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GI:Pixar’s Toy Story movies give us a good look at two very different children and their playing habits. In one house, we see Andy. He’s a goodhearted kid who takes great care of his toys and is heartbroken when his favorites break. In the house next door, we have Sid. This disturbed little monster conducts experiments on his toys. In Disney Infinity, the latest video game that can only be played if an action figure is placed on a portal, we are given the chance to channel our inner Andy or Sid.

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Geovanny1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Other reviews are fairly low but others are high. Im so confused.

Heartnet1771d ago

They Played it ^^ and i guess some issues for some arnt as big as they are to others..

princejb1341771d ago

These type of games isn't for everyone
It all depends on the reviewer and their personal taste

CRAIG6671771d ago Show
princejb1341771d ago


Lol don't worry about it
This is n4g. I stopped caring a long time ago

thereapersson1771d ago

@ CRAIG667

There's no way N4G has more idiots than YouTube.

Bigpappy1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

This is the 360 version. The experiences might be different depending on which platform you are using. It is also on PC, PC3 and wii-U. Also dependent on the reviewer.

yeahokchief1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

disney has a lot of money and now gamestop/ign have some of it.

hope that helps clear up your confusion. why do you care?

Psn8001771d ago

There as been a lot of conflict regarding this ip on it's pricing of the actual game character statue figures .

Picnic1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

If any Disney game gets a high score from a significant number of reviewers, it's usually very good. Many reviewers love to be cynical about Disney because they can so easily see how the games are designed for children and feel left out that their own cynicism wasn't adequately catered for in the game.

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Dropdeadll1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Why are these reviews on the front page of N4G?

Jagsrock1771d ago

It funny how an incomplete game can get such a high score. They even mention it in the review that you are basically forced into buying more characters, powers etc. DLC should be an a optional add on not something mandatory to experience the full game. I would be more forgiving if the toys were more functional but even the toys are very plain and then you have to buy "power discs" too. The reviewers should take the money aspect in to consideration when scoring this game because it's a huge factor here. I mean imagine playing Tomb Raider and then you come across an area you can't pass because you don't have a certain item. This item can't be found in the game either you have to buy it don't worry though you get a miniature toy version of the item as a collectors piece so it's worth $10.

Kidmyst1770d ago

Escited for the possibilities of this game, waiting for my starter pack and most games I play are action and games not for my 3 Year old to see so I'll have something I can play and he can enjoy watching.

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