Shadowrun Returns Berlin DLC delayed to January 2014 for additional content

Harebrained Schemes have announced that the release of the Berlin campaign DLC for their tactical RPG Shadowrun Returns has been postponed to January 2014 from its previous planned launch in October.

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Whatsupdog1648d ago

January..damn. At least the wait will be worth it given all that they are planning to include.

Drithe1648d ago

It felt like a 5 dollar game, with the lack of content it had the first time. Im hoping they do way better this time, and put PLAYBACK in it this time. Nothing worse than having a character sit and do nothing, not being able to max your stats out.

Ratty1648d ago

I heard the Berlin campaign is less linear. It was disappointing considering it was kind of a sequel to the SNES game and that game was more "open world." Plus the SNES were extremely limited compared to today's PCs.

Anyhow, I have high hopes for the Berlin campaign.