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Submitted by eezo 907d ago | news

Xbox One is quieter than the Xbox 360 Slim says Microsoft

According to Microsoft's Albert Penello, fans in Xbox One are dead silent, Quieter than the one in new Xbox 360 Slim. (Xbox One)

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Dobgamers  +   908d ago
golding89  +   907d ago
it's dead quiet according to him.

Nice job MS
FamilyGuy  +   907d ago
It has a huge fan that spins slower allowing it to be ultra quiet. A small fan spinning at really high speeds causes a much louder noise. This was actually discussed like 2 months ago. On top of that all games are fully installed to the HDD on the X1 so it spins disc a lot less often as well so less sound from that too.

When it was first discussed everyone was surprised with how quiet it was.
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dale_denton  +   907d ago
anything xb1 ps4 can do better
UltimateMaster  +   906d ago
Now, if only Don Mattrick could have been as quiet...
lol ;)
B-radical  +   907d ago
Ign i think it was said its really quite to
Zuperman  +   907d ago
24 hours after purchasing the xbox one lol.
IQUITN4G  +   907d ago
just so you know. it's spelt quiet rather than quite. It still catches me out occasionally as they're obviously similar

it was a quiet time
it's quite good
SignifiedSix91  +   907d ago

There's a fix for that...
Install the game. And no, the X1 won't sound like that because it uses a much slower bluray drive.
BallsEye  +   907d ago
How is that even possible =O. My slim doesn't make any sound at all...only if the disc is in but I install all the games.
kewlkat007  +   907d ago
I would hope so with the bigger heat-sink fan..

Does anybody know if you can change the Heat-sink fan for others?
SignifiedSix91  +   907d ago
You most likely would be able to just as long as it has the same voltage requirement as the original.

They can detect if your console is using more power than it should be over LIVE and ban the console.
SITH  +   907d ago
100% agree with signifiedSix91. I changed the fans on my original launch Xbox 36o, and added a temp monitor to it (admittedly sad I had to) but I knew of an incoming update from an article that said MS will be able to detect hardware modded consoles by by the voltage. So it was removed.

Oddly I also read how at Xbox live HQ, ms has modded consoles on display. Some with not just cosmetic mods but hardware.
To cool my Xbox 36o I took the electromagentic shroud off which is required by the FCC for consumer sold devices like consoles and PCs. My launch 36o lasted till the slim Came out. I played it virtually everyday and plenty of times from sun down to sun up. It eventually red ringed.
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andrewsqual  +   907d ago
When the games install fully to the hard drive, how can it not be quiet?
JohnnyBadfinger  +   906d ago
My original Xbox 360 from launch sounds like my neighbours are mowing their lawn... but behind my tv. It's impossible to watch a movie without having headphones on because the noise is ridiculous!
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theWB27  +   908d ago
It's something about knowing a device is uber powerful without the noise.
mistertwoturbo  +   907d ago
What does the PS4 have to do with this?
theWB27  +   907d ago
That'd be funny if there was any info on the PS4's noise factor. I won't get into the power debate do the talking.
mistertwoturbo  +   907d ago
Relax I'm just joking lol
theWB27  +   907d ago
I knew that..I have dry humor. Hard to get across on teh interwebz
JohnnyBadfinger  +   906d ago
Maybe you should wet it down a little then...?
THC CELL  +   908d ago
Good good my old one used to sound like a jumbo jet
mmj  +   907d ago
I'm not really surprised as it has a BD-ROM, the DVD-ROM was the loudest part of 360 by far.
Hellsvacancy  +   907d ago
Oldskool dvd players are quite loud
gamingfriend  +   907d ago
I hear the ps4 has no sound
SuperLupe  +   907d ago
I even heard it has no physical body.
user7402931  +   907d ago
consoles dont have bodies. there plastic
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bigfish  +   907d ago
I heard the PS4 has negative sound,, its absorbs the sound in the room.
VforVideogames  +   907d ago
I heard the eyetoy was blind.
CRAIG667  +   907d ago | Funny
I heard it has no launch line-up jk
PFFT  +   907d ago
LMFAO!!! Good one!

