Microsoft secures Fable Legends domains

Microsoft moved some new Fable-related domains onto their servers, suggesting the company is planning something called Fable Legends.

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nick3091677d ago

Hopefully an X1 title that isnt a kinect game.

SlavisH21677d ago

lol i thought the fable kinect was better then fable 3. 3 was nothing special or unique. i tried to play if for free and got bored after 10mins and deleted it. just my opinion though

HammadTheBeast1677d ago

Fable 1 was great, but they've only gotten worse.

It doesn't help that Moleyneux hypes his games to hell and then backs off when the promises aren't kept.

SlavisH21677d ago

@Hamm I agree. I am happy Moleyneux is no longer with the studio

JBSleek1677d ago

You speak like they have lots of Kinect games on the One.

nick3091676d ago

No, i just dont want another fable kinect game

xActionBasturdx1677d ago

^^^this i can actually see this happening...would be cool as hell

Mystogan1677d ago

There's only like 2 games that are Kinect required.

which is Kinect sports and fantasia. And some others are kinect supported. Like Project Spark.

Mystogan1676d ago

I know you're trolling but that would actually be pretty useful in an MMO.


BallsEye1676d ago

All clues point that it will be a F2P MMO with microtransactions. As lionhead says, most ambitious project they ever had.

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-Foxtrot1677d ago (Edited 1677d ago )

I hope with Fable 4 it actually feels like a step forward and not a steo backwards like Fable 3 was. I mean I felt like things were dumbed down a bit and it was a bit of the same old, same old we saw in Fable 2. Magic is one of these problems in Fable you had a variety of magic to choose from, it Fable 3 the magic was limited and you had to wear some silly magical gauntlets.

I really hope in the next game we can start our own village anywhere we want and create it in the way we want. Oh and the simple one button for sword/crossbow/magic needs to go, it made things way too easy.

Kalebninja1677d ago

yea i hadnt played fable 2 but i played the first and when i got the 3rd i was like where is all the magic?!

HammadTheBeast1677d ago

Fable 3's menu system was also completely stupid.

You have to go to that same damn room over and over and over.

kreate1676d ago

The most retarded part was that there wasnt a "repair all" button to repair ur properties in fable3.

U had to repair it individually which took forever and had to repair quite frequently.

Kalebninja1677d ago

i wont get an xbox one until mid 2015 most likely but if fable 4 is on it im definitely looking forward to it i hope they dont put in a crazy decision thing like fable 3 it made me feel messed up whichever decision i chose

thetruthx11677d ago

Lionhead is said to be working on a MMO game and I bet this is it. And I think it's safe to assume Microsoft realizes the majority of people want add-on Kinect features and not fully implemented Kinect games other than your few Kinect sports like games.

If they make this a typical Fable game with lots of choices like buying houses, farting on people lol, being evil or starting a family etc, I can see this game being huge as a MMO

True_Samurai1677d ago

There's gonna be a lot of evil a$$holes killing players families -_- though I'd they say who did it, it would be fun to hunt them down

-Foxtrot1677d ago

What about as long as they stay in the house they are protected. Surely they wouldn't let any player into someones house.

Anyway I hope we get Fable 4 before an MMO.

BallsEye1676d ago

Lipsync to my character in fable MMO when I talk would be awesome. Plus my own gestures ;] oooyee.

True_Samurai1677d ago

Let me be a legend online son!

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