Pach-Attack- Why is Kinect Forced upon Us?

GT:Michael Pachter evaluates the Xbox One’s mandatory pack-in.

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Wh15ky1466d ago

Cause it's the only way folks will buy it! ;)

NewMonday1466d ago

good answers this time from Patcher.

xHeavYx1466d ago

The original Kinect sold a lot,MS wants the money from casual games. The reason why most people are upset with it is because MS completely forgot about the hardcore gamers for the past 4 years, instead they launched all these Kinect based games that were horrible ( Steel Battalion, anyone?)

pompombrum1466d ago

Steel Battalion.. sob sob, I remember always wanting to own the original version of that with that huge accessory that you needed to play it.. looked so awesome.

BitbyDeath1466d ago

@xHeavYx, Kinect is bundled with every 360 here in Oz, if it was to sell on it's own then the numbers would likely be less than Move.

thechosenone1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

MS recovered a week after E3? lol Keep dreaming Pachter.

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Benchm4rk1466d ago


Kinect is 100% optional here in Australia. There are bundles with Kinect and a few Kinect games. There are bundles without Kinect that have a few Non Kinect games with it. You can buy a 4gb or 250gb Console on its own without games or Kinect. So no the Kinect is not bundled with EVERY Xbox 360.

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Rhaigun1466d ago

I'll tell you why. Because MS spent too much money on the tech not to include it. If they didn't include it, they'd have a hard time recouping that loss.

nypifisel1466d ago

Perhaps they never should have spent money on it to begin with then.

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user74029311466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

kinect being bundled is unnecessary and will throw off a huge amount of potential customers. microsoft will bleed money because of this imo.

thrust1466d ago

Nope! Kinect is very popular for kids and family's it is great fun for all.

While some will get put off with the price another person will just fill that gap

PSVita1466d ago

Everyone that I know with kinect (Wii/move) never uses it anymore.

pompombrum1466d ago

The problem is though that there isn't anything at launch for families or kids though. There is very little to justify it's inclusion at launch other than "the future" which seems to be everyone at Microsoft's Xbox division's favourite come back to everything.

DevilishSix1466d ago

popular with kids? My six year old hardly touches hers other than Kinectimals. She played some Kinect adventures a bit. I got her Once Upon a Monster and she won't touch it. She said the kinect is boring, she will be seven next month.

Wh15ky1466d ago

"The problem is though that there isn't anything at launch for families or kids though."

Not much point, MS know the 'casuals' won't shell out £449.99 for a new console so for now their focus is on 'gamers', the early adopters. When the price drops a bit I'm betting we will see them shift their focus from 'gamers' to 'casuals', just like what happened with the 360.

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Bigpappy1466d ago

Why are PS fanboys always the Kinect experts.

user74029311466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

the same reason x fans are move experts

@wraith, like john carmack who praised move ?

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

Barely anyone mentions Move, not even sony fans, lol.

Edit: No, it's because it's borderline useless. Have a nice day.

The person above mentioned move(off topic) while lying through their teeth.

maximus19851466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

@ WeAiTh Sp3cTr3 --maybe move isnt mentioned because its not FORCED on us

DigitalRaptor1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

"Barely anyone mentions Move, not even sony fans, lol."

Because it's not for everyone, and its creators know this.

nypifisel1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

Sony fans aren't as deluded as the MS specimens, Sony fans know the Move is very niche and only good for some things and that's not hardcore gaming. MS specimens need constantly to justify the Kinect to themselves hence they defend it and call it the most brilliant device to be conceived upon this earth even though a monkey knows a motion controller without tactile feedback is pretty much broken from the start.

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theWB271466d ago

"The problem is though that there isn't anything at launch for families or kids though. There is very little to justify it's inclusion at launch other than "the future" which seems to be everyone at Microsoft's Xbox division's favourite come back to everything."

The whole system is built around the camera. It isn't JUST for games. There are games, not family, that are taking advantage of the camera- like Dead Rising 3. Other than the games...the system takes advantage of the camera also.

Bigpappy1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

M$ has not finished revealing games and uses for X1. There are a whole lot of games and features that are yet to be talked about, by both M$ and Sony. To say that they will be no family games at launch is unsubstantiated.

We do have Gamescom coming in a few day, No?

theWB271466d ago

We do..but the first part of my comment is what aiBreeze opinion on the matter is the second paragraph.

We do have gamescon...but I'm just as excited for the system features as the game features.

Bigpappy1466d ago

Sorry about that theWB27. I was just adding to your comment. I was aware that you were quoting aiBreeze in the 1st paragraph and was also commenting mostly on his first line.

Spoons1466d ago

Doubt it, the average consumer will probably think it's pretty cool. Hardcore gamers might not. Like here on n4g, a community where most of us are hardcore gamers.

rainslacker1466d ago

The average user will use it for a while, then relegate it to the back of the closet. That's what happens with novelty products. See Wii for reference.

vlonjati77vlonjati1466d ago

Damn you Dirty Pimp-Its about time I buy T2 on bluray since the dvd version I have its all scratchy from so many times Ihave watched it(thanks to you commenting and cannot help it but go and watch it) :)

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golding891466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

It's only forced on you only if you buy it.

Just don't buy it then it won't be forced on you.

I never had a problem with kinect. Xbox one day one for me. Pre-ordered mine since day one.

All this kinect force upon us stuff is just to get a rise out of people. no one is forcing you to buy an xbox one. why complaint?

My logic is not bunked at all. Millions of people will get xbox one. This is not a monopoly. get another console if you the like the one. hint [ps4]

NegativeCreep4271466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

Your logic is totally bunked.

"It's only forced on you only if you buy it"

What about the people that DO want to buy Xbox One, but don't want or are not interested in Kinect? They are then being forced to buy into an accessory that they don't like and most likely will have little interested in using. They are being forced into it because they have no alternative if they are only interested in the Xbox One.

By your logic, I should open a restaurant and serve all my entrees with a side of goat turd. If my customers tell me they want my entrees, but don't want a fresh and stinky side of goat turd to accompany them, I should just tell my customers "Well nobody is forcing you to come and eat in my restaurant. I'm not forcing you to come in and buy my food. That's the way it is. Deal with it".

No_Limit1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

Kinect is part of the system just like how the Wii U tablet controller is to that system. If you people don't want it, buy a PS4.

If gamers want a next gen system that is not just a supped-up X360 with prettier graphics, and see the benefit of Kinect of bringing in new and exciting gameplay element, and think the $500 is justify, then that is their choice. Without a Kinect guaranteed in every Sku, developers just wouldn't use it to its full potential and will be left 4 dead just like every accessories that came before it.

If gamers just want a supped-up PS3/X360 and don't think a system with a camera justify an extra $100, PS4 is or them, it is their choice and so be it.

We are really beating a DEAD HORSE here.