Seriously For now it doesnt. But im hoping that the Ps4's launch line up grows by the end of gamescom.
SIGNALS  +   907d ago
"Blindly in love", Micro Fantards.
CEOSteveBallmer  +   907d ago
i heard xbone will have the announced exclusive games spread throughout its lifespan. because that's all the games they will have. 15 plus sprinkle with multiplats
SITH  +   907d ago
I heard it does not even come with a box.
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MrTrololo  +   907d ago
That good especially when playing at night you don't want the whole family to hear that you are playing xbox
devwan  +   907d ago
Does watching porn through HDMI-in count as "playing xbox"? Definitely don't want to get caught doing that...
nirwanda  +   907d ago
@devwan don't worry you can disconnect the kinect now, just don't accidentally recored and upload everything you do.
shadowwizard  +   907d ago
What? People are actually suprised by this? It's SUPPOSE to be quieter ffs.
SmielmaN  +   907d ago
Agreed. I would be pissed if the next gen units were loud. Plus you would think that MS would have to make sure the thing doesn't overheat like crazy and cost them almost 2 billion dollars again.
level 360  +   907d ago
That's good to hear, but we really don't know until release day and gamers' have subjected both the XBox ONE and PS4 to rigorous long game times in average temperatures.

( No use of air-conditioning units in their rooms or gamers who usually live in cold wintry weather. )
MasterCornholio  +   907d ago
Cool and i hope that the PS4 is quiet as well.
PFFT  +   907d ago
Im pretty sure it will be.
Angainor7  +   907d ago
steve30x  +   907d ago
How can it be quieter than my Xbox 360 slim. I bought a white 250GB special edition Xbox 360 slim a few weeks ago and there is no noise from it at all. Even when gaming its dead silent. It cant get any quieter and I am obsessed with the noise my computer and consoles make. I bought a Fractal R4 two months ago so that I could have a quiet computer.
devwan  +   907d ago
Have you tried switching it on and using it? :)

OT: The reason it's super-quiet is it has to be as it's supposed to be an integral part of your living room setup... nothing worse than having a film ruined from the whir of a dodgy player.
BallsEye  +   907d ago
Are you serious? I have a slim too and it makes COMPLETLY no sound when gaming. The only sound it can make is when you play from the disc, and I don't do that, everything is installed. You are or trolling or never owned a new slim.
devwan  +   907d ago
@BallsEye "You are or trolling or never owned a new slim."

...or maybe I made a small joke, hence the smiley?

Someone needs a tall cool glass of chillax.

steve30x  +   907d ago
Typical N4G. I get disagrees for telling the truth as usual. If I lied I am sure those eight people wouldn't have disagreed
Wintersun616  +   907d ago
No one should expect anything different with such a bulky console.
okmrman  +   907d ago
no one should expect anything different from such a lifeless troll
Wintersun616  +   907d ago
WTF??? The Xbox One is quite large for a console. That large size allows for a better cooling system which, if done well, should reduce the noise that comes from cooling it.

No trolling at all in my comment, so you can stop with the ignorant personal attacks.
SIRHC13  +   907d ago
Anything's better than my phat 2005 360.
sephiroth420  +   907d ago
haha init, i was playing black ops 2 on one yesterday and i had to keep turning the tv up coz the thing was so damn noisy but it has been with us for a few good years now, still its sounds like its eating the discs lol
MasterCornholio  +   907d ago
I played my fat 360 with headphones because the DVD drive and the fan made a ton of noise. I never had a slim but people say that its a lot quieter than the fat. Anyways i own a PS3 slim and its pretty quiet for the most part but it would be great if the PS4 was quieter than it.
Animal Mutha 76  +   907d ago
Not surprised as the console is designed to compliment your sat box and audio equipment.

