the two consoles entail.

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ShugaCane1712d ago

Yoshi always nails his explanations lol Hopefully we'll have some demos at Gamescom.

Donnieboi1711d ago

Also Jack Trenton said that vita will see 85 games by the end of the year. So beware of all those people saying that Sony is abandoning support for DEDICATED Vita games, just because of Remote Play. 85 games in the next 4 months is tremendous support. Remote Play is just an amazing new addition.

Sony never abandoned the psp even when it looked doomed, and because of their persistence the psp made a comeback and also made a killing in Japan financially. And with Vita's 85 games coming & remote play, it shows that they intend to make a huge comeback with the Vita.

ShugaCane1711d ago

Those allegations were based on nothing in the first place. The more devs work on Remote Play, the more PSV sales could be boosted, the more first/third parties will then develop dedicated vita games. It's all win-win, in my opinion.

abzdine1711d ago

i'll be at Gamescom and i'm gonna ask to play Killzone Shadow Fall on Vita with RP!
i'll make a video and share it with everyone if i make that happen!

Hitman07691711d ago

85 Games by the end of the year means 85 games in 2013 not 85 games in 4 months. That being said, PS Vita kicks ass and it isn't about having a million billion games it's about having good games. Maybe if you count indie games (which also kick ass) you might get 85 in 4 months, but that is a very misleading comment you just made overall for the mainstream majority of gamers here.

Donnieboi1711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

@ Hitman: Jack Trenton made that comment several weeks ago around e3 (which was not that long ago). So no it isn't misleading. He said 85 MORE games.

BTW you said: "you just made overall for the mainstream majority of gamers here."

What does that even mean. Was that some kind of attempt to sound intelligent in hopes of strengthening the imagined validity of your claims? It made absolutely no sense.

abzdine1711d ago

Jack Trenton

Looking forward to remote play, PS4 games on the go is amazing just the thought of it.

jek71711d ago

85 games- 2 games and 83 indies

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Rimeskeem1711d ago

IM hoping for some more games too

jujubee881711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

*Looks at multiple disagree's*

edit: You don't have enough bubbles. Have more, on me sir! :O

1711d ago
jujubee881711d ago (Edited 1711d ago )


Huh? Sorry but I'm not trying to make anyone feel bad. I'm just saying, no need to disagree with a person because they say another guy (Shu Yoshida) is a good guy. @ShugaCane is trying to be positive, and I'm being supportive of that sentiment.

That's all. ^^

FamilyGuy1711d ago

I really like how short and simple his answers are, even when he isn't on Twitter. It makes things easier to understand which = less confusion.

As far as this article is concerned the only new information I learned here was that "Remote Play does not require a large memory card."

I never actually thought it would considering it's just streaming video of the game play to the Vita, but it's still nice to know. It's probably like an app that's only a few mbs in size.

UltimateMaster1710d ago

Only playstation can get 1040o heat.

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iCaruth1712d ago

That's as simple as it gets i'll say.

Abriael1712d ago

Simple solutions are always the best :D

Dlacy13g1712d ago

LOL. ... ok I am sorry that's not exactly an explanation of how it works. I do hope Sony shows off that remote play at Gamescom. Show me the money Sony...

bothebo1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

Lol that would be like saying we live on planet Earth when asked where we live.... no shit it takes input from the PS4 and decodes it.

Abriael1712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

It doesn't take input from the PS4. It takes video from the PS4.

The fact that the decoding of the video has to be done on the Vita itself is quite relevant, as much as the fact that it does it fast.

The input is SENT to the PS4. It's so obvious that you didn't even get it right :D

Cupid_Viper_31712d ago (Edited 1712d ago )

Wait.... were you guys expecting a faquing essay? It's TWITTER FFS!

MasterCornholio1712d ago (Edited 1711d ago )

Shuheis explanations are usually extremely simple which i prefer because they are not confusing at all.

For example, when it came to used games Microsoft gave such a complicated explanation that no one really knew how the system was going to work and thus initiated a wide spread panic in the gaming community. In a 22 second video Shuhei explained the whole system with one very simple action.

Sometimes you dont need a long and complicated explanation to explain something which is what Yoshida tries to avoid because he doesnt want to confuse consumers interested in buying the console.

drsfinest721711d ago

Why would you even bring up ms and how confusing they are when it's completely off topic. Bubbles Don For you sir

MasterCornholio1711d ago

Don't be so paranoid buddy I was just using Microsoft as an example of when an unclear and complex explanation can be bad for a firm. Dcy was saying that Shuheis simple tweet doesn't provide enough information when it actually does in a very simple and easy to understand matter.

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Dlacy13g1711d ago

Everyone relax... based on the description on this N4G article I did think it was something detailed not a couple of Twitter posts that someone created an article around.

Ripsta7th1711d ago

They couldve said one word and everyone here wouldve called the best explanation EVER

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Studio-YaMi1712d ago

Simple answers from a brilliant man,I so damn respect him.

Dobgamers1711d ago

I really can't wait to play Shadow fall on my Vita!