Battlefield 4, C&C, NfS Rivals, Sims 4: Gamescom PCs provide hints on system requirements

EA published the detailed specs of their Gamescom PCs running Battlefield 4, Command & Conquer, Need for Rivals, The Sims 4 and Titanfall. 3 from 5 PCs use a AMD config with FX-8350 and Radeon HD 7970 while Battlefield 4 needs two of the graphic cards.

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clmstr1771d ago

i highly doubt you'll need two 7970s to run bf4 on ultra settings in 1080p

Plagasx1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

Exactly. The game barely looks better than BF3(at least in MP) so I doubt it will take that much higher specs to play..

ExitToExisT1771d ago

Plus frostbite is a greatly optimized engine

RedDeadLB1771d ago

It's actually the CPU requirements that bother me more.

clmstr1771d ago

Good modern quad-core Intel (e.g. i5 3570K, i have one btw) will be perfect imho.

KillerPwned1771d ago

PC's are always beefed up for these events so personally I wouldn't go by this.

unprotected1771d ago

I feel sorry for people who pay such huge money just for the sake of graphics, because it doesn't matter how good it looks, you will get bored of it within 2 weeks, if not less.

Its all about gameplay, its all about COD.

Dynasty20211771d ago

Yeah, you go enjoy your "gameplay" in CoD.

Come back to me when it's anywhere near as impressive or amazing as Battlefield.

And enjoy your laughable "next-gen" engine that looks like it was made in 2006.

unprotected1771d ago

Thats the funny thing about BF fanboys, all they crap about is Graphics and Fraps, too obsessed with the hardware, yet they dont consider the pinnacle point which is at the heart of every gamer, and that is 'Gameplay', and thats why COD will always sell more, and CS will always have the highest number of online gamers.

dazzrazz1771d ago

Actually its based of id Tech 3 engine, yes the one which powered Quake 3 in 1999. Lets see how many morons disagree :D

BaronVonRhett1770d ago

yeah, unprotected, so diversity and tactical operations aren't good game play? Cause battlefield can be just as run and gun as COD in Close Quarters, yet it also has so many other mods.

Corpser1771d ago

I feel sorry this is huge money for you. Get a better job?

DragonPs41771d ago

I have both COD and Battlefield pre ordered for ps4, overall I am more excited for Bf4 than I am COD. BF has the better gameplay,controls and graphics overall. COD is a fun game and I really like it, I just think BF4 is better.

bumnut1771d ago

How can you say COD has better gameplay than BF? In BF I can play on foot, in a tank, in a helicopter, in a boat, in a jet, etc.

In COD you run around a shoe box sized map with a handful of other people.

pandehz1771d ago

2 weeks?

Lol 2 hrs at max I played of BLOPS 2 during steam mp trial.

BF3 well 200+hrs and counting

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Dynasty20211771d ago

2 7970s is massive overkill.

Unless DICE have reduced the load on the CPU in the new engine (god save them if they haven't) and allowed your GPU to do more, you can have 5, £950 Titans strapped together and still see your FPS dip into the 50s or 60s on a 64-man map.

BF3 is hilariously-badly coded for SLI.

Raw graphical power in BF3 is nowhere near as important as your CPU.

brandonb211771d ago

the maximum amount of gpus in a sli config or crossfire config is 4 gpus

RedDeadLB1771d ago

How about 4x GTX 690/HD7990?

That's technically 8 GPUs.

RedDeadLB1771d ago (Edited 1771d ago )

I seriously doubt BF4 will be more optimized in the CPU department than BF3 is. They're pushing destruction more, entire buildings are falling down in a pile of rubble.. I can only see it getting worse.

Considering the fact that even an i7 can't push 60fps minimum in Gulf of Oman, this is seriously worrying for me and my i5 3570k.

Pandamobile1771d ago

I had not problem maintaining 60 FPS with an i7 920 (a quad core from 2008)

brandonb211771d ago

those have two gpus pre pcb