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Battlefield 4 Gamescom Trailer Shows Veteran With 8,000 Hours in the Series and Gameplay

Electronic Arts released a quite interesting trailer of the upcoming Battlefield 4 to celebrate Gamescom. (Battlefield 4, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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nick309  +   747d ago | Well said
Proof that gaming is for every age.
Abriael  +   747d ago
if it needed any evidence :D
pixelsword  +   746d ago
He's probably practicing for WWIII

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Pisque  +   746d ago
It definitely needed it, almost nobody over the age of 30 play videogames. Not because the games are bad, but mostly because they don't know much about them.
T2  +   745d ago
@pisque - dude you are so wrong you have no clue. You think all of us who grew up with atari, NES/famicon just died and went away? Not a chance.
Majin-vegeta  +   747d ago
Well according to all the 12 year olds.I've come across if you're 21 and older you're a worthless POS without a life and should be working instead of playing video games -_-.
cyguration  +   747d ago
I always tell those little boogers... "Do your parents know you're on this late? If not, STFU and go do your homework."
finbars75  +   747d ago
I agree I hear it, not all the time but I hear it at times.When I last checked I have a career job,two kids,a wife,two animals,a mortgage,two cars and my hobbie is videogames.I guess 12 year olds havnt reached that point in life to understand what a future is like where alot of us have that knowledge.Boy there going to be in for a rude awakening in a few years.
DARK WITNESS  +   747d ago
i always point out that its an 18 rated game so if anyone should be playing it it should be me.... then i like to ask them hows it feel being owned by a grown man in his 30's ?
dcj0524  +   747d ago
What kind of pos 12 year older does that. There are like 7 kids/teens in my clan and their never like that. I geuss their a rare breed.
Kevin ButIer  +   747d ago
You need to play like 8 hours a day for almost 3 years to catch that guy... i salute him
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pixelsword  +   746d ago
@ Majin

He has to be a PC player because console kids would probably tease him; but the way the economy is going, those kids mocking people now could be hard-up when they have to pay for their own games.
ForgivenZombie  +   746d ago
They're just jealous that we can do whatever we want.
Orionsangel  +   746d ago
You know how many 12 year olds I've shut up with my skills on COD? Too many to count and I'm 40. They start bitching. The mute button comes in handy >:)
pixelsword  +   746d ago
@ Orionsaint:

If some kid harasses you, tell them that you mastered better games than he's capable of playing when he was being cooled-off by the sweat of his dad's ba11s.
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finbars75  +   747d ago
I agree gaming is for everyone.Theres another gentleman on twitch tv who streams and I believe he is 67 and hes awsome as hell.I mean im not there yet but im almost 39 and love playing videogames.been there from the start of it all and plan on being there until the end of my time.I hope others appreciate what they have in todays gaming world because we really had nothing back then but two paddle controllers and a ball moving back and forth on the screen and even having to type in words on what to do in every shape and form.lol.Good gaming to you guys.
carlosjrix  +   747d ago
amen to that..
SnotyTheRocket  +   747d ago
Whats the 67 year old gamers Twitch name? I wanna see this.
babis1974  +   746d ago
i am 39 and i hope to play till my last days...think how games will be in 10 years!!!games are for everyone
finbars75  +   746d ago
SnotytheRocket his name is BruteforceOAP and hes 64 not 67 sorry about that.Check him out anyone else on twitch tv.Cool guy and is very outgoing.Usually plays BF3 but plays Black ops2 every now and then.
Salooh  +   747d ago
He also have a good taste lol
TwistedMetal  +   747d ago
im gonna team kill that old man and finish him with a T-bag

NarooN  +   747d ago
TheSaint  +   746d ago
'Hashtags' are literally the lamest thing I have ever seen come out of the internet.
Potato2  +   746d ago
He would probably kick your ass.
JunioRS101  +   747d ago
Haha exactly.

I was so surprised to see how old this guy was lol I didn't think elderly folks even played video games, let alone knew what the good games were!

