Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Beta Is on Fire with Over 150,000 Concurrent Connections

Just yesterday the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn open beta achieved the record number (at least for what Japanese online games are concerned) of 120,000 users online at the same time.

Even that record didn’t last long, as reported by Producer & Director Naoki Yoshida.

Unfortunately the heavy traffic is also causing problems.

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Stsonic1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

absolutely awsome game. went on a mad 12 hour session, literally lost track of reality. I Usually get bored with most games after an hour or 2.

Abriael1644d ago

yeah it's pretty damn awesome. Too bad for the error 3102 that's ruining it for some, but it's beta after all.

Stsonic1644d ago

I got this error once or twice but was able to login within a few minutes again.

People are raging on the square enix fourm over a beta error!? What do they expect so dumb.

NegativeCreepWA1644d ago

I think I play it 17 hrs yesterday, error 3102 is the only thing that stopped me. Now Im rested and ready to do it again.

NegativeCreepWA1644d ago

I guess I won't be on today, damn error 3102 still.

1644d ago
Shuyin1644d ago

Lol, it's awesome. It's the first MMORPG that grabbed me sinced more than half a decade.
But the monthly fee...
Urrgh, I'm still a student ffs. Short on cash :(.

Old McGroin1644d ago

I think it's about $12 a month, that's $3 a week, surely you're not that short of cash?

modesign1644d ago

$12 a month for 1 game is a lot.

Magicite1644d ago

Yeah its even cheaper than wow!

Old McGroin1644d ago

@ modesign

I suppose it is when you consider you have already paid for the disc as well. I've never gotten in to a subscription based MMO before but I think I'll give this a go, depends on the reviews. I'm not exactly rich but I can afford $3 a week.

Shuyin1644d ago

Bros I need cash for other games such as Splinter Cell and GTA!
Also, I only earn 200€ a month so 12€ per month for a game is too much. I need money for living and clothes.
Wish it was more around the 8-10€ prize region...
But I'm really digging dat shyte :(

Kyosuke_Sanada1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

I wonder when the issues for the airship to Limsa and "Oh my Captain" will be addressed before the beta ends. Other than that, my friends and I are having a blast with the game especially in the crafting department for me.

olorin8181644d ago

I ordered mine Collectors edition so can't wait to play early access on 24th!

Kurisu1644d ago

Normal PS3 edition for me. I've got Beta access but can't get in to the right server so might need to wait for early access to try again! Going to try again tonight after work before it ends tomorrow morning.

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