How Not to Sell Your Wii U Game

Mini Fortress was kind enough to create a list of elements to help developers create uninspired Wii U software.

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PSNintyGamer1797d ago

If Developers want people to start buying their games on the Wii U, they need to stop half-A**ing them. I'm not gonna pay full price for an incomplete product.

robparko1797d ago

You got that right. Half-a**ed games deserve half-a**ed sales.

AzureskyZ1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Then ninty needs to stop selling half assed systems-- honestly i supported them through n64 and gamecube, even the wii but enough is enough-- ninty need to learn that being behind ms and ps isnt gonna help them. Some people refuse to believe it but wii u is a crappy system, it could have been so much more--- the only games im buying for this system is xenoblade 2 and zelda-- not for those games i would have sold my wii u a long time ago. Im not asking them to be on par with the other companies but at the very least come close to it-- the account system is finally getting the overhaul that it needed 7 years ago-- there online system is premature-- and nintendo is finally getting into the mix of hd world but lack experience in developing in it becuase they had none this gen..

I think this gen will be a valuable lesson for nintendo, hopefully they come back the next one with a much improved system.

Chard1797d ago

I agree with all of the above comments. The upcoming entries of some of Nintendo's biggest franchises are side-scrollers, semi-3D platformers and remakes, and I'm not okay paying full price for that.
A proper Zelda U, Mario Kart 8 and 'X' will be worth owning the system for.

1796d ago
AzureskyZ1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

apparently u dont know the difference between a someone who trolls and someone with a valid opinion-- u are a very definition of an idiot fanboy-- wii u *is a half assed system whether you want to believe it or not-- why do u think so many 3rd party is abandoning it-- the system is lagging behind by a generation-- this is a system they should have released 7 years ago. Only thing saving ninty at this moment is their own franchises, even then the only games i look forward is the ones ive listed before.

madjedi1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Right so when splinter cell, watchdogs and assassin's creed 4 bomb phenomenally(despite being on time and equal) on the wii u, what will the goal post change to i wonder.

Multiplatform games aren't given special treatment on any platform not pc, 360 or ps3, so why should the wii u be any different.

You might honestly buy 3rd party/multiplatform games for the wii u, the problem is regardless of the quality of the game.

Many nintendo fans, are full of it and typically only buy 1st party titles, despite bemoaning the lack of effort by 3rd party devs.

But thats okay nintendo fans will not have to be burdened with subpar 3rd titles much longer, after this holiday season most of the big game 3rd publisher will drop the wii u.

Leaving little more than mini game and lego, dance, fitness and movie tie in games.

Honestly why should 3rd party publishers support the wii u, if nintendo fans repeatedly refuse to buy games.

3-4-51796d ago

If 100 games are released at $60 a game, only about 10-20 are really worth that price.

Another 20 are worth $50 and the rest are 20,30,40$ titles at best, yet they all charge the same price.

That is like seeing a 2003 pontiac grand prix, costing $10k and right next to it is the new 2013 Focus for 10k.

One is actually worth the price, one is not.

One has new features and options and tons of content and replay value, the other does not.

Dev's need to stop copying other people's game ideas and then expecting to make millions from it like we OWE them something. As if we HAVE to buy these pieces of crap from them....

I feel dev's are too entitled, like they feel just because they worked for 3 years on a game, that it auto = it being a good game.

Crap is crap is crap. If Leonardo Da Vinci worked on crap for 10 years, it would still be crap.

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N4g_null1797d ago

They are activtly doing all of these plus suppressing news of their actual wiiu games lol. Maybe it is an attempt to lash out at the none pop gamers.

BOWZER351797d ago

How to sell a game- take your time on it.

Eonjay1797d ago

I know that people don't like this but the WiiU is not a good system and its Nintendo's fault. They released a system that was marginally better than the current gen systems and they did it with no launch titles.

Kevlar0091797d ago

Post 3 months the WiiU did suck, but things are beginning to look up

MasterCornholio1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

But that doesnt change the fact that Nintendo could have done a little bit better with the hardware of the system.

However i agree with you that the software library is starting to get better but it still lacks 3rd party support.


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