What We Expect from Sony's Gamescom 2013 Conference

GC - Here's what we expect at Sony's Gamescom conference this year, along with a few predictions as well.

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christrules00411680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

The title should be what WE expect. They don't know more then we do yet what TO expect kind of says they have insider information we don't know about. It's misleading in a way.

Master-H1679d ago

Hmmm Xbox's SmartGlass announcement in Sony's conference.. seems legit.

GribbleGrunger1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

A newly designed Vita:

"RUMOR: Japanese newspaper Tokyo Keizai reported a rumor that Sony is set to reveal a new PS Vita model in September before the Tokyo Game Show. The new model PCH-2000 will have a 6.3" display manufactured by Samsung (screen size of the current model is 5"), and the resolution will remain at 960 x 554 pixels. The amount of RAM will increase from 512MB to 1GB, to allow more programs to run in the background, the amount of RAM used by games will be unchanged (meaning games are still compatible between old and new models). In addition, the design of the new model will be more in-line with the PS4 design; and the system will launch with new game titles."

Who knows? I know it says September ... I just got excited.


MasterCornholio1680d ago

Wow that does sound good however a QHD display at 6.3 inches means a very low pixel density which doesnt excite me that much. But the extra 512MB of ram hints at a more robust operating system so it should be pretty interesting to see.

Salooh1679d ago

Sound too good to be true. I don't think sony will create an improved specs in vita . It doesn't work like that .. So i think the rumor is fake . It's like expecting another version of ps4 with 16gb of ram lol ...

Rendermonk1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

Ya it doesn't work that way. If they released a new Vita with more RAM, all the early adopters of Vita would have been slighted. Sony doesn't want that. I agree with "14Feb-R" above me, it proves the rumor is false. It's more than likely a cooked up rumor to throw MS off the trail of the "Oct PS4 release date" rumor. Sony has played their PS4 hand well, and if they held back the PS4 release date all this time, it's for good reason. And that's because they want to launch AHEAD of X1, can't do that if they let slip the final Ace up their sleeve.

showtimefolks1680d ago

i am hoping to hear the following

some news on what's to come from sony for PS3 in 2014

Vita price drop
or memory card price drop
some games for Vita besides the ones already coming

and rest of the show about ps4

announce a release date for october, MS is already not ready so push them to launch before they are ready.

show us some of the 20 plus games due within 1st 12 months of ps4, show us atleast few new IP's

show gameplay for ready at dawn's the order 1886

gamescom is gonna be more geared towards European publishers/developers, could we get news that witcher 1-2 will be coming to ps4?

also LFD3 has been rumored for a while could we see valve announce it at gamescom?

MasterCornholio1680d ago

I would really love a massive price drop on the 32GB vita memory cards.

dredgewalker1679d ago

I'll simply be happy with massive price drops in memory cards prices too. I have no issues with the vita's game library. Also I'm hoping for more localization of japanese games along with the release of vita colors that are only available in japan.

come_bom1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

I expect Sony to announce one or two PS4 and Vita exclusives that nobody knows about.

I expect a Vita (and it's memories) price cut.

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jessupj1680d ago

I'm hoping Sony announce more of those 20 exclusives that are going to be released in the first year.

aceitman1680d ago

im sure some more will be held back for Tokyo gameshow.

SpitFireAce851680d ago

I think the conference is 3 hours long so I expect a lot of info.

awesomeperson1680d ago

Don't get your hopes up for it been that long. That includes the pre-show/after-show discussion on that stream.

If I remember correctly, the actual conference will be approximately 1 hour 15 mins (or around then).

Nonetheless, they should be able to cram a decent amount of announcements into that time!

shivvy241680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

Its 2.5hrs I think, read it on some scedule thing
Edit - or 1.5

JunioRS1011680d ago

I think most people agree that that would make sense, and is even likely.

GreenRanger1680d ago

According to my spies within Sony, there's a 95% chance that they're going to show....something.

USA0071680d ago

Your spies are absolutely amazing! I never would have seen that coming!

GreenRanger1680d ago

@ USA007
Trained 'em myself.

dredgewalker1679d ago (Edited 1679d ago )

Oh yeah, according to my spies within Sony there's 96% that they're going to show something.....much better. Hah my spies are 1% better than your spies.....also tell them not to wear too much green they stand out too much :p

JunioRS1011680d ago

you must have some mediocre spies

Quicktopick1680d ago

pink ranger myt be that spy... wink wink

rainslacker1680d ago (Edited 1680d ago )

Provacative....tell me more. Something good. Oh, never mind, they're just unnamed sources.:P

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The Last Guardian? Please Lord make it happen.

GamerGuy1531679d ago

More likely at TGS. Still though, don;t get your hope us

Tiechie1680d ago

Anyone able to tell me where I could watch this.

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