Ryse: Son of Rome Technical Presentation Shows Gameplay and Development: Marius is 150,000 Polygons

During a technical presentation about Ryse: Son of Rome some new interesting info and gameplay directly from Crytek has been shown about the game, that has been in development for a year and a half and is made using Autodesk Maya.

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NYC_Gamer1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

I hope the game offers quality gameplay because it does look nice

RyuCloudStrife1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

I can honestly say this is the only new IP that I really liked from the Xbox One.

Genesis12951800d ago

Definately, a game that sets a change from the common exclusives for the xbox also other new IP's like Quantum Break, Sunset Overdrive and the upcoming black tusk studios game can't wait to get my hands on them

NewMonday1800d ago

they put a lot into the player+some NPCs, but barley anything is left for the environment,why is everything so gray and bland?

InTheLab1800d ago

This looks mediocre to me compared to Quantum Break and Project Spark.

itBourne1800d ago

I agree, kind of a bland looking game. Spark to me looked like it could be a blast to play.

Enemy1800d ago

150,000 is nothing. Even late PS3 exclusives (Heavy Rain, Uncharted 3, Killzone 3, GT5, GT6, even Uncharted 2) are comparable.

It's ok for a launch game.

cee7731800d ago

Lmao the very first sonic game on ps360,sonic was 1 million polygons.

JokesOnYou1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )

Enemy no those ps3 games are not comparable
If you notice Racers always have higher poly counts because theres not alot to render up close compared to action games. UC2 had 37k to 45k for Chloe and Drake, KZ3 had 10k for characters and 45k for head closeups.

"For in-game characters, the PS3 game used three different LOD models (more polygons used the closer you are to the character in question), up to 10,000 polygons and 1024x1024 textures. Things have changed significantly for PlayStation 4 with seven LOD models and a maximum of 40,000 polygons and up to six 2048x2048 textures."

-Ryse Son of Rome has alot of tech running under the hood, which has clearly made it the most visually stunning next gen exclusive game.

CoLD FiRE1800d ago

@Enemy It's crazy how you're spreading false information yet more people agreed with you than disagreed!

Here's a shot from Killzone SF technical presentation.

It says Killzone 3 used 10,000 polygons for the highest level of detail character models. Killzone SF uses 40,000 for the highest LOD character models.

IRetrouk1800d ago

Cold fire i think those numbers are just for npcs not sure though as the article about it was a while ago, either way both games look fantastic.

bjmartynhak1800d ago (Edited 1800d ago )


Jodie from Beyond Two Souls is at 30,000 and looks awesome.

150,000 is an incredible improvement

mikeslemonade1800d ago

I understand how it looks like an average game but I just don't understand people are impressed by this game.

slimpickens1799d ago

I will never understand how the few can come in here and say this doesn't look impressive or at least sound impressive. The game looks pretty solid so hopefully the game play is deep.

Ju1799d ago

This is the same for Ryse, Joke's, 150k is their "cut scene" model. All this really is, is they can seamlessly switch into a cutscene from game play (listen to Evan's speech). You will never play a 150K poly model - which is pretty apparent if you actually take the time and compare the opening sequence and compare the fidelity with the same model during game play. He also mentioned the joints in faces which are designed @ 260 - but can drop down to 10 (!) during game play - if you want to extrapolate from here what the LOD drops down...

150K is LOD0 - used for cut scenes. I would also think - since those roman guys all look the same - the same model is quite re-factored through geometry instancing.

It just underlines what you see in the game: High res on closeups - with no other detail around (usually covered in motion blur or DOF) and a quite simplistic environments in the distance.

Gardenia1799d ago

This game is nothing special, not in graphics and definitely not in gameplay

sobotz1799d ago

Gray colour filter =/= bland

look at MGS4 and MGS3, they're filtered with grey and brown color, but they're all not bland

Autodidactdystopia1799d ago


This is different. Its seamless lod transition
just like in game,

Previous games and engines had a definite split between what could be seen in game and the cutscene assets.

you will play a 150k model if you want but you will have to do the usual run character against a wall and rotate the camera to look at his face, then you will get a seamless lod0

so in fact you can see the cutscene models at all times and in game.

your facts are straight but i think you missed that part.

difference being that in games like uncharted, no matter how close you got the camera to the players face in game and outside of a cutscene you would never get the lod0 cutscene model detail.

in ryse you can.

simple :)

GameNameFame1799d ago

@cold fire

And old wizard trailer tech demo used about 1 million for 1 character.

Running in game on ps4 .

