8 Great Video Game Comedies

With Saints Row IV landing next week, there’s never been a better time to look at the greatest video game comedies.

From tongue-in-cheek shooters to classic spoofs, Mark Butler picks out eight of the funniest titles ever made.

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-Foxtrot1652d ago

Conker was fantastic, shame Microsoft cancelled the sequel.

shodan741652d ago

Agreed. I think it deserved to become a fully-fledged series in its own right - though I guess it wouldn't have had quite the same impact second time around.

asiatico1651d ago

Conkers was awesome back then.. They just made the game what they wanted it to be and held no punches with the comedy and action.. You don't see much of that nowadays

HyperBear1651d ago

Conkers Bad Fur Day was THE only game back then that was hilarious and really awesome to play. I remember picking up the game with my dad because I was 11 at the time and it was M-rated, and the guy at Electronic Boutique (As it was called back then, long version for EB Games) said, "And you are aware this game has sexual and drug references along with strong violence, nudity and language"...

My dad just simply replied, "Isn't that how everyone lives now-a-days".