Watch the First Teaser Trailer of Yakuza: Ishin, And the Results of the Yakuza Popularity Contest

Sega just announced that the next chapter of the Yakuza Series will be Yakuza: Ishin (Ryu ga Gotoku: Ishin), and DualShockers already has the first teaser trailer (at the 4:20 mark) for you to enjoy, together with the the Results of the Yakuza Popularity Contest.

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boybato1793d ago

Lol. I hope I know how read Japanese as the trailer just shows a wall of text and a static shot of a real Japanese samurai which then got replaced by ''Edo'' period samurai kazuma kiryu.

caseh1793d ago

Ooo, Kaz can time travel... :D

The title translates into one of the following apparently:

1. ishin =

2. ishin =

3. ishin =

4. ishin =
surviving retainer

5. ishin =

Abriael1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

It's probably restoration.

The title probably comes from "ishin shishi" which is the prominent group of samurai activists that fought against the shogunate to bring about the meiji restoration

the "duel" between the Ishin shishi and the pro-shogunate shinsengumi is legendary, and is probably at the center of the game.

Inception1793d ago

Lol, who gave you disagree? It's true that Ryoma Sakamoto is the leader of revolution that bring down Tokugawa Shogunate and brought Meiji Restoration. People who knew Japanese History must knew this. And Samurai X / Rurouni Kenshin also used this time setting.

Canary1793d ago

Very true. Really hope this game gets a Western release, but if it doesn't, I'll still import it. Absolutely loved Kenzan.

@Inception: ...I don't think you know who Sakamoto Ryoma was. Please stop confusing anime with actual history.

The people who led the Restoration were Okubo and Saigo, and it was, in fact, Takamori Saigo who instigated the restoration in the first place by organizing the Choshu Alliance (Ryoma helped).

Inception1792d ago


I don't think you ever read / watch Samurai X. Despite a manga / anime, Nobuhiro Watsuki used real history for major history event in Samurai X.

And here:

I forgot to add "one of the leader" of revolution that bring Meiji Restoration. His crucial role made Shinsengumi always hunted him and they succeed to killed him in 1867, one year before Boshin War that bring Meiji Restoration.

Goro1793d ago

Looks like we won't be getting Yakuza 5, biggest disappointment of my life...literally

Zill1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Yakuza 5 localization would be a SEGA announcement. This game's announcement was by the actual Yakuza dev people at a relatively relaxed event they were hosting in Japan, series localization would be of little interest to them and the people attending the event really.

Though yeah, it does seem like Y5 will probably not be getting localized, it's been a while...

Goro1793d ago

Yes i know that, but the fact that they announced a new Yakuza game before mentioning anything about a Yakuza 5 localization probably means it will never happen

nick3091793d ago

Waiting for someone to do a fan sub then ill import it like i did with kenzan &1&2 hd.

Yi-Long1793d ago

@Yakuza: If that's the biggest disappointment of your whole life, then you should consider yourself very very lucky to have lived such a fortunate life.

I totally agree it sucks that Yakuza 5 isn't coming though.

ThanatosDMC1793d ago

Damnit! I want Yakuza 5.... ARGH!!!!

stuntman_mike1792d ago

damn i need more Kaz and the gang in my life lol.

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MrTrololo1793d ago

Sega sure do like abandoned their western audience. They ignored our request to localized their recent games and just went on continue to released game for japan. Sega is becoming like Capcom

Inception1793d ago

Well, the 1st side who abandoned Sega and Yakuza series is western gamers. If Yakuza 4 and Dead Souls sold very good, than i'm sure Sega will localize Yakuza 5 and HD collection. But no, western gamer choose to stuck with their CoD year after year.

caseh1793d ago

Sega are cursed in the west. Outside of Sonic their games don't really generate much revenue despite how amazing they are. (Valkyria, Yakuza, Shenmue etc)

Most of their income these days is generated by pachinko slot machines and UFO grabbers. :( Sad times.

ThanatosDMC1793d ago

Their Sonic games kept going downhill. They should abandon the franchise and make something else. It's like they keep on going full retard with Sonic. They're trying to make Sonic into the next Mario but that's impossible since Sonic (the story, lore, characters, etc) is full of crap.

Inception1792d ago


Yeah, and the cursed was cast by western gamers. That's why i said the 1st one who abandoned Sega is western gamers.


Abandon Sonic franchise? Lol, Sonic is their official mascot and to abandon it is like disbanding Sega. It's the same case if you suggested Nintendo to forget Mario franchise.

And Sega already made new franchise like Yakuza and Valkyria Chronicles. But most of western gamers ignored both of them.

firelogic1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Did Yakuza Kenzan ever make it over to NA?

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