Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Game Overview

A full overview of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, the upcoming MMORPG from Square Enix that is a massive improvement over the original FFXIV. This article gives a general overview of the gameplay mechanics, information about the leveling system, details regarding classes, and more.

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Noami1708d ago

Error 3102 Your still logged in please wait a few minutes, If this error continues please contact the support center.

24hours later error still pops and support havent done anything yet yay.

game is fun though but error server related are kinda anoying hope they fix things b4 full release

DrakenSilverwing1708d ago

happened to me as well. and alot of others. but they are fixing it as i type this though, find out if its good in about 2 hours after the maintenance. good luck then.

Azmatik1708d ago

Guys remember its beta....

DrakenSilverwing1708d ago


i know its a beta. i'm not really that upset. its the lack of communication that worries most people really. also this is a kinda make or break beta. if its not fixed now then many people wont know and wont trust the early access and full game, so it will hurt them alot if they can't figure this issue out before the end of the beta really.

Ratty1707d ago

They said it happens when a character zones. That character is left in a sort of transfer limbo. They're working on it.

hairy1708d ago

error 3102 for 2 days of the 3 day beta, I liked what I* got to see which wasn't much past the starting area's. makes me wonder if this wasn't a fabricated error to move older accounts out and newer ones in so all could try it without bogging down their servers. no customer support and no feedback leads me to beleive it was

Dno1708d ago

that's what a beta is for to test server load. heard it had like 150 users on at one time. that's huge for a beta.

I am glad to hear you guys had fun even with all the problems. I think SE has a hit on there hands

Shad0wRunner1708d ago


"heard it had like 150 users on at one time"

Try 150,000 people on at one time.

Dno1707d ago

Right duh lol I meant 150k

I messed up but that's a simple mistake I would have guess lol but it looks bad sorry.

Magicite1707d ago

does that mean 150k ppl in 1 server or in all combined?

Alduin1708d ago

The beta had a ton of players online. I'm not surprised there were some errors. I'm sure they'll work it out before the game officially launches. It is rather entertaining, though.

Kamikaze1351708d ago

I played without a single problem the entire time.

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The story is too old to be commented.