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Submitted by BobbyMcCOOL 908d ago | opinion piece

PS Plus: Sony's Indispensable Secret Weapon

When Sony originally announced the ‘PlayStation Plus’ service, they were criticized for adding a fee to what was known as the free place to play online. Since then, the PSN has become a power house for online play, and the PS Plus has become one of the best services to hit the gaming market this generation. Games like Dust 514, Stark Hawk, or the addictive cake fighting adventure Fat Princess, makes the online offering on the PSN (Battlefield 4, Hitman: Absolution, PS3, PS4, Sony, Xbox 360)

TomShoe  +   908d ago | Well said
Ridiculously good value for a cheap bargain.

Rock on, Sony.
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Kryptix  +   908d ago
Definitely a great value for the price. Recommend it for anyone that loves gaming but can't buy new games every month. The subscription keeps you busy and adds great games you might have missed out in the past.
rainslacker  +   908d ago
Not to mention gets you into series you may have no interest on from just marketing. Or getting into new genres you never thought you'd like.:)
NeckBone  +   908d ago
I was reluctant at the start to get into playstaition plus, but since then ive been able to cancel my gamefly subscription
sweendog  +   908d ago
I think someone disagrees that you have cancelled your gamefly subscription
Williamson  +   908d ago
64 games across 3 platforms in only one year is just really amazing. I went a month or 2 without plus so I could of had more in my download list.
ICANPLAYGAMES2  +   908d ago
It is a great value, I was skeptical at first, and then used the excuse of not needing to get it (cause I already owned most of what I wanted from it, although I did miss out on Infamous 2). My wife and kids got this for me just this past father's day, and I can honestly say it is a great value (especially the PSP/Vita offerings for me), and the account works across multiple devices (soon to include the PS4). I definitely plan to keep my subscription up to date, and can't wait to see what is to come.
BLAKHOODe  +   908d ago
That's what I don't get. It's such a tremendous value, but out of all the friends I have on my PSN friend list, only 3 of them subscribe to Playstation Plus, despite how many times I've put it over to them. People are so skeptical about the service even after all the high praise from the gaming community, but then when they finally get it, every time, they admit to what a great deal it was and how they REGRET that they didn't sign up sooner. I don't know why it bothers me that so many people are missing out on such a great deal. Hopefully, once Sony makes Plus mandatory for online play, people will then realize what they have been missing.
stuna1  +   908d ago
Wow! You and I basically have the same story! My Daughter and Son's got me my first subscription, and know I have 175GB out of 750GB left on my PS3 hardrive, because of all the value offered through PS+.

Many say you rent the free games, that may be true, but the games that are 50%, 60%, 70% , 80% off are mines to keep indefinitely, even without a subscription. Now that's value that pays for itself.
AbortMission  +   908d ago
If PS+ is advertised more, I can definitely see Sony easily beating the Xbox One. I personally love the service since it has introduced me to games I thought I wouldn't enjoy. An example is Saints Row the Third. After having a good time plat'ing the game, I'm going to buy SR4 day one.
BLAKHOODe  +   908d ago
Same. I didn't have any real interest in Saints Row IV till I played - got hooked on - Saints Row: The Third after it was released on PS+. In 2 weeks time, I put almost 60 hours into that game.. something I haven't done with any other game in quite some time.
gamer2013  +   908d ago
AbortMission  +   907d ago
No to being ripped off by the Xbox One? Lol okay.
gamingfriend  +   908d ago
I am looking forward to make the shift from my 360 wnd back to sony, havnt had a siny console since ps2 and im really excited about ps4, havnt even looked at xbox one news ms can shove it.
maximus1985  +   908d ago
whenever an xbox person tells me now you psplus is like xboxlive i just look at all the free games and think why bother explaining
stuna1  +   908d ago
Exactly! Because there is no comparison! For someone who own both consoles, many would see PS+ and Xbox Live are two entirely different services! Sure there are similarities here and there, but when it comes down to the meat of things, both are purchased for entirely different reasons.
MasterCornholio  +   908d ago
What about games with gold? XBOX fans claim that its better because you get to "keep your games forever". But in my opinion it isnt anywhere near plus and the service will end in December.
corvusmd  +   908d ago
This is the most backwards and ridiculous article I've read yet....clearly this author KNOWS that PSN is getting stomped as a network by XBL, so they ONLY focus on the aspect that doesn't matter...where PSN has the away free old games that everyone had already beaten or didn't enjoy enough to buy. Yeah I know that XBL gives away old games too, but at least it actually has a good network....ya know, the POINT of getting an online service. Not to mention that on next gen the Live service will get an upgrade. It just seems so funny how PS Fans want to dismiss all those facts because it's the ONE area where a console has an ACTUAL advantage over the other...and it's NOT the PS4. I have both...I've seen first can try and put out your arguments all you want...but you're only lying to yourself...instead of actually looking at advantages of the different systems and making an informed decision....just keep focusing ONLY on the positive aspects of your system, and ignore the good ones of the other system...sounds like a great way to make a good lost
memots  +   908d ago
reading your comments history makes it hard to take you seriously.
BLAKHOODe  +   908d ago
The PSN online capabilities work just fine for me. I have absolutely ZERO complaints regarding it and my multiplayer experiences playing Xbox 360 and PS3 have been identical. Sure, I guess if you have more servers, the better back-up you'll have if something goes wrong, but that's IF something goes wrong, which is a rarity. The massive amount of servers Microsoft has is a nice something to brag about, but, ultimately, it doesn't make any real noticeable difference when it comes to gaming.

