CNET takes a first look at Sony's Ericsson XPERIA X1

They said it would never happen. CNET TV takes a first look as Sony's first Windows Mobile Smartphone.

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sonarus3848d ago

please make this affordable:)

Kakkoii3848d ago

Windows on a Sony device... Oh the irony.. lol

rbanke3848d ago

Sony laptops, desktops? They dont hate each other as much as people might want them to.

sonarus3848d ago

Sony and msoft collaborate all the time. Last yr sony did a deal with Xbox to help Japanese gamers access Xbox live in Japan and pay for marketplace transactions. I forgot what its called but yea sony helped them out.

Skerj3848d ago

Sweet, the keys are separated. That's one thing I hate about most of the HTC phones after the Wizard. If I weren't waiting for the Nvidia chips to make their way into phones I'd consider upgrading to this one. That panel interface has to be sped up though.

aiphanes3848d ago

Or whoever can get itunes and or full ipod support into their game console...

kewlkat0073848d ago

I like competition because it keeps prices down...

I just left Windows Mobile T-mobile Dash for a Blackberry Curve and I had Palm OS before the Windows, Man I love the blackberrys. I'm not ready for an all out "media phone" ala Iphone since I don't want to pay up the @ss for data plans. I'll wait for more competition.

This phone looks aight but Too big for me. I got rid of my old Treo 650 because to was too hefty. The curve is light as a feather.

Kakkoii3848d ago

Screw iTunes.. It's a plague.

Shouldn't you mean Microsoft/Playstation/Nintendo ?

That would make a dream team. Apple isn't needed for gaming systems.

Ro11z3848d ago

but dont you Just Wish the Iphone Had the Spec List Off the Nokia N96 that would be the ultimate mobile device ever.

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