7 PS4 Games To Consider Before Committing To A Console

WC - Last week, I made a list of Xbox One games you should consider before laying your money down for the console. Although, if we are considering all the elements, that is only half the picture in reality. While you should definitely consider what Microsoft are doing with their games, you should also definitely consider what movements Sony are making with theirs.

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Relientk771794d ago

Really looking forward to

The Order: 1886 and Destiny

Izzy4081794d ago

The order looks like the only interesting PS Exclusive. Destiny on the other hand is cross-platform.

WeaseL1794d ago

There list is

7. The Order: 1886
6. Killzone: Shadow Fall
5. Don’t Starve
4. The Witness
3. Destiny
2. Transistor
1. Infamous: Second Son

Supermax1794d ago

My list is bf4 X1
Killzone ps4
Killer instinct X1
Destiny ps4
The division X1
The order 1886 ps4
Titanfall X1
Planetside2 ps4
And so many games then halo and throw one indies in there too.

MasterCornholio1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

Didnt the developers demo the Division on the PS4? Which leads to the conclusion that the PS4 version would be better than the XBOX One version if you go with how developers handled the unveiling of multiplats in the past.

BF4 i can understand due to the game having timed DLC on the XBOX One version.

MWong1793d ago

Well technically DICE didn't announce that all BF4 DLC will come out first on the XBone. They only announced 1 piece of DLC on the XBone will be released first.

My List
BF4 - PS4
The Division - PS4
Destiny - PS4
WatchDogs - PS4
Killzone - PS4
Titanfall - XBone
The Crew - PS4
Planetside 2 - PS4
PVZ2 - XBone

A lot of indies are coming out too.