Sega announces ‘Ryu ga Gotoku Ishin’, whose main character is historical figure Sakamoto Ryoma

Today Sega announced Ryu ga Gotoku: Ishin, the next instalment of the widely-popular (in Japan, at least) Yakuza action-adventure franchise.

And it looks like this next instalment is set in the 1800s, as the protagonist was unveiled to be historical figure Sakamoto Ryoma - although the actual character design and look for Sakamoto is based off of Ryu ga Gotoku series protagonist Kazuma Kiryu.

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ShugaCane1765d ago

A Yakuza game set in the 1800s could be really cool. And it would be fresh take on the series. I can't wait to see more, but most importantly, Sega please localize Yakuza 5 in western countries. The game looks so fun.

Rikitatsu1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Nagoshi said he is done with the PS3, so this is most likely a PS4 game.

SEGA was rumored to have 2 PS4 exclusives anyway.

NewMonday1765d ago

this will be about the Meiji revolution it seems.

yewles11765d ago

Damn, a potential Kenzan sequel... sort of.

KwietStorm1765d ago

That headline almost made me even read the English words wrong.

PhantomT14121765d ago

I was going to ask what Sakamoto Ryoma has to do with Yakuzas but considering the original title "Ryu ga Gotoku", that makes sense...

Inception1765d ago

Well his the leader of organization / movement who overthrew Tokugawa Shogunate. So it's make sense and interesting what kind of character is he in Yakuza Ishin. And let's dreaming & praying that Sega bring this game along with Y5/Kendan to the west.

PhantomT14121765d ago

Well I've wanted an open-world game set during this period of Japan for a long time.

I know there's Way of the Samurai 4, but it looks too goofy for me (kinda like Saints Row). Well, with the Yakuza series, this might also end up being a little over-the-top.

I wish the Assassin's Creed series would make a stop there, with its attention to historical details.

nick3091765d ago

Another of kazumas ancestors , quite cool :D

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