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Submitted by xtremexx 910d ago | rumor

PlayStation Saudi Arabia Reveals PlayStation 4 Launch Month?

It seems that the rumors of the PS4 console coming out sometime in October may actually be true according to a video that was released by PlayStation Saudi Arabia clearly titled "مستعدين لأكتوبر؟" which according to Google Translator means "Ready For October" (PS4)

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GraveLord  +   910d ago
Is that even an official channel? Take a look at the activity feed, whoever is running that channel is "liking" other videos. Seems like this is someones personal Youtube channel.
xtremexx  +   910d ago
thought that too, but the video has even been put up by the official twitter account.
BlueBlood17  +   910d ago
Don't official twitter accounts have that little blue tick next to their names?

I could be wrong, but I don't think this is an official Sony account.

EDIT: I just seen this comment on the vid... It makes sense, especially with the gamer's day logo at the end:

"This video is for Gamer's Day in Saudi Arabia in October. It is already scheduled for October and it's an event held by Sony..."

And finally, apparently this has already been debunked on NeoGAF. We'll know when it comes out soon enough though with the "release plans" being confirmed by Sony to make an appearance at Gamescom!
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Iltapalanyymi  +   910d ago
yea. even Chris Owen is following it.
gatormatt80  +   910d ago

The blue check mark on twitter only means that it is a verified user. Meaning twitter can confirm that the user is who they say they are. They can still be official and not be verified.
President  +   909d ago
No its not PS4 launch. Its Sony Gamers Day in Riyadh.

How the hell did this get approved? Do some research before putting your shitty links on N4G.
JoGam  +   910d ago
I just hope the PS4 has a October release date.
FlameHawk  +   910d ago
If it does, it would come out before Xbox One, then PS4 would get games like Watch_Dogs and AC4 earlier since they are release date games. Oh and BF4.
SpitFireAce85  +   909d ago
OCT 17th 2 more days and we find out i hope.
BG11579  +   909d ago
CBOAT just recently said in NEOGAF that the PS4 is ready to go in the end of October...

90% of what he says ends up being the truth.
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TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   910d ago
The official PlayStation channels from other areas like other video's all the time
Salooh  +   910d ago
The uploader say it's official and the trailer is well made . But it doesn't matter , it will come when it's ready , i think sony will show the release date in gamescom . :)

The sooner the better :P
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gaffyh  +   910d ago
This video looks as fake as...a fake thing, but I am quite convinced that October may be the release date.
GribbleGrunger  +   909d ago
I'm not going to allow myself to believe the October release date ... I'm not going to allow myself to believe the October release date ... I'm not going to let myself believe ... Not a chance! No way! Not in a million years ...
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Kydawg  +   909d ago
Don't be afraid. it's Sony, your best friend.
GT67  +   909d ago
YOU'LL know when Sony reveal the date and AMAZON send you e-mail saying your order is sent.
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ZombieKiller  +   909d ago
I want the system when its complete. I hope October is the month! Thats not far at all!
TAURUS-555  +   909d ago
RIP xbox1
Smoovekid  +   910d ago
Worldwide October Launch!!!
HammadTheBeast  +   910d ago
is unlikely.

But the major territories should be good.
AirJohnston  +   910d ago
Does Saudi Arabia count as a major territory? Lol
MaXsPoT  +   910d ago
Nothing big, probably just a video teasing for an event called "Gamers' Day" in Saudi Arabia, which is going to take place in October. The PS4 will probably be there, that's the purpose of the video.
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Smoovekid  +   910d ago
Don't kill the hype!
MaXsPoT  +   910d ago
We are going to know the release date in three days, why rushing anyway? :P
Gamesgbkiller  +   910d ago
Yeah, you are right.
Modi1984  +   910d ago
yes its gamers day.. and probably PS4 be there to try it
im form there ^_^
Williamson  +   910d ago
Novembers too long to wait...please be first week of October!
reko  +   910d ago
yes first week of October would be great!!
Koyes  +   910d ago
I want it now though :'(
JimCom95  +   909d ago
Doubt that, beyond two souls comes out the beginning of october, Im going to predict an october 25th release date.
TheFutureIsBlue  +   909d ago
First week of Oct? I want it to be the first day! =p
Ketzicorn  +   910d ago
It wouldn't be that crazy to think late October. Didn't the PS1 and PS2 launch in October?
BlueBlood17  +   910d ago
In the US it was PS1 in September, PS2 in October and PS3 in November.

In Japan it was December, March, November.

In Europe it was September, November, March.

