Indie Games Take Front Stage At Gamescom 2013

Though much of the video game industry will be focused on Sony and Microsoft’s new titles and console release dates, indie games will be the true major gaming feature at Gamescom 2013. In this year’s Cologne-based trade fair, the focus is set on small scale with the “Indie MEGABOOTH”.

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Stevefantisy1800d ago

I'm very excited to see some of this years indie titles who knows what this years diamond in the rough might be.

Magnus7011800d ago

Nice, Indie Games are "meh" to me though. Maybe 1 in 1000 are amazing.

JoeIsMad1800d ago

This year's "PAX 10" indie booth looked pretty lame, actually.

GaminGuys1799d ago

I love the last bit of that post