KEYWORD: noticeable.

I can honestly say I have NEVER been dropped playing PSN online. NEVER.

As for old games nobody cares about? That's just ignorant. Is Drive Club an old game nobody cares about? The game hasn't even released yet, but is on a lot of people's preorder list, despite being available DAY ONE, FREE on PS+.
badz149  +   908d ago
"but at least it actually has a good network....ya know, the POINT of getting an online service. Not to mention that on next gen the Live service will get an upgrade. It just seems so funny how PS Fans want to dismiss all those facts because it's the ONE area where a console has an ACTUAL advantage over the other...and it's NOT the PS4"

good network...and to you PSN all bad and down all the time, right? another day, another troll! you can do everything on the FREE PSN like the $60 XBL GOLD minus the xgame chat and party chat (which are available on the Vita though and FREE). online games on PS3 plays just fine just like its counterpart on 360 so where do you get this "fact" that XBL GOLD is so much better? that's pretty much YOUR OPINION!

facts are indisputable things like these:

2. PS+ cost $50, XBL GOLD cost $60
3. you can play online for FREE on PS3 but not without XBL GOLD on 360
4. PS+ lets you "rent" MANY (months old)games as long as you want. XBL GOLD gives you OLD games for you to keep.

those kind of things. those are facts!

"giving away free old games that everyone had already beaten or didn't enjoy enough to buy."

how do you enjoy things you don't already have?
4me2  +   908d ago

When it comes to pure network/multiplayer capabilities there is no problem with PSN.
I would like to point out that
- Resistance 1 40 players on online
- MAG 256 players online
- many 32 players games.

So if main focus is online gaming, downplaying PSN and glorifying XBL (when considering OS has more features) is also, as you said "...[no] way to make a good decision...".
DigitalRaptor  +   908d ago
This is sad and pathetic.

Desperate times people... desperate times.
spaceg0st  +   908d ago
A BIG part of my decision to switch from my 360 to ps4.
gamingfriend  +   908d ago
Same and ps4 looks epic
MikeyDucati1  +   908d ago
No doubt the PSPlus has been a great add on for the Playstation gamer. It's a nice way to say "thank you" to gamers for a low price. And the fact that they give away free games is the definite sell point.
xkevmandc  +   908d ago
lol. I side it before and I side it again...monkey see monkey do....I'm switching back to xbox1.
MasterCornholio  +   908d ago
Playstation Plus: The premium service for smart gamers.

Picnic  +   907d ago
Sony has given 7 years of free online play on the PS3 or, if you buy PS Plus recently released games for no further charge on top.

Microsoft made online play constantly chargeable each month from the start of the original Xbox and now, to make up for it, gives old games you could pick up for less then £5 each each month as part of Xbox Live Gold. Thanks a lot not!

The only thing that saves Xbox for me is that they do get some good exclusives (that are not just typical FPS shooters) lined up early in each generation in genres that Sony doesn't always concentrate on.
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