Very Early Homefront 2 Gameplay Leaked

OnlySP - "Some Homefront 2 footage just got leaked for the Xbox One. It’s unclear how the footage came to be since the user who uploaded the footage isn’t revealing too much information but early footage is exciting even if the footage is buggy and unfinished. It gives a small glimpse into what we can expect from Homefront 2."

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Derekvinyard131459d ago

This looks good so far but it's nowhere near finished, would be wrong to make judgements

ShugaCane1459d ago

It's Crytek (graphics, graphics, graphics), so it will undoubtedly look good. But the last Crysis is decent at best (graphics, graphics, graphics). And the original Homefront is a rather bad FPS. Judgements would be a little early indeed, but you can make some assumptions.

porkChop1459d ago (Edited 1459d ago )

I think Homefront was actually a really good game. It was a nice mix of CoD and BF, while still maintaining a decent level of originality. The multiplayer was very addictive, it was fun, and the singleplayer was pretty good. It wasn't perfect by any means, and it needed a bit more polish, but it was a good first attempt.

ShugaCane1459d ago


I probably would've enjoyed it more if it hadn't been hyped so much. It turned out a huge let down to me. The IA was chaotic, the graphics were poor, the story stereotyped as hell and it didn't even play well. At least this is what I think. I really disliked it.

starchild1459d ago

Crysis and Crysis Warhead are quite good, and Crysis 2 and Crysis 3 are decently good, so Crytek can definitely make good games.

tokugawa1459d ago

i will watch this shortly

ZodTheRipper1459d ago

Thanks for wasting my time with this video.

Muffins12231459d ago

Did you even play crysis 3?That was miles better than crysis 2.I can almost guarantee you never had crysis 3.Crysis 1 was a great fps btw.

ShugaCane1458d ago


I did play Crysis 3. I didn't like it. Crysis is a great FPS indeed, but 2 ans 3 are very average games, imo. Beautiful but bland.

malokevi1458d ago (Edited 1458d ago )

I really enjoyed the first Homefront. The online mode was/is great... 64 players online on console, I think. Or something big, anyways.

I was surprised at how fun it was once I tried it. I think a lot of people write it off based on hearsay.

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Automatic791459d ago

Not much can be said about this early leak. I will reserve Judgment for the final product.

BattleAxe1459d ago

The game will be mediocre at best, just like Crytek's other games. Crysis 1 and crysis Warhead were pretty good (single player), but everything else they make has not been very good over the years. Expect a CoD clone with this game.


Homefront was seriously underrated. I still play it on steam and I think it was one of the better shooters this gen

bumnut1459d ago

Do people still play? I logged in around a year after release and was shocked to see 48 people online!


Yep lots of people still play. Add me on steam. Deethagee

meatysausage1459d ago

would this be multiplat or exclusive?

porkChop1459d ago

It's multiplatform just like the first game. What would make you think it's exclusive to anything?

meatysausage1459d ago

It was just a question due to the tag of xbox one up the top?

porkChop1459d ago (Edited 1459d ago )

Interesting. I didn't catch the tag before. Well whoever submitted this is incorrect.

lawks_land1459d ago

Hey, I submitted it. If you read the article, the footage is apparently from an Xbox One version of the game. As such, I thought it appropriate to tag it as such. It's not multiplatform footage, although I imagine that would be very much the same.

ZodTheRipper1459d ago

Read the comments on the video, the uploader said it's not Xbox One footage.

VSVP1459d ago

I enjoyed Homefront. Looking forward to this one as well.