10 Ways The PS4 Could Still Fail

WC - With each passing day, it seems like the next-gen console war is heating up a little bit more, as Sony and Microsoft in particular continue to reveal details about their new, upcoming consoles, attempting to continually one-up one another as they do so.

Though most of us were blown away by Sony’s E3 presence this year – in which they firmly demolished Microsoft – the war has barely even begun, so it’s premature to suggest that Sony has unequivocally won outright.

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ape0071678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

no way i can see ps4 failing, it's cheap and full nextgen, the worst scenario that can happen for sony is xbox one matching it sales wise(if they make a kinectless 399$ or 350$ SKU) and that's still far from failing

failing is near impossible

user74029311678d ago

the only way i see ps4 failing is if sony accidentally powers one and because of its pure power forms a black hole and sucks earth in it.

hell, we could be in a ps5 right now and not even know it.

dcj05241678d ago

We're inside a mmorpg on exclusive to PS6. Has streaming to PS*insert latin word here*. We're all in a dude's sweaty pocket.

WeaseL1678d ago

To save people having to click through every page this is the list. I realy HATE one reason per page articles.

10. Microsoft Continues To Reverse Idiotic Policies
9. Is The PS4 Profitable?
8. Mediocre Online Services
7. Microsoft Drops The Price Of The Xbox One
6. Brand Loyalty
5. Microsoft Plays The Long Game
4. PS Move vs. Kinect
3. PS4 Is A Games Console, Not An Entertainment Hub
2. PSN Security
1. The Nintendo Factor

All completely rubbish reasons its just a article for hits hence the one reason per page.

devwan1678d ago (Edited 1678d ago )

Here's 10* even more likely reasons ps4 will fail:

10. Asteroid collision ends almost all life on earth. Only cockroaches, sewer rats and xbots survive.
9. Shocking report finds 99% of all ps4 pre-orders were actually jokingly placed by Major Nelson while off his face on Wild Turkey & Kool Aid spritzers.
8. Sony think up 5 startling 180s including amazing new DRM and prohibited 2nd hand sales. PS4 Eye to replace ds4 only game interface.
7. ...
6. meh, really, it's just not going to happen, is it?
5. ...
4. Asteroid coll.. oh I did that one already.
3. ...
2. Don Mattrick leaves Zynga to replace Jack Tretton as scea ceo.
1. Simply the sheer ossum power of skynet^H^H^H^H^H^H the cloud causes every ps4 to rrod simultaneously.

*actual number may vary.

Godmars2901678d ago

When has MS ever played the long game?

TrollCraftTales1678d ago

No, at MS its all about getting as much money as possible in the short term, explains why they came in last every gen....

theWB271678d ago

That would be a stupid day when Playstation fails. I love where the industry is with Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft. If any fall out and someone else has to jump...I shudder the thought.

armad111678d ago

The only thing I can think of that could hurt the PS4 would be if there were hardware issues like the RROD the 360 suffered from.

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The story is too old to be commented.