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Who doesn't remember that amazing tech demo for the PlayStation 3 when they showed us what Final Fantasy VII could look like on the system? It was one of the most memorable moments from that E3 back in 2005. Afterword there would be many years of rumors, speculations and wishing for there to be an actual remake to one of the most loved Final Fantasy games.

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yewles11557d ago

........??????????? lolwut

GreatGamePlay1556d ago

Whitout the sales from the orignal Final Fantasy VII, where Square Enix going to get money to remake Final Fantasy VII?

ShugaCane1556d ago

From every other SE games sales, maybe ? ...

DragonKnight1556d ago

That's not even the issue. The issue is that if people didn't buy the re-release of FFVII, then SE would assume that there is no more interest in it and a remake would die then and there.

This author is clueless.

abzdine1556d ago

FF7 Remake will never match the quality, depth and magic of FF7 original..

Baka-akaB1556d ago (Edited 1556d ago )

Well i'd hardly clamoring for a remake of FF7 to begin with so ...

i'm not against it either , but people are pinning too much hope on it .

They can't just hd remaster it , it's too old .

If they just update the game's graphics to today's standards , people will notice that the game aged , is awkard in places and hardly perfect . especially the younger generations whom dont know it much and kept hearing about it being the "best" .

In short people will whine about it .

If they modernize it completing and change mechanics , people might complain too about the game losing it's soul or whatever .

The only thing certain is that it would sell insanely .

Hicken1556d ago

With the way people complain about it NOT being remade, I don't think Square-Enix needs to see sales of re-releases to gauge interest.

Pixel_Enemy1556d ago

I already lost interest in FF games. I won't be buying one unless it is the FF7 remake.

3-4-51556d ago

MMORPG maybe ?

If only that had one of those...........

KonsoruMasuta1556d ago

Come on, Need4Game. SE doesn't need to sell copies of FF7 just to have a remake.

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Snookies121557d ago (Edited 1557d ago )

Kinda too late for that... Considering I have two physical copies, a digital copy for my PS3 and Vita, one for Steam, and a rom on my PC.

kalkano1556d ago

I have to ask...why?

I still have the original copy, and am only planning to get the steam version for my next playthrough (with mods).

Why do you need so many versions?

Snookies121556d ago

Because it's one of my favorite games. I have a Greatest Hits copy on disc, and a black label. So those are different types. A PSN version to play digitally (mainly on my Vita for a handheld version). The Steam version for modding purposes. As for the rom, it was just to play it on PC if I ever wanted to before the Steam version came about.

DarkBlood1556d ago

Snookies could be a collector like me, i plan to get all of the versions of resident evil 2 and 3 as well many other types of games i like so much like a black label legend of dragoon version etc etc

Darth Gamer1556d ago

@ Darkblood

I still have my Black lable of Legend of Dragoon. Love that game. One of my top 3 RPG's of all time. That is the game that they need to remake or make a sequel to.

NeXXXuS1556d ago

I have an original copy and a PSN version just so I don't have to use the PS1 version. I'd rather be safe with the digital version than risk my physical copy being damaged.

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Shadow Man1556d ago

Remake the damn game already I wanna know what the fuss is about

MrTrololo1556d ago

Square Enix is gonna save this for last when all else is fail meaning that once Square Enix is close to bankrupcy, they will finally released FF7 Remake cause they know it gonna sell 10m+

CLOUD19831556d ago

yep that's what they intend to do definitely they wont make a remake until they r deep-deep into shit & there is no other way to get out of there, FFVII remake is their trump card to save their incompetent @ss from bankruptcy.

Ripsta7th1556d ago

Yes they are saving it for when the time comes... the beast will be unleashed

twinspectre1556d ago

Stop Buying CALL of Dooty unless Activision will change the game

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