Sony Gamescom Preview: Expected Announcements, PS4 Games, PS Vita Price Drop And More

"Predictions, especially in the gaming industry, are a risky business. Consider this year's Gamescom, taking place in Cologne from August 21st to 25th, where many "exciting" announcements are expected from Sony. This is considerably different from the mood at E3 2013 when we knew there would be several exclusives announced."

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My_Outer_Heaven1618d ago

There needs to be a Vita price drop for sure.. plus a few PS4 games would be nice and perhaps a release date and other hardware news. Just keep giving us the good stuff Sony and knock Gamescom out of the park like you did with E3.

I_am_Batman1618d ago

A release date is certainly going to get announced. I hope for some new game announcements and more information on the already announced games especially the teased once like Deep Down and The Order 1886.

starchild1618d ago

Yeah, I really would like to know more about those games.

It's going to be great. I can't wait.

NateCole1618d ago

The Order is the most interesting new IP i am looking forward to see more about.

Steampunk/horror/supernatural is refreshing. Hoping is a squad based game.

NateCole1618d ago

I want a RPG announcement.

I_am_Batman1618d ago (Edited 1618d ago )

I hope we get some information about Cyberpunk 2077 this Gamescom.

Salooh1618d ago

I don't really care about it right now , it's too far.. When witcher 3 released Cyberpunk 2077 should get all the focus.

Master-H1618d ago

Maybe we'll get Deep Down's Gameplay

MasterCornholio1618d ago

I cant wait to see more games from Sony because im getting sick and tired of people claiming that the PS4 doesnt have any games.

I_am_Batman1618d ago

They have a lot of games to announce but we have to keep in mind that their first party studios are split working on PS4 and PS3 games so we can't expect as many games as we got in the last couple of years for the PS3.

dcj05241618d ago

Who says that? Lol. Every new console "Gotz no game".

jessupj1618d ago

I'm a bit sick of those people too.

I like to remind them the current situation the 360 is in right now in regards to exclusives.

sandman2241618d ago

Ps vita already is 50 dollars off at bestbuy. So it has to be official ps vita will get a price cut.

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