Also have you seen the size of the internal fan - its big I estimate 100mm. Larger fan can shift just as much or more air with lower rpm = less noise.

The 360 S model is very quiet anyway. I've only managed to get it to noticeably whirr a few times and that was mainly the disc drive.

My xenon 360 sounds like a jet engine when it gets going. I kind of like it in an old skool kind of way as its a bit of barn door engineering and sounds powerful. You def know when your caining it and it keeps your room warm in the winter :)
Rowdius_Maximus  +   907d ago
I just hope they didn't go for quietness over adequate cooling..
alb1899  +   907d ago
When my ps3 is on and i put it off, i feel like the storm just end!
Bigpappy  +   907d ago
LOL. That was a funny way of putting it. Same when I turn off my 360 with the DVD. The whole room seems so different. Like the storm just ended. Very good analogy.
ghoh1  +   907d ago
just to be clear, they are the ones' that said that drm is the future right?
CalamityCB  +   907d ago
They're are right, in the future everything will be connected always online, it is inevitable but unfortunately for MS it is too soon, we're not ready to make the push just yet.
ghoh1  +   907d ago
yeah i dont deny that but not in the way they implemented it,even now u cant share a digital game in ps3/x360 but drm has no place in disk based games
alb1899  +   907d ago
For my home sound system I prefer a quite console than a small one.
BabyTownFrolics  +   907d ago
That's good, my 360 is loud as hell
solidworm  +   907d ago
To be fair a Boeing 747 is quieter than the 360 so point is moot.:}
BallsEye  +   907d ago
You obviously trolling or talking about 2005 version. Slim verisons do not make any sound at all unless disc is spinning (then you'd be silly for not installing the games)
Bigpappy  +   907d ago
He is trolling. This is all he does from the time he joined the site.
dontbhatin  +   907d ago
Well it better be considering everyone is saying they have a giant fan inside of it. The bigger the fan the more air it can move and the slower it has to spin thus defeating the loud fan noise. For me i have only 140mm fans in my pc not counting the GPU and its quiet as can be. Just a subtle humm its nice.
No_Limit  +   907d ago
Xb1: Silent but deadly
Jan55oni  +   907d ago
PS4 don't never overheat and it is dead silent.
BallsEye  +   907d ago got ps4? We didn't even see the thing run. All we saw is a guy holding probably an empty prototype box in his hand. I really hope sony can make this thing run without overheating or downclock at this small size.
Jan55oni  +   907d ago
Sony said that PS4 won't overhead 'cause good air ventilation system. There are good air inlet at front of PS4 box and good air outlet behind. And no, I don't have it yet but it will come at release date. :D
cunnilumpkin  +   907d ago
"PS4 don't never overheat and it is dead silent"

...and hopefully it teaches the English language.
TheGreatBambinoX  +   907d ago
It's DEAD SILENT - Albert Penello. That's because it will never be bought and played by anyone. XD
gamertk421  +   907d ago
Shit's weak!
PFFT  +   907d ago
SITH  +   907d ago
Please try again. That was boo boo.
Dlacy13g  +   907d ago
Man ... this generation is gonna be a funny one. I love the the Xbox One is indeed quiet but that just means we will get one more set of comparison videos come November..... PS4vsX1 sound comparison FIGHT!
tigertron  +   907d ago
My slim 360 is silent, but it's the power pack that makes the noise.
Thomper  +   907d ago
Wow, this non - story attracted 50+ comments

Of course it is quiter...though the 360 slim is as quiet as a mouse....or an asthmatic mouse.....
Rimeskeem  +   907d ago
cool both systems seem to not over heat or make sound as much
strigoi814  +   907d ago
Yup Microsoft thats what she said!!!
MRMagoo123  +   907d ago
I hear the xbone is that big that any noise it does make inside gets an echo.
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