Good for him. Power to the players.
starchild  +   747d ago
Gaming is great because it is a hobby you can do for your entire life.
showtimefolks  +   747d ago
gaming is for are ages
DryPancake  +   747d ago
He's CGI
CRAIG667  +   746d ago
How come this thread is full of mature people making mature comments but every other corner seems inhabited with 13 year old fanboys?
ZBlacktt  +   746d ago
Proof that BF4 is for the adult mature gamer who wants more realism.
_LarZen_  +   746d ago
@Pisque Most gamers I know are over 30 years old, some are over 50...
theWB27  +   747d ago
That was epic. Here's to hoping for finger dexterity, vision, and great awareness to game until.....
unprotected  +   747d ago
God I hate the BF series, I just never got into it, I dont care what
The_Sneauxman  +   747d ago
Cool Story
Abriael  +   747d ago
Thanks for sharing bro.
... "any of you say, CoD is the BEST GAME EVER CREATED. Now, if you'll excuse me, I gotta catch up on my favorite show, Honey Boo Boo." -unprotected
unprotected  +   747d ago
I can see the BF fanboys are out tonight in force, I guess they've got bored of playing BF3
Spoons  +   747d ago
Please leave.
M-M  +   747d ago
Lmfao. Who are you again?
HappyWithOneBubble  +   747d ago
At least we not COD fanboys. If we were we would be cursing at you and using racial slurs. BF fans act mature most of the time.
mistertwoturbo  +   747d ago
Bro bro, bro
HammadTheBeast  +   747d ago
The fact that you couldn't even finish your.... idk what to call it, statement(?), shows that you're probably one of those ADHD 11 year old's on CoD.
ramtah  +   746d ago
same here man
xtremexx  +   747d ago
Beast Grandpa FTW
DarthBigE  +   747d ago
thats me in 60 years =)
Gamer 4 Life
Abriael  +   747d ago
Same, just in a little less than 60 lol... god I'm old.
TwistedMetal  +   747d ago
so you both gonna be 60 year old virgins?
Reverent  +   747d ago
You still living in the 20th century? Get outside more. Ironically, that's where you'll learn that nearly everyone games these days. Girls, guys, kids, adults, seniors... In this age, it's all pretty relative.
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Neixus  +   747d ago
Why are you on a gaming news site when you say that gamers = virgins?
Ever heard of these so called girls? you know they can play games aswell,eh?
TwistedMetal  +   747d ago
8000 hours dudes and he probably shorted himself 4000 and that's on one series lol. imagine other games he played.
H0RSE  +   747d ago
I'm more stuck on the part where being a virgin or not amounts to anything...
Studio-YaMi  +   747d ago
So now people who play video games have no interest in women,love or even having sex ?

flawless logic right there bro ..
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Ben Dover  +   746d ago
Funny thing is TwistedMetal is probably one himself.. :|
n4rc  +   747d ago
haha.. thats awesome!
Ashby_JC  +   747d ago
I wonder if thats 8000 hours just for BF3. THat is some serious time invested in the game!!
iRocket  +   747d ago
I have a feeling not, did some calculations and that's almost a year! :D Even though he's retired I don't think he's spent half of the last two years playing Battlefield 3.
famoussasjohn  +   746d ago
I recall reading a bit about him and that he has put in over 8000 hours in battlefield, so perhaps this could range from all iterations of Battlefield and not just BF3.
Abriael  +   747d ago
It says in "Battlefield", so it's most probably the whole series, not just 3
Ashby_JC  +   747d ago
8000 Hours is alot. If I had to guess I would say over multiple versions. IF...its BF3 only...WOW!! I wonder if he is even any good/great at the game with that many hours logged.
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GamerGuy153  +   747d ago
@jcaashby Some psychologists and neuroscientists have claimed that after 10,000 hours of doing something, one will have become a master at that task.
Murad  +   746d ago
Logically, I would think it's over the whole series. I mean, BF 3 takes over 40 friggin hours to barely get all the trophies if you're good at kills, and that's a if. BF 2 takes roughly less time, but that's because there's no kill trophies and stuff. BF 3, omg, that took me around 120 hours and I still haven't collected them all. Jeez, this guy must like shooters quite a bit.
pandehz  +   747d ago
I bet he logged into game and dozed off. Lolz

He's prolly used to all the xplosion sounds. Soothing to his ears
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rela82me  +   747d ago
No matter how rude that comment was, I must admit it had me gigglin' lol. Bubble up +

OT I am happy that there are older gamers out there, hopefully the gaming market will mature and with it so will the games.
TrollCraftTales  +   747d ago
Reminds him of 'nam... lol.
Tibbers  +   747d ago
The highest playtime is 5472h (highest playtime leaderboard @battlelog)
iRocket  +   747d ago
Awesome trailer! Gaming is for all ages!
The_Sneauxman  +   747d ago
8000 hours! That's beyond crazy. I hope I have the ability at his age to react to video games
Johnsonparts23  +   747d ago
what a fu#$in loser
Majin-vegeta  +   747d ago
Wait so someone who enjoys playing video games is a loser at his age??Lol kid i bet you he's done and will do more in his life than you ever will.

Like they say age is just a number.
Johnsonparts23  +   745d ago
lol sorry KID but anyone who plays that much is a loser. Get a job son.
Salooh  +   747d ago
Let's talk about the truth here .
There is a huge space of innovation we didn't get in gaming so i hope the ps4 reach another level and make games interesting like the last of us because i'm starting to feel like the games are empty and pointless after that game xD . Battlefield 4 is filling that in the multiplayer side , however , it still can be improved even more in the future so i'm sticking with battlefield as long they don't milk it :P ..

BF4 in my top day one list and this guy makes me more excited to play it :)
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HappyWithOneBubble  +   747d ago
That's want makes BF the best FPS for me. More order people play it than COD. I like having mature conversations on the mic with mature gamers that play the game right. There still little kids and idiots on it though but not as bad as COD.
justSumDood  +   747d ago
Cool accent
Can someone translate what hes saying?
justSumDood  +   747d ago
Guess ill never know for sure but, it looks like hes calling me on. If so...
Challenge Accepted!
Izzy408  +   747d ago
That man should get the game for free.
JunioRS101  +   747d ago
8,000 hours / 24 = 333.33 days played?!?