There really is no way of knowing for sure, although I'd say that the first half in Nov is the most likely!
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user7402931  +   910d ago
Ketzicorn  +   910d ago
For retail in the US at least they consider October-New Years holiday season when they start having their holiday sales etc.
user7402931  +   910d ago
its coming soon enough, patience is the key.
PositiveEmotions  +   910d ago
Official or not an october release would be just great :)
stage88  +   910d ago
Exciting times for PS4!
nick309  +   910d ago
Most sense that itll release with ac4& bf4 ... Cuz.. Ps4&ac4&bf4 (:
arbitor365  +   910d ago
an october PS4 launch would totally sucker punch microsoft in this coming generation. that one month could make a big difference
Eonjay  +   910d ago
This is fan-made. Nice though. We would only be so lucky for this to be and official ad.
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Eonjay  +   910d ago

I also find tracks... so here
Baliw  +   910d ago
This = Bubble!
NeoTribe  +   909d ago
No hyperlink=fail
AlaaAlii  +   910d ago
This is not the PlayStation 4 release date. The video description says "الفيديو لا يتعلّق بموعد اطلاق بلايستيشن 4 ", or, in English, "this video is not about the PlayStation 4 release date".
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zackacloud  +   910d ago
Guys believe me I am from Kuwait we here in Arabian Gulf don't give a fuck to our providers. So don't expect anything it just maybe a sales or interview or maybe new company want to create a new low performance IP. These kind of trailers and videos just official from our providers but they never mean something huge and the clue is the description : is not about ps4. They are playing around.
mafiahajeri  +   910d ago
Eeshga3ed et5rb6?

Like it says in the video description "not related to the PS4's release date" that's seems professional to me from Sony KSA. Like someone said a Sony event called gamers day is held in the KSA. I'm not sure if its in October but if it is then its obviously a teaser of the PS4 being playable at the event.

This would be pretty huge for the region so I don't think it can be considered as nothing or as something so petty as an interview, I mean why would they bother?

Don't blame Sony KSA for people not researching or blowing things out of proportion, this article needs to be removed its bad rep for Sony KSA accusing them of something that would really be stupid and unprofessional.

Like people said wait till Gamescom and Sony's conference on the 20th.

@airjohnston lol, we will the Arabian gulf will probably get the PS4 before most territories with people breaking street dates. And official Sony outlets will get it ON the release date for sure.
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Supermax  +   910d ago
My sources are saying last week in September the masses will hear it on Tuesday aug 20.
WeAreLegion  +   910d ago
I know you're trolling...but I WANT TO BELIEVE!!! Late September would be insane!!!
iiwii  +   909d ago
Would be an awesome birthday gift if it were released on 9/19/13

..or any day in September.
LoveSpuds  +   910d ago
I have had a feeling for a long while now that Sony are still to play their trump card(s).

I have been telling my buddies for while that I could see no point in Sony being so secretive about the launch date unless their was some sort of surprise, such as an earlier release than anticipated.

I have been saying October since E3, god I hope I am right :)
Hayabusa 117  +   909d ago
...Or, they're being so secretive because they haven't finalised it yet.

Trust me, it ain't gona be October.
Fergusonxplainsall  +   909d ago
Don't trust ninjas. Especially if ninja thinks Sony don't know it's own release date..

Fail Gaiden.(-_-
Hayabusa 117  +   909d ago
'it's gona be November and it'll be before black friday. Discussion over.
LoveSpuds  +   909d ago
Not quite sure why your opinion should matter more than mine, I can only assume you are some how have inside access to Sony's corporate plans....your a lucky, lucky boy, do you know that?!
Hayabusa 117  +   901d ago
Err, thanks :D
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Gardenia  +   910d ago
October would be nice
wakeupcall4  +   910d ago
there's a Playstation Saudi Arabia?
CoLD FiRE  +   909d ago
That picture would make a very accurate representation of "crickets...".
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annus  +   909d ago
No, Playstation is only in America, land of the free. God bless all Americans.
NeoTribe   909d ago | Offensive
That_Ninja_Gray_Fox  +   909d ago
Only the King of Saudi Arabia gets the PS4 in October. None of us lower scum actually get it until November 12.
CoLD FiRE  +   909d ago
Hahaha. He can't even read properly let alone hold a controller. I'd actually be surprised if he knew what a console is!
fsfsxii  +   909d ago
Errr, his dark soldiers are gonna get you now lol
Hayabusa 117  +   909d ago
Err, no.
bu3ouf91  +   909d ago
FAT MAN GO BOOM  +   909d ago
I said it before I will say it again.. I think it will be released... the 17th or the 18th of October...

I think the Easter egg in TLOU was real...
ZHZ90  +   909d ago
Most of the games I buy are from KSA and UAE.
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CEOSteveBallmer  +   909d ago
Go PS4!! :-) no matter where in the globe you live, PS is celebrated and is so popular!
SilverCrow  +   909d ago
Its written in the description of this video that it isn't about the release date.
Fergusonxplainsall  +   909d ago
October will be fine.Either way gamers win.

I hope it's true that the gamers did know first..10/17/13,odd you know.

I may evacuate my house to get PS4 on that day.:P
TacoBurrito  +   909d ago
The sooner, the better
maddskull  +   909d ago
it is not the release date it is written in the description and since only the SA channel put it up it may mean that they will announce something for the arab gamers maybe the ps4 will be localized into arabic
fsfsxii  +   909d ago
Gamers Day is one of the worst conventions ever. If not the worst.
A birthday party has better planning.
mt  +   909d ago
this is so fan made launch trailer , well to be fair nicely fan made trailer.

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