Lol. Lets not compare. If you go to shader it's also is not comparable

JokesOnYou1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

ju watch the vid with Chris Evans Autodesk presentation go to 8:40 it begins with

"From day one we had this mantra in the company of play the cutscene"

"that rig, the chracter you see in the cutscene is the same character in gameplay if you zoom in anytime during combat its the same"

This gives you a quick comparsion specs that show how much Crytek are pushing with Ryse:

-hey spin it all you want but we have eyes and Crytek is putting it out there for all to see, no big talk while hiding the game, the vids, behind the scenes work vids, tech breakdown presentaions all speak for themselves, its not all about graphics though, a game could have superb visuals and suck or decent visuals and kick ass in the fun dept but to downplay what Crytek is doing here at least for now from a visual standpoint is fanboyish talk, spin, spin, spin, but it is what it is.

abzdine1799d ago

this is game i have no interest in.. seems linear as hell... and those QTEs at every fight..urghh!!

The most interesting game is definitely Quantum Break! It's still CG but seems interesting!

tokugawa1799d ago


leave it out, everyone knows that you a pathetic sony fanboy.

why are you in here?

blackmanone1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Accordingly to tokugawa anyone with a viewpoint other than his is a fanboy. Sigh, some gamers have a lot of growing up to do.

Edit: He's here for the same reason you are. How do you not get that? Does that make you a fanboy, too? Of course it doesn't. Asking that only makes you seem like a troll.

Ju1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

a) there is no such thing as "seamless lod transition". This would require "vertex morphing" and "interpolation" which would be so expensive that the whole purpose of using LOD in the first place becomes irrelevant.

and b) "playing through cut scenes" means exactly that. The cut scene models are run by the game engine - sure an achievement - but it does not mean, "you play cut scenes", because you don't.

And Joke's..for someone who doesn't care about "console power superiority" you are trying quite hard to make the XBone something it isn't. The whole thing is MS/Crytek marketing at work. Why didn't they in fact publish the LODs for the model and tell which is used where? They have nothing to hide, don't they?

Crytek does this quite well with Ryse. It uses state of the art technology to squeeze from the XBone whatever they can. Quite an achievement, I give them that. Nothing what others haven't done before though.

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mrmarx1800d ago

it's going to be trash.. i played for over 25 years i know garbage when i see it. i bet it will get a 7 or 7.5 rating when it comes out

Funantic11800d ago

No way is this getting a 7. It's getting at least a 8.5 maybe a 9. Killzone Shadow Fall might get 7 -7.5.

ABeastNamedTariq1800d ago


What makes you say that? From what I've seen, gameplay looks great. Hopefully it feels great. Or... is your inner fanboy just coming out?

AceBlazer131800d ago

you would think more gamers would have this intuition by now.

1800d ago
fpshooter21800d ago

Why is it whenever a new KZ game comes out people like to say it brings nothing new to the genre? But they praise a game like C.o.D to high heaven.

KZ is an excellent series and Ive enjoyed every installment of it. Cant wait for shadow fall day one.

GodGinrai1800d ago

"Why is it whenever a new KZ game comes out people like to say it brings nothing new to the genre?"

To be fair KZ does not bring its own contribution to FPS as a genre. Its just eye candy with descent game mechanics. nothing more. you would call it an average game if it wasnt so pretty.

1800d ago
slimpickens1799d ago

"i played for over 25 years i know garbage when i see it."

That's nothing to be honest. I've been gaming for 36 years and know you can't judge a game until you've actually played it.

fpshooter21799d ago

My point is the fps genre is really saturated. I never see any complaints about any other shooters not being innovative. Why does this always seem to fall on the shoulders of GG. And how can anyone be so sure of what the game is doing without having played it.

To be honest i play a lot of shooters and very few of them bring anything new, but i still enjoyed them no less. I may be in the minority but i play kz because i honestly like the story and the characters. The fact thats its on the ps4 with awesome graphics and more open just makes it that much better for me.

H0RSE1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

At the very least, KZ will get a high(er) rating, just to spite xbox... same with Ryse getting a low(er) rating.

fpshooter21799d ago


Oh. Like how heavily sword got put down because it was a ps3 exclusive. That game can still hold its own to this day with brand new games. KZ doesn't need ryse to fail so it can succeed. Check the pre-orders its well on its way to success already.

KingTrash1799d ago

I played it at Comic-Con. It's not that fun to play but anyone arguing that this game is anything less than visually stunning is an idiot. This is easily the best looking next gen game I've seen so far. It's absolutely gorgeous.

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trywizardo1800d ago

@cee773 dude you're really dumbass they said the main character facial details have 150,000 the face alone ...
@enemy heavy rain was a game for mini-pressing game and the character facial details wasn't as good as L.A noire and uncharted 3 looks really good but this thing is better , and how do you compare a racing game to a action game ??!!

Blackdeath_6631799d ago

people discussing polygon counts are silly it may have been relevent a few years back during ps1 and ps2 days but now its completely irrelevant because of diminishing returns. 150,000 polygons will look exactly the same as 200,000polygons as this pic explains

trywizardo1799d ago

@blackdeath_663 actually this pic shows the importance of the polygons look at 6000 then 60000 there are a huge difference between them and that happens to 150,000 polygons ^_^

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1799d ago

No, the image doesn't. Yes the 60,000 ver. does look a tad better. But that's 60,000, and it's already extremely smooth. You can't get much better than that in an easy to notice way. If anything, I think developers should work on collision and such more. Lara Croft's hair going through her neck with tressFX on is a ideal example of the lack of advancement in collision.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1800d ago

I have a feeling this game will be really short.. these kind of games always are.

trywizardo1800d ago

i guess the campaign may last 15H minimum (just guess) and there are multiplayer for it , sooo its not that bad ^_^


I wouldn't mind that, as long as the story is really good, and I truly enjoy the game.