Damn that's almost an entire year of life devoted to one franchise!!

Surely that's some sort of record??
Izzy408  +   747d ago
In other game related news, the oldest COD player just turned 12.
SharnOfTheDEAD  +   747d ago
That will be me in years to come! I'll be creating an OAP clan lmao Never gunna stop gaming and have no intention too. Also nice reminder that not everyone you are fighting is your age group!
1nsomniac  +   747d ago
So everyone is just going to believe that this old guy has played the game for 8,000 hours.

Almost a year solid non stop gameplay... God give me strength because the rest of these people are morons!!
Metfanant  +   746d ago
that would be 8000 hours in the Battlefield series as a whole...there have been quite a few games in the series ya know...

maybe we should look in the mirror...or work through some reading comprehension exercises before we start calling people morons?...
1nsomniac  +   746d ago
I know there is, I own every single one on PC I would class myself as a pretty hardcore gamer at 30 years old a lot younger than him as well & I don't think even I have put that much time into the series & it's probably one of my favourite series as well.

If you believe everything you read I feel sorry for you, this is just a publicity stunt to promote the new game. Trying to gain superiority by suggesting its for mature players rather than immature COD players... but hey look around your not the only one who fell for it.
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babis1974  +   746d ago
in that age he should play 12 hours every day for 3 years!!1
Detoxx  +   746d ago
There is proof he has played that much moron
1nsomniac  +   746d ago
Ok lets just be serious, take a moment out & really understand that figure '8,000' hours.... 8,000.

Now after we've thought what that figure actually means in real life then think how stupid your comment is. It's a very simple publicity stunt to show BF maturity over COD for the weak naive people who need to believe such things to make them feel better about their purchase.
Ben Dover  +   746d ago
Except that his stats show that he did play over 8,000 hours. Just give up 1nsomniac or just provide proof that he didn't.
Shaaunyb  +   746d ago
12 Games.. 8000 Hours
Mean 666.6 hours per game

Thats pretty easy considering i've been playing BF3 for about 3 months and i have 117 hours.

3 Months is 1/4 of a year
So going by this figure i'd get 468 hours in one year...I can see how he'd get 8000 easily
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Detoxx  +   742d ago
Dont be so stupid. I've got over 800 hours in BF3 and 500 in BC2, that makes 1300.

I've played every single Battlefield game, combined I would have like 2500 hours of gameplay.

It's not hard to have that many hours at his age, maybe he has nothing else to do.
alexkoepp  +   747d ago
Should have mentioned he has 8000 hours and is a veteran of the SS.
Metfanant  +   746d ago
i can only hope that when im his age i still have the ability to play and enjoy my hobbies like gaming...
Murad  +   746d ago
Even though I could care less about the BF series, or actually care very little about it. I very much respect the old man as a gamer more so than a old man. I can't remember a game that I would have as much fun as I would if I was this guy right here.
babis1974  +   746d ago
i am a hard core bf3 player and i've played 2700+hours...8000!!!he should go blind in that age..sorry man but 8000??? something is wrong...
dcj0524  +   746d ago
There is 10 battlefield games ( 2 free to play). There are 9 other games to play in over 10 years (2002).
crambar  +   746d ago
You don't stop playing because you get old, you get old because you stop playing.
sharkraiden0  +   746d ago
So many naive man here believe that old man is playing videogames! sigh EA just hired that old man for a little video and they created a account for old man thats all.
#24 (Edited 746d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
bigbri642000  +   746d ago
Way to go old man. I'm an older gamer too. Gaming is just about my favorite hobby. I'll be 49 next month. Battlefield is my favorite series but I'll be trying out lots more in the new console generation!
nitrogav  +   746d ago
Best trailer i`ve seen in ages , fantastic . Good luck to him . Makes me feel better at 44 playing BF3 . Best game ever in my opinion .
DeadlyFire  +   746d ago
Age matters not. Either way you are a soldier on the battlefield.
nitrogav  +   746d ago
Anybody want to start up a squad for over 40`s add me on PSN . PSN ID nitrogav . Could be a right laugh .
ForgivenZombie  +   746d ago
I've met gamers of all ages and different levels of maturity. Age is only a number and you young ones need to realize we have been through all generations of gaming and can appreciate how far we have come. I have also met younger gamers that are more mature than older gamers, it all depends on the individual. I have also met some cool people from other countries that I never would have met if not for gaming. Games are made to be enjoyed, have fun, it's only a game.
iistuii  +   746d ago
In rest homes nowadays there's jigsaw puzzles & bingo. In the future they'll be playstation's & xbox's. I'm in my forties & can't imagine not getting my gaming fix. I'm never gonna be too old to play.. Good luck to him.
pwnsause_returns  +   746d ago
he's been playing since battlefield 1942, in Real Life LMAO

in all seriousness though 8000 hours? this guy can kick my ass..
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