Batman: Arkham Origins - "epic" reveal coming next week

Warner Bros. has plans to reveal something "epic" for Batman: Arkham Origins next week.

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IIC0mPLeXII1673d ago

We already know it's got tacked on mp whoopdy doo.

3-4-51673d ago

I wish companies would stop hyping their own stuff.

It's like giving yourself a nickname.

It's never going to be as "cool" as you think it is and it's a douche move.

WE the gamers decide what is epic and what is not.

TekoIie1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

Yeh I would have rather them make more characters for the challenge maps to play as rather than this multiplayer crap.

No one asked for this and no one wants it.

Either way though I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. Although I'm predicting it'll end up like Assassins Creed multiplayer. Good for the first time in brotherhood but after that...

dcj05241672d ago

If it's tested extensivley. Has fun gameplay. And doesn't feel rushed then it isn't "tacked on" it's part of the game.

IIC0mPLeXII1672d ago

If it's shoe horned into the third title of a franchise that inherently never had and never needed it, it's tacked on.

cyborg471672d ago

Didn't ME3 get the same criticism about tacked on MP? That didn't turn out bad, and the MP portion of Origins is made by a completely different studio, so I don't think its something to worry about.

GusHasGas1672d ago

Nope, they're probably revealing another assassin. After all, they've been teasing an assassin on their Instagram page.

2EHO1673d ago

Has this game been revealed for ps4 and xb1 yet... Because if not I'm almost positive that's what its going to be.

nick3091673d ago

Confirmed not to come to nextgen.

-Foxtrot1673d ago

Is it that UK/EU will get that sweet American Collectors edition...because thats what I want it to be.

ironfist921672d ago

I want Red Hood as an assassin, but I know its too early in the story for that

GusHasGas1672d ago

Why would Red Hood be an assassin? He's a hero more than anything...

ironfist921671d ago

Im sure he'd take up the offer to kill Batman for not saving him when (REDACTED)