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Denis Dyack on Shadow of the Eternals, Community Engagement and Eternal Darkness

Nintendo Life - Silicon Knights' Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem was hands-down one of the Gamecube's most memorable gems. Its tale of unimaginable death and woe through the ages was all well and good for a horror game in the style of author HP Lovecraft, but the title really carved a name for itself in the annals of gaming history with still-impressive Sanity effects — as characters slowly lost their minds, the game would play tricks that sometimes had players questioning their own mental well-being. (Denis Dyack, Shadow of the Eternals, Wii U)

zeroskie  +   653d ago
I would love to see this game be released. It's too bad that I don't trust Denis Dyack with an upfront payment.

Even if this game had a regular development and release, I would probably wait for a review before buying due to his involvement.
Tobito  +   653d ago
If there is an issue you can come to the forums and express it. No one holds anything back and the devs want to hear your concerns and feedback so they can ensure a great game. This is the main reason for the community involvement.
zeroskie  +   652d ago
Haha, yeah but the problem is I don't trust the "transparency" of the dev team since Dyack is involved. I guess once you lose someone's trust you have to gain it back through some hard work--releasing a couple of great games with no bullshit.
He's in a strictly creative role with the company now. They have a pretty clear vision for the game and they're transparent as heck about it I think the $25 pledge isn't much to ask for what they're offering in return.
wannabe gamer  +   653d ago
denis dyack lol havent heard of him since that epic flop that was hyped beyond anything ever
It's hard to have a perfect record in games. He's also made a few of my favourite games. I think Denis does his best work when he's in a pure creative role. I'd love to see him back another great game and this one looks good.
MHK  +   653d ago
It really is an amazing value. 25$ for a full AAA game featuring David Hayter, running on the CryEngine 3. Take one look at the demo and artwork, and you will see how amazingly high quality the game is.
wannabe gamer  +   653d ago
im sorry but if you buy a game just cause of who the voice actor is then you are doing it wrong. good voice acting counts for an extremely small portion of what makes a good game. it can bring a good game down if its done badly yes, but it will never make a bad game into a good game if its done well.
MHK  +   653d ago
Of course I don't but is a clear sign of the quality that runs through the entire project. Look at the game, then you you can see, from the community created content, to the lore, setting, features, everything. 2500 people are contributing to the game via the forums. 5500+ people have pledged. You should too.
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Yattering  +   653d ago
David Hayter's involvement is just one of the many bells and whistles on this project. Take a look at the KS page, and maybe the forums. Lots of creativity and great people there :)
Yattering  +   653d ago
I think what's important to note is that the game is drawing on lots of community content to potentially be in the game. Plus, pledging isn't a big gamble through Kickstarter, if they don't fund, you don't get charged!
RAzieL1979  +   653d ago
When have you heard of David Hayter doing bad voice acting in a game? I haven't.
It's not about who do they have as a voice actor for Shadow Of The Eternals, is what the game will offer, and what its going to offer is a single player 3rd person game just like Eternal Darkness AND the best part here is that the community gets to decide what we want and we don't want in the game.
What other company lets you do that?
Check the site, check the kickstarter page, and you will see that a game like this should have a chance because it can open so many doors for other indie developers to involve their community in creating their vision with their fans.
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Tobito  +   653d ago
If people are worried about the game's quality. Remember there is going to be a BETA for this game, so lots of eyes will be on it to ensure standards are met. Plus what they've shown so far with the demo and other videos is a clear indication that these guys have a good idea on how to evolve upon the Eternal Darkness formula.
<iframe width="1280" height="720" src="//www.youtube.com/em bed/5I2NTmnoFV0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe >
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Blacklash93  +   653d ago
This is looking very bad. They've barely gotten past $275,000 mark, and only 5 days to go.
MHK  +   653d ago
Things are picking up. It did another 1000$ in a few minutes. It is certainly still possible to reach the goal. A lot of other Kickstarters have proved that, as the final week is very busy.
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Tobito  +   653d ago
Believe it or not, there is actually precedent for kickstarter projects having made 400K+ in the final 5 days. All it takes is momentum.
sutekiB  +   653d ago
There really aren't many good quality games inspired by Lovecraft. I want to see the crazy sanity effects the community's come up with.
Stickmode  +   652d ago
This will be a great game, I hope all of you guys help fund this project on Kickstarter. Also, you can raise your pledge and aid spreading the word to everyone...

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