Five Genres that deserve a comeback

Every year we get a deluge of the same types of game that came the year before. A large portion of modern Triple A titles fall neatly into a select few genres.

Along the way certain genres have fallen by the wayside, Bag of Games explores some of these “forgotten formulas” and examine where they stand in today’s industry.

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Undrey1736d ago

I agree with the 3D platformers.

kalkano1736d ago

Space Combat Simulator is the only one on the list I'd really care about.

What I really want are Turn-Based, and Strategy RPGs...on CONSOLES...And taking advantage of the POWER of those CONSOLES!

fsfsxii1736d ago

Rail shooters. With the heavy peripheral

cootdog1231736d ago

Light gun shooters would be nice to see a come back.

ifritAlkhemyst1736d ago

Space Combat has Star Citizen on the horizon.

Platform games need actual platforming. Infamous and AC series are not platformers, and the average 3D platformer requires no skill these days. If Nintendo wants me to buy a Wii U, they should make Mario difficult again.

FPS Adventure thrives in low budget European titles. They're all over Steam and Gamersgate.

The text adventure's most recent quality release was called Cypher. It was pretty excellent despite some rough edges.
http://www.cabrerabrothers.... You can check it out there.

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The story is too old to be commented.