GuyThatPlaysGames1800d ago

Regardless of how many polygons there are, if the core gameplay isn't fun, then this game is worthless. Worry less about polygons and more on fun!

Gemmol1800d ago

lol people say this for Nintendo system, but they get ignored lol

Bigpappy1800d ago

It is a gory sword game with great graphics and runs at 60 fps. I think there is some fun to be had in there even if short lived.

IRetrouk1800d ago

Bigpappy, i think the game runs at around 30fps, there was a video posted last week about it. Not that thats a bad thing.

pyramidshead1800d ago

the game struggled to maintain 30fps. :/

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1799d ago

30fps for an action game is never a good thing. There is a 60fps standard for action games. Takes Ninja Gaiden, or Devil May Cry 3 , even Metal Gear Rising. What made them great games? Not story, that's for sure. But definitely the absurdly fast reactionary based gameplay which you can only really do at 60fps.

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Psn8001800d ago

Yeah the game looks really good .

CalibriSerif1800d ago

those 5 billions transistors are working extra-hard doubled with the power of the cloud!

Even the extra 53Mhz is a miracle!

andrewsqual1800d ago

This game was announced at E3 2010 as a current gen game and, up until 4 months ago, was a Kinect only game before moving to the Xbox One. Crytek have not made a good game since the original Far Cry released in 2003.
Why any of these things are an automatic indication of a great game is beyond me.

Old McGroin1800d ago

@ andrewsqual

I think you mean why any of these things are an automatic indication of a bad game is beyond me.

Seafort1799d ago

Hey it's true Crytek has always been a mediocre developer no matter what platform they are developing for.

All they are famous for is their arrogant CEO and pretty graphics.

Don't expect much from Ryse as it's changed direction quite a few times. Wasn't it meant to be a kinect game for current gen console?

Now its a next gen game without kinect but with added QTEs.

FamilyGuy1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Ryse looks like trash to me, I really don't understand the hype.
It doesn't look all that great, the main character may be high in triangles but it's a really bland looking character model. He's extremely plain looking.
The movements all look scripted likes it's on rails. Sightseeing with no off-the-path venturing.
The fighting is nothing but slowed down quick time events. It wants to look like 300 and Sparticus during the attack sequences but with it slowing down during those button press moments it loses a lot of tension compared to something like Heavy Rain where you had to frantically do the quick time events during high tension scenes.
On top of all that it looks like it's gonna be a short game, like 9 hours or less. I can't justify/explain this one, it just gives me that vibe.

Console preferences aside, I just don't understand the excitement. The theme is cool, I like Roman Empire dated stuff but this just doesn't look fun. It looks like it's still meant to be a Kinect game.

slimpickens1799d ago

I think the game looks really good with deep visuals and hopefully game play. This game is also going for that Rome vibe and doing a good job at it. Why anybody would compare it to Heavy rain is beyond me and just shows some people simply have lower expectations. It was never described exactly what type of game Ryse was intended to be but the removal of Kinect was definitely a good choice and paid off. Day one with my XBO console. I could careless about the competition because the games I prefer are all coming to the console of my choice.

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assdan1799d ago

Is that a lot of ppolygons? With no reference it means nothing. That's almost like saying servers have more processing power than the entire world did in 1996.

3-4-51799d ago

Art Style & Skill at being an artist matters more than how many polygons a character has.

* That is like bragging about how many canvas's you have to paint on, but lacking the ability to actually paint well or skillfully.

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Starbucks_Fan1800d ago

you must really like money

Blank1800d ago

You must really like starbucks. Sorry I couldnt resist lol.

Starbucks_Fan1800d ago

lol I actually prefer Dunkin Donuts XD. I would change my username if I could. Starbucks is too expensive.

no_more_heroes1800d ago

You can change your username. I used to post under the name golden_cannon but I changed it.

no_more_heroes sounds more edgy ;)


Snookies121800d ago

day ichi

Nah seriously, hopefully it has some decent gameplay to back up the visuals. Else it's all for naught.

Jazz41081799d ago

Day one for me. Cant wait for the new gen to start. Im really burnt out on the current gen.

Mounce1800d ago

2012 article, Naughty Dog is already all over doing muccccch more. In Naughty Dog we trust.

Spoons1800d ago

Have a feeling that's not true if Crytek is only pushing 150k, but if it is doing 1 million then that is simply amazing.

RyuCloudStrife1800d ago

In the tech demo Quantic Dream did on the PS4 The Dark Sorcerer had about 